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Awaken everyone to love

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 8th, 2019

Awaken everyone to love



From news reporting , blogging and even satirists.

Hey , I know what it’s like thinking that the problems of the world is the faults of the toxic individuals who want to start trouble with innocent people.

But the truth of this “ Good vs Evil “ world he live in is , in truth , this world is actually a world of “ Love vs Fear “ .

I don’t care how much politics can be justified.

It should be about love , not fear.

The most evil people in this world online and offline are the people who lack love and

want power and control over everyone , everywhere and everything single thing on the planet.

That’s fear , not love. That’s Ego , not Soul .

Trump doesn’t look like a happy person. He’s got riches more than most , he’s president of the United States of America ( at the time I write this ) and he’s got people who are fans of his .

Yet he’s still an angry person.

Love comes from within , love isn’t something you think your way through , it’s something you feel.

Your logical thinking mind can do lots of useful things , that is if it works through the force of good and soul and love of course.


If I’m going to tell you what I think the root cause of all the problems in the world past , present and future , it’s that we need to awaken everyone , everywhere and everything to love.

That’s something that the 1960s was tapping into , and by George , we need a revival of such a thirst and hunger for such a social revolution.

Can you spot the love spelt backwards in the world “ Revolution ? “ exactly.


Perhaps that’s why I say that MBTI , Anarchism and New Thought / New Age Spirituality share many similarities.


Love can manifest in many ways just as much as fear can.


Love can conquer hate and fear. We most certainly need more of it , that’s for sure.


_ Erica


Love is the Answer

Love Heals , Fear Kills

Love conquers HATE

Love conquers FEAR



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