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Motivations and Politics of a Cyberbully EXPOSED

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 24th, 2019


Motivations and Politics of a Cyberbully EXPOSED


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If there’s something that’s so obvious that it would be dumb to disagree ,

That would be cyberbullying is pathetic.

Cyberbullying in the sense of the world of being a narcissist sociopath who hurts people online and does not care just like in our current 3D Earth reality. https://www.facebook.com/notes/erica-crooks/cyberbullying-is-pathetic/1825871784180198/


If your a regular reader , visiter , viewer , you would already know

That this year marks the 10th anniversary of my bad experience being a victim of 4 narcissists

And being in their control.


10 years later me and my mother are working on moving out of a neighorhood that’s 99.9%

Of narcissists. However the difference being I understand how screwed up in the head these people are and quite pissed off of the fact that the one who is most negatively effected is my mother. Yes I know ESFJ mothers can be a pain to us INFPs , but for the most part , she’s kind to me and she’s 100% accepting that I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman.


As I addressed in a previous blog post regarding the subject of an Internet Social Life https://www.facebook.com/notes/erica-crooks/internet-social-life/1814663011967742/

It’s these cyberbullies and emotionally immature people who ruin the cyberspace experience for everyone. But an important lesson most people already know is to not allow it to control your life. But some times it’s easier said that done.

Even though through the years I’ve became stronger and confident with my presents on the internet more that I have 10 years ago , but perhaps why I go on and on about all of this is probably because I’m an empath. So it is possible that I’m so sensitive that I can pick up on a cyberbully’s hatred towards themselves and how insanely negativity their mind is ?

Perhaps those kinds of negative people get the most headaches. lol

I do too but it’s probably because I’m a shameless internet addict. Lol ;P

Welcome to the life of an introverted intuitive folks ( Myers Briggs Personality Type ) .


What happened to me 10 years ago https://www.officialericcrooks.com/adults-get-bullied-too.html

, the wounds can still hurt just as munch , but thanks to going on the spiritual path of New Thought / New Age Spirituality and as an added bonus just a few years ago becoming an Anarchist , I have became a stronger person.


One of the best wisdoms that I have learned in life is that

we fear what we do not understand.

But when we take time to educate ourselves about it , we become stronger all thanks to intelligence.

And let me tell you , evil is a anti-intellectual .

Evil is an expression of having the lack of love to the point where it doesn’t trust it and considers love to be their ultimate enemy that’s out to hurt them or that it’s weak and the powerful must conquer the weak , etc ….

But the truth of the matter is love is a higher vibrational frequency than ego vibrations and therefore “ Love Conquers Hate and Fear “.

The reason why it still exists in this world is because it’s an epidemic like an oil spill.

The ultimate tools to stop evil is Love and intelligence .



Looking back at what happened 10 years ago and of course I won’t be surprised if it continued to this very day because these men are so obsessive with wanting to bring me down in actions and words and expressions of extremely hatred towards me ,

The big questions is WHY ? What is their motives , what is their goals other than wanting to put me down all the time knowing I didn’t do anything wrong .

10 years later I’ve figured out something.

Perhaps it’s linked to right wing political ideology

Which leads to toxic personality disorders.





I am so grateful for the big improvement of the internet unlike it was 10 years ago.

There’s youtube videos that expose the truth now more than ever before.

Speaking of which , here’s an educational / fair use purpose youtube playlist in which I’ve collected inspirational videos which talk about this very subject matter



Right wing ideology must be the puzzle piece to all of this.

Even the Anarchist FAQ talked about it.



But just because people hate you and bully you on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean these people are the worst people in the world.

Even though they are fully confident of trashing a festival in New Jersey mocking Caitlin Jenner.

And I’ve seen the news headlines regarding that and the two men involved I think are the very ones who tricked my friendship from 2008 - 2012 and would torture me online and offline and perhaps to this very day. The very ones which were so obsessively bad that I had to turn off the comments section of my website in 2013 / 2014 because they were pretending to be my father sending me rape and death threats .

I was even on the phone with them at one point.

That and the anti-Erica Crooks Show puppet videos they were making just to bring me down.

These knuckleheads don’t realize the golden rule in which you DO NOT MESS WITH A Left Wing , Satirist , Queer , HEYOKA empath .

Because if one does mess with someone like me

Not only will I expose their truth


But perhaps such Heyoka spiritual mirroring could seem like comedic satiric Vodo.


It’s called a cartoonist’s tradition.


But of course they are going to keep it up.

When it comes to what I can call emotional intelligence , it also comes right down

To forgiveness from afar .

Scrooge from the Christmas Carol changed for the better ( * spoiler alert * )

But what if he didn’t , the Grim Reaper in The Christmas Carol is like a Heyoka Empath ,

When at work perhaps they seem like such a dark entity but in truth they are working in the spirit of light.


For many years I just did not understand what this bully’s obsession was thinking I was some middle eastern religious terrorist. What aspect of my character reflected that ? None.

So what was up with that crap ?

10 years later and me coming to this realization or perhaps slowly ,

The only way this could make any sort of logical sense is that these bullies are right wing fascists. These are the kind of people who are so ignorant that they would call anyone who’s left wing “ EVIL “ . In 2015 , I meet up with an old friend who I haven’t seen in 10 years to let them know to stay away from this guy we both knew. I did not want this nice friend of mine to be a victim of his narcissistic supply. I’m sure her husband won’t put up with it for a second , but still , that’s what friends do.

And also as a lightworker , the idea of being indifferent is like brainwashing me to believe that breathing is a sin so I pass out and die thinking suicide was an act of bliss even though it’s foolish and anything but.


Hitting on 31 in March ,

I can obviously see no good in the agenda of right wing politics.

Trump is nothing more but a puppet.

So when I say to Impeach Trump , it would feel like a little bit of sweet relief

Like NO LONGER SEEING the headlines of some pop star flashing their breast like it should be front page news all the time.

As an Anarchist , I know just how bad right wing politics can be. It effects the Ego which leads to Evil.




I’m a pacifist myself . But saying Antifa is wrong is like saying martial arts is wrong. It’s basically Anarchists , Socialists , Left Wing Communists , and Leftists using Self Defense and Defense for minorities and innocent people taking on the bullies. I am anti-violence , however these people are clearly on the side of good people so really “ Unite The Left “ . Fighting is low vibrational energy of course and it is sad that most Anarchists disapprove Law of Attraction in which spiritual energies I much prefer. Heyoka Empath is the energy which I can best describe my motivations in my lightworker mission.


The goal of the lightworker is to help everyone awaken to the power of love.


There’s people who need the most love but deserve it the least.


It’s all about bringing awareness https://www.facebook.com/notes/erica-crooks/awareness/1810090875758289/

And the more aware people are the more they are going to spread the word and hopefully we can see a Heaven on Earth that much sooner . I definitely feel that it is possible.


In order to understand the duality of Good vs Evil , we most look and see Soul vs Ego and further what all of this really and truly means which is Love vs Fear .


Evil needs to surrender to the power of love even if they will fall to the ground crying within the process. Because such shadow work releases the tension which is energy. That’s like in a funeral where people start to cry. People would cry to the point of their throat tightening and their face turning read because of the muscles tightening , but the release of tears will usher in a more sensitive and calm body.


5D Earth from what I can tell you from what little I’ve experienced so far feels pretty much the same strong love as a baby being cuddled by their mother and surrounded by soft things like blankets. Comfortable , Soft , Sensitive , Warmed , Tenderness to the heart where the logical intellectual mind just shuts up and you feel so calm and relaxed knowing in your soul that nothing is going to interrupt this moment. And that’s just one version of love. Another is energetic expression , one of many could be laughter. A wise philosophical version would be intelligence. More emotional intelligence than logic in my opinion because logic is so Earth based where wisdom is the big picture prospective .


The best thing we can do when we get cyberbullied and trolled is to ignore them.

What’s very interesting , even according to my experience is just what extremes these bullies are willing to go to. They could dress up like you and make youtube videos , they can make accounts posing as you and hurting innocent people online to the point where they make videos online curing your good name. They can photoshop your face looking more overweight or getting mugged , etc. I’ve seen great youtubers speaking of the truth and such fascists who would dare “ Debunk “ them did the same thing which happened to me , probably to this very day.


My goal isn’t to upset people. Besides if someone gets upset about something that isn’t specifically aimed at them or their people or meant to do any harm to innocent people purposefully , it’s a trigger and the trigger is the responsibility of the one who got triggered.

In other words “ What you think of me , is none of my business. “



A great example of this is just how upset someone got when they seen me screen my work on the big screen somewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEEixkzR4bg

And that was a censored version of my work from 2017 and before.

“ How disgusting ! How offensive ! What Bad Taste ! Oooh That Erica Crooks. You know for a Transgender Woman who’s a Lesbian , I expect better from her ! “

Would it be bad of me to say that was a reaction from a liberal ? lol

Clearly this person doesn’t know what satire is.

Clearly a chalk board sign stated “ Adult Puppetry and Cartoons by Erica Crooks “

So when you see the word “ Adult “ in these tightly censored times , that’s another way of saying “ Mature Audiences “. Perhaps the reason why I got away with watching Adult Cartoons as a kid was I was mature enough not to act out what I see on TV as well as my parents didn’t pay to much attention.

Could you image the fact that my Catholic Grandmother allowed me as a kid to watch this movie ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/She-Devil

It’s because she didn’t watch them herself. They were gifts she didn’t bother with.

Another movie which I didn’t watch was an unwrapped VHS of Throw Mother from the train.


Anyway , bullying offline is the same as bullying online . The motives are different.

A narcissist can easily mask themselves with stolen pictures and pretending to be such a good person and then attack when you least expect it. Which of course sucks for an empath such as myself because in truth I want to think the best for people and be open minded to people.


So of course these kinds of jerks don’t trust the power of love , that’s why they take advantage of hurt good people all the time.


There’s LGBTQ+ people who get bullied , mugged , violently hurt in ways I will not mention and even murdered . And same with any good kind caring person.


As an Anarchist and a New Ager , I see the evils in the world which most people can’t see.

Love and Intelligence is the answer.

And of course the right wing want to comment every single time they see it , of course they want to troll like crazy , they would stomp on any pretty flower they see probably because their ego feels that love isn’t real and it’s going to lie and hurt them again , but it’s not love , it’s because they never had the true opportunity to have it…. So where do you get it ? Love comes from within. And that’s the point.


Soul knows the inner wisdom just through meditation alone and thinking happy thoughts. Sure there’s going to be people who are going to mock those very words but I do believe that thoughts and feelings are magnetic energy. For those who don’t believe me then explain why someone who’s upset , their body doesn’t feel at ease and perhaps later in the week they will gain some kind of illness.


Negativity is something that is felt. Awareness is not Fear Mongering !


Last night I watching this in5D video and Greg mentions how there would be this cyber-stalker who would always give him a frowning face in his live chat , all you can do is laugh at such ignorance.

Check out the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrMoKDPamrc

He talks about cool stuff regarding the 5D Earth vibration and how intellectual awareness is not Fear Mongering as well as his collection of crystals. Cool Guy ! ;)


Anyway , let me end this blog article from a quote from someone who’s going to be celebrating a 50th Anniversary . WOODSTOCK 1969 !


“ When the power of love overcomes love of power , the world will know peace. “ - Jimi Hendrix



And how about another quote from an inspiring person’s wisdom.


“ Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. “

_ Martin Luther King Jr



And to learn more about the Heyokas Empath check these articles out









_ Erica



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