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Don’t Forget Trans Women on International Woman’s Day

Posted by officialericcrooks - March 8th, 2019

Don’t Forget Trans Women on International Woman’s Day

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What I have to say is probably nothing new.

Now I’m a lesbian as well as a Transgender Lesbian Woman , and I’m a feminist , especially one who supports my fellow Lesbian and or Transgender Women .

I have a Twin Flame who’s masculine of center ( aka butch stud lesbian )

Most people would already know what I’m talking about but if you don’t

Here’s a link to one of my favorite websites which I donate to from time to time.


Yes I know that Transgender Women are a minority but anyone who’s a minority doesn’t make them inferior . 

I write this in 2019 and as an anarchist I know that homophobia , sexism , racism and transphobia and all bigotry and hatred isn’t going to go away as long as hierarchy is considered to be a norm globally due to the ruling classes brainwashing the masses into hate and fear.

Perhaps it’s easy for cisgender white heterosexuals who aren’t aware to go make bad jokes with friends because they don’t know anything about LGBTQ+ people or have ever made friends with one. 

The thing that I know from personal experience is if I dye my hair blonde and wear a bunch of make up on my face and I just smile , look pretty , and am silent 

I would get harassed less.

I can’t tell you how many times people seem to see me as this mentally ill fat long haired metal fan dude ! STILL ! 

Ok so I have the user name officialericcrooks but that’s referring to “ The Erica Crooks Show “ which show changed it’s name in 2016 which I was sort of going for this Monty Python vibe with my birth name but it just didn’t work but since the show’s name has been that for so long , the old username stays.

But not a lot of people get that unfortunately , sometimes they need to get to know the show which has nothing to do with me either , just my perceptions as a satirist puppeteer and cartoonist animation indie filmmaker.

So here I just want to say please do not leave out Trans Women as well as gay women out of International Woman’s Day.

Transgender Women would most likely be left out and I say we shouldn’t.

Perhaps us Transgender Lesbian woman were not born in the female body but seriously does the body make a woman a woman ?

There’s Transgender Men who are not born in the male body , and that doesn’t make them any less of a man.

Same with non-binary people , no innocent person should ever be inferior to anyone.

“ All ( People ) are equal so no one can ever be your genuine superior. “

Rik Mayala ( His 5 Mantras speech ) 

There’s so many misinformation about Transgender Women ( and Trans people and Queer people )

Saying we are a bunch of mentally ill men who are sex predators which of course is NOT TRUE AT ALL !

Ben Garrison , Ben Shapiro , Trump , and the rest of those right wing hateful people living in fear and so power hungry , they fear what they do not understand.

Even those TERFs ( Trans-misogynists who claim to be real feminists ( aka radical feminist or so they call themselves )

It’s interesting all this fuss ! People think that if you have the body , the sexual orientation and gender identity and gender expression all comes with it .

The thing about people is the body is just that , it’s the soul and spirit that makes someone who they are.

Life is like a flower , you got to allow it to grow naturally without force , without punishment , without authoritarian values and abuse.

I know from my experience people thinking I was a boy or young man and I always found comfort in the company of other women and just scared to death of other men / boys my age and just didn’t understand why people wanting me to meet them to make friends.

Even in childhood seeing a bunch of boys beating the crap out of each other just for fun seemed very stupid to me even as young as I was.

My abusive father and his equally wicked wife would get me these machine clothes and made sure I had a haircut , but I would always avoid looking at myself in the mirror.

Perhaps I could call myself the invisible puppeteer in the years of my past , my art mattered , I just didn’t want to be seen not only performing but also when I wasn’t.

Not even my shadow.

Yes folks , I had very low self esteem .

I say that when I learned more and more that I was romantically attracted to masculine lesbian women , I started to question if I was straight because I kept feeling very feminine when I fantasied . Not shortly after , I was picking up telepathy and astro journeying dreams which were the clear early signs of my Twin Flame experience starting around 2007 / 2008 / 2009 on a daily / nightly basis .

I eventually got to meet my Twin Flame face to face in 2016. And even though we are working towards Twin Flame Union , we now know for a fact that each of us is real.

At least from my side and my Twin’s telepathy side.

It took me awhile to come out of the closet. In 2009 on my show and even in 2008 , I had many hints of wanting to come out but feared to. I had to cut out my right wing father and his wife out of my life forever. They did throw my stuff away in their basement but it was either my stuff or my life AND FUTURE HAPPINESS AND SANITY. 

I came out the day I found a friend’s obituary in the newspaper.

She’s still a strong influence to me to this very day.

She was next to me at a Transgender meeting I went to but told my parents I was just doing research for a college project . This was 10 years ago.

I would meet up with this Trans Woman at a local library and what I didn’t know before my friend was also spiritual , liked watching 1990s cartoons :) , listened and dressed Rock n Roll , 

And had a strong political activist heart.

She was the first person in my life to call me “ Erica “ which just sticks to this very day.

She encouraged me to dye my hair blonde which I did.

She lived out of her car , she had to do prostitution work she seriously didn’t want so she can earn money to get food , she committed suicide when a pimp wanted to kill her.

Perhaps there was more to her life I didn’t know about.

I did get in touch with her sister and donated money in her name to the library we both would hang out at and shortly after go out for coffee and talk for hours.

I know her spirit is still alive in me. She was pleased I was knocking the piss out of Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church .

She would have hated Trump just as much as I do as well as any misogynist and transphobic bastard in this crazy world.

So yeah , people need to wake up and recognize Trans People , LGBTQ+ people and even woman more.

But what should we expect from the right wing other than ignorance and stupidity , fear and hate.

I talk plenty about this crazy world.

But for right now ,

When we all are celebrating international Woman’s day , remember to include ALL OF US !

Cisgender and Transgender , Straight or Gay or Bi , all races , everyone.

And for more information on Trans People 

Check out the following




Happy International Woman’s Day everyone.

_ Erica

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