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Spirituality Anarchism vs Law of Attraction Capitalism

Posted by officialericcrooks - July 10th, 2019

Spirituality Anarchism vs Law of Attraction Capitalism


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In 2012 , I got into The Secret . From 2012 - 2014 I was a member of The Bob Proctor Streaming Club and Six Minutes To Success. In late 2015 / early 2016 after 9 years in telepathy alone me and my Twin Flame FINALLY meet face to face - however we have been working on Twin Flame Ascension and working towards Twin Flame Union since ( at the time I have written this article 7/10/2019 )

In the Summer of 2017 , I became an Anarchist , By 2018 I can most certainly say that I am a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist / Pacifist / Spiritual / Philosophical / Cultural / Queer / Trans / Feminist Anarchist who wants to see a futuristic social Anarchist Society / 5D Earth with awesome technology but at the same exact time less harm on the environment , as well as Vegan food that takes exactly and even better than non-vegan food where you don’t gain wait and it doesn’t make you vomit.

Today I would like to talk about the subject of Spiritual Anarchism . Yes there is religious anarchists , so why not. I’m into Law of Attraction / New Thought and New Age Spirituality . And since I meet my Twin Flame , I don’t have a choice if I want to believe in it or not. Me and my Twin Flame have had a strong telepathy relationship for 12 years and continuing. But since 2016 , we are currently working on Twin Flame Union ( again at the time I write this 7/10/2019 ) .

A lot of people talk a great deal about 5D Earth which I’m all in favor for. However the idea of a Global Unity Project where Elder Souls tells you what to do and The New World Order Conspiracy Theories ( like mentioned on in5D ) seems to me to be kind of a rip off of Anarchism. I did try to bring this to their attention only to end up being shunned by it’s followers .

I have mentioned what happened in a few blog videos and articles





Today , I wanted to talk about the modern day version of The Law of Attraction. Yes The Secret is a little over 10 years old now , and most of it’s teachers have went on to sell products and services with the idea of “ Here’s what The Secret left out , here’s the very reason why we no longer collaborate with The Secret on further products and services with them anymore. “

The truth of the matter is , The Secret is very accurate. The part that’s truly missing is shadow work. 

But I also have another reason , and this goes for petty much MOST of the people who teach law of attraction now a days.

Let me put it another way. How many people do you know are happy and LIBERAL ? Exactly . 

How many people do you know have a successful business and loves the traditional values so therefore they are republican but they are moderate / centrist / isn’t involved with politics and perhaps the same with the liberal too.


The poor attracted their own life. The one percept earn all the money in the world because they mastered The Law of Attraction and poor people did not ! So let’s become rich. Let’s say nice things about Donald Trump , You can be either a good person or a bad person who is rich. There’s nothing wrong with being rich.

No this is not satirical social commentary , THIS IS STUFF I ACTUALLY HEARD FROM PEOPLE !

Cassady Cayne of Twin Flames 11:11 ( which of course me and my Twin Flame will still but a good word for mainly because all the other resources on the internet are rubbish and this one was the most accurate to my experience which 9 / 10 years before I searched high and low for even what the heck is this spirit soulmate of the future stuff all about ! )

All of the teachers from The Secret

T. Harv Eker


Yes all of this helped me with my self esteem , but when I got into Anarchism , I seen something in 2017 / 2018 which I was completely IGNORANT of in 2015.

Today I was looking on the Quizes on Twin Flames 11:11 out of my own research to help me and my Twin’s vibration to get us together in Union.

But here’s things about it that triggered me and even irritated me.

Now in Spiritual terms , if something triggers me , that means I have negative karma attached to it and I need to think positive about it right ?

Well I have a reason why I’m writing this article because I just can’t force myself to be all REM Shiny Happy People LIBERAL mode because to me such happiness feels FAKE ! My happiness needs to feel AUTHENTIC AND REAL !

Here’s one of the questions from one of the quizzes on Twin Flames 11:11 ( Disclaimer : 107 United States Copyright Law fair use for social commentary / citizen purposes )

Is your income high enough to make you feel abundant and appreciated ?

“ I have abundance of money and I enjoy what I do. “ 

I don’t mean to put Twin Flames 11:11 on the spot but this is very typical in modern time Spiritual teachings where New Age Conspiracy Theories are very much right wing.

As a Spiritual Anarchist , I know that pretty much everything in society has some level of brainwashed hierarchical acceptance in some form or another.

So it’s good to separate what is abundance vs capitalism.

Likewise , the very criticism of someone being poor , and ignoring the news and politics because it creates opposition , ….

But at the same time , New Thought / New Age Spirituality shares common values that Anarchists do.

_ Both realize that this world is dominated by hate and fear

_ Both realize that the world needs love

_ Both support the idea of everyone living the very life of their dreams regardless

_ When the masses unite in love , we will have our heaven on earth through social revolution

For me I was spiritually guided to Anarchism. As a satirist I knew what irritated me , Anarchism showed me why the things that irritated me exist and that another world is possible.

Anarchy-Communism showed me that WE CAN ALL BE RICH without the worry of earning money , selling a product or a service , or paying for employees and networking with entrepreneurs , companies and suing the working class for copyright infringement or sharing their digital product without permission . There’s no need to sell Law of Attraction being said in a different way and put the price for a couple of hundred dollars so you can enjoy your luxurious lifestyle.

So please do not support the 5D Earth versions of an Elder Soul New Age Government , Police Officers turned into PEACE Officers , Anarcho-Capitalism ( fake Anarchism ) , New Age Politics , David Icke , or even the modern day Liberal versions of New Thought / New Age Spirituality

Another World Is Possible !

Yes Law of Attraction works. But it has no ethics and morals , it gives you what you expect. Donald J Trump used it all the time but was he very nice ? NO !

So what I’m trying to say is have your ethics for a reason.

As an Anti-Capitalist , it’s not that I’m against wanting STUFF I WANT AND NEED !

I raise the question of which one is more important to you.

Finally I would like to mention before I became an Anarchist , YES ! I DID FALL FOR ALL OF THIS CAPITALIST STUFF in Law of Attraction. If you look at my early YouTube videos before announcing being an Anarchist , It was my introduction to business.

As a kid , I wanted to earn money doing what I love doing …. Art / entertainment / helping making the world a better place / and being a satirist .

I tried , I struggled. I got rejected by Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , Mondo Media and Troma Entertainment inc.

I blame the modern teachings of The Law of Attraction for causing people to GIVE IT UP all together. As a Twin Flame , it showed me that it’s real.

Law of Attraction creates miracles because of our thoughts and feelings. But it needs to be authentic , not fake.

The reason why Law of Attraction is modernized is due to CAPITALISM , THAT’S WHAT SELLS ! “ Do you want a better job ? What kind of a business do you want ? What do you really want ? “


If I wanted to have a sitcom about a Butch and Femme lesbian couple , networks would say no. But if it was a sitcom rated TV-MA that showed naked women , sided with either Libertarian Party politics / Liberal Politics , and it was dumb down to the typical “ Slice of Life “ everyday Sitcom humor plus celebrities randomly showing up … YES THAT WOULD SELL !

Perhaps even a sitcom where all leftists and liberals are treated like goofy adults who dress and act like a toddler , it would be popular among Conservatives on the internet.

BUT I’m being sarcastic and satirical of course , but at the same time pointing out the dark truths about this hierarchical system.

If your not working within the system , this system will do whatever it can for you to be ignored or worse….. What Nixon did to John Lennon. What authority did to Jesus Christ. What happened to Martin Luther King Jr . 

It’s all about balence.

If it’s about ignoring the problems of the world then lightworkers won’t exist.

I am so sick and tired of being told that WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ANGRY !

What if focusing on what I DO WANT relates to that.

But what does this say for me as an Anarchist ?

Well sometimes it’s GOOD to know what we do not want.

But of course it’s good to know what we do want.

As an Anarchist , I want an Anarchist Society.

But depending on if it would be possible in my lifetime as well as 5D Earth will all depend on the cooperation of the masses , the mass awakening of the masses.

Until then , regardless , Spirituality is about being.

Anarchism and Spirituality is about being happy in the here and now regardless.

No wonder I have a satirical sense of humor.

So what if I want alternatives ! What if I would rather be with a community of like minded people who believed in a non-hierarchical society .

What If I cared about that more , then owning everything I ever wanted because of capitalism.

In 2014 , I found out my father threw away my stuff that was trapped in his basement. My original puppets , my original comics , childhood memories I wouldn’t mind owning , stuff I today slowly rebuild again in order to replace what I’ve lost.

Still , I had a choice . An abusive household of a hard working middle class narcissist right wing homophobe / transphobe and his equally wicked wife WHO GAVE ME POST TRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER and who was NEVER there for me when I got abused by an ex-friend who was also a narcissist and his friend …. That’s right folks 4 Narcissists and a Mother living with depression , a learning disability , obesity , and NO HOME , ONLY HER CAR AND HER LIVE IN JOB NURSING THE ELDERLY !!!!


I had the choice between that and to run away to another state , cut them ( except my mother who saved me ) out of my life , meet the love of my life “ My Twin Flame “ and be me. 

Yes I gained wait since 2009 due to depression . But I’m working on it.

Also I’m living. I had many Suicidal thoughts back then. If I said where I was , I would have killed myself. Everything was taken away from me.

I had a loving mother , My Twin Flame told me she was real and wanted me to run away from my abusive household , and my heart and intuition knew it was best. 

I suffered with PTSD which only haunts me in my dreams but other then that it’s basically gone.

So if I’m going to use Law of Attraction , yes I will use the ability to come up with my ideal life of my dreams. NOT THE AMERICAN DREAMER , MY DREAMS , My HEART FOR HUMANITY and Me knowing myself be true.

_ Erica

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