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Spiritual Anarchism : Living in an Anarchist Society / 5D Earth

Posted by officialericcrooks - July 15th, 2019

Spiritual Anarchism : Living in an Anarchist Society / 5D Earth


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I think every Anarchist has a story of becoming an Anarchist. For me there was two parts.

( 1. I’m sick and tired of evil in this world


( 2. What would my ideal life be 

If you check out my stuff , I’m always talking about stuff I like , stuff I can relate to , and how all of this helped me understand myself better thanks to the internet mostly and how I can help contribute back to my like minded people so perhaps it would be easier for people to find aspects of themselves more than it might have been for me over 10 years ago.

Most people think of “ What is “ , I’m someone who thinks of the possibilities.

Sure I spend a lot of time as a satirist knocking the piss out of authoritarian bullies , but hopefully someday that will be as patriotic as the 4th of July and Jesus Christ are today.

Antiauthoritarian replaces authoritarian. Anarchy replaces Hierarchy , Love replaces Hate and Fear .

An Anarchist Society to me is the masses coming together in love and light , just like 5D Earth. Perhaps it’s all in the same. Humor and Horror entertainment reflects the hierarchical world and criticizes hierarchy I think. In An Anarchist Society , perhaps it might be viewed as a product of it’s time and perhaps appreciated in historic reverence as how people treat religion and veterans today. But again freedom and peace replaces war and brainwashed troops fighting in imperialist wars thinking they are protecting the freedoms of humanity even though they are NOT !

There will be no kings , no God to please , no Hierarchical force telling people what to do. Only horizontal understanding. The masses would be educated just like how liberals and leftists can agree that conservatives / fascist / right wingers are hateful fear driven bullies .

People won’t be so cynical about spirituality and learning deep aspects of themselves and individuality.

Just like kids getting a bunch of candy from trick or treating and eating it all until they can eat no more , people would be enjoying the prosperity of life until they learn the other joy of life which is spending alone time with loved ones or even their own self.

Perhaps people can do many of these things in the here and now ? Still hierarchy creates problems because the ruling class psychopaths and sociopathic bullies on the home front of the working class hurts everyone they come in contact with.

Instead of Isolation and Alienation / People can make friends easily and be open to the kindness of strangers without fear

People can travel , build their dream home , own whatever they want , build and do whatever they want and well whatever they want without legal mumbo jumbo and money chaining their freedoms and needs down

The majorities and minorities separation would be a thing of the past. No one would question a loving couple who is a Transgender Lesbian Woman who identifies as an Androgynous Femme who’s non-op and a cisgender Butch Stud Lesbian who identifies as non-binary being together ? ( Yes folks , I was referencing me and my Twin Flame :D * blush * <3 11:11 )

People with disabilities will have horizontal / non-hierarchical help . Perhaps even science would be so advanced that it would help get rid of disability or prevent it all together.

And perhaps Transgender and previous labels such as “ Asperger’s Syndrome “ will no longer be seen as a mental illness . People would respect people for who they are.

Perhaps there wouldn’t be 16 personality types anymore and any personality type that sides with hierarchy ( ST / TJ ) would not exist anymore since personality types often shape around childhood and even their environment.

In other words , don’t spit on liberal media too much if television was my only friend in childhood and helped me become who I am today. ;) I grew up on cartoons and comedy shows ( and Muppets ) which was entertaining , funny , and shared valuable lessons in life which make much more sense to me now as an adult. Yes folks , Dr Seuss has philosophical meaning.

If your an artist , no longer would you need Patron , Kickstarter , PayPal , other CrowdFunding capitalist things. You need a computer , go here or they’ll mail it to you or someone will give it to you …. NO CHARGE !

Could you imagine the possibilities ? eBay where everything is FREE ! 

You want someone to draw a friendly cartoon version of you , no need to worry about commission prices on Esty or whatever.

Perhaps Anarcho-Transhumanism will help us never age , perhaps 5D Earth will do that automatically.

The possibilities are endless. All it starts with the absolute love for humanity and all the hate and fear and problems would go away.

Perhaps science will help make animals Vegan , or non-friendly animals will just disappear .

Thanks to Law of Attraction , would that determine which animals want to stay with their human care takers to the point where you don’t need to worry if they ran away from home forever ? Perhaps pets would have non-hierarchy too.

Vegan food would be so good that it would taste and act exactly like the junk we ate before but it would NEVER EVER effect our health EVER !

Again the possibilities are endless. 

All it needs is love and support of the masses , the masses need to wake up to the power of love instead of the love of power and the fear of love.

_ Erica

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