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Copyright and Capitalism Destroys Fandom

Posted by officialericcrooks - November 1st, 2019


Copyright and Capitalism Destroys Fandom

In this blog , I’d like to reach out to my like minded people who also shares love and interest in pop culture if you’re a lifetime fan and perhaps like me , it inspired you into art more so.

Perhaps you were like me , a fan most of your life. In childhood , how innocent it truly is when a kid draws their favorites . Well it seems like from the eye of capitalists to be one of the biggest crimes in the world.

If you grew up in the 1990s like I have , you probably remember something called the VHS tape. And when you rewind the tape ( sometimes with a fast VHS rewinder which is something I had in my childhood ) , you put the VHS into the VCR and you start to fast forward what most of us would call the “ stupid boring warning that NOBODY BOTHERS TO READ ! “ . Now a capitalist probably wants the masses to read it and it goes to show how distant they truly are from advantage people who are not rich , greedy and know what it’s like to live an advantage normal life. Of course I’m referring to the FBI Warning . The one where it mentions a Warning that federal law provides server punishments for the unauthorized distribution or exhibition of copyright and how it’s investigated by the FBI and would constitute a felony with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison or a $ 250,000 fine . Well that was in 1982 . It’s probably worse today. Probably a lifetime in prison , someone to lose their citizenship , or probably the electric chair. If you find all of this ridiculous , then why aren’t you an Anarchist ?


“ To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” _ Voltaire

So yeah , stupid victimless crimes right ? A child’s drawing , watching a movie at home with loved ones or friends or both even though each person doesn’t own a copy themselves , probably even mentioning the name of a copyright work in a conversation without paying royalties and legal license permission to the copyright owners , etc 

Is it fair to say that this is modern day slavery ?

Don’t you realize those who make fan art and upload it to the internet and those who upload videos of their favorites to social media ( meaning to socialize about media ) will make you one of the biggest criminals in the whole entire world and society should shame you for being such a sinner ? If you think this is all stupid , ignorant , and a cult and a religion , well all I can say to you is welcome to the club of the minority of people who are awaken to the truth that this world is controlled by power hungry , blood thirsty , heartless and soulless psychopaths .

Again why aren’t you an Anarchist ?


It’s so easy to enjoy our pop culture favorites online , especially YouTube videos. But in the eye of capitalists , we are automatically criminals . But it’s interesting because guess who else does this , THE VERY CREATORS WHO MADE THIS STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE ! So does it make it legal ? What if I were to tell you that law and order , the constitution , civil liberties , troops fighting for our freedom and keep us safe , money is the answer to prosperity and to get us out of poverty , politicians , capitalists , presidents , religious leaders , celebrities , are superior to you in every single way , etc IS IN FACT ALL LIES known as “ Hierarchical Power over You ! “ 

Wait , what am I trying to say ? Am I seriously suggesting that people should COMMIT CRIME AND VIOLATE THE LAW ? Well I’m not ( in legal terms ) telling to violate the law. ( Lawyers leave , wipe the sweat from my forehead in sweet relief after being intimidated by violent bullies known as “ Authority “ aka Hierarchical Power over me , etc . ) What I am saying is “ question it “ , and it’s not illegal … yet , but that’s the very point I’m making. We could lose everything and it doesn’t matter who’s a criminal or a sinner or whatever. We could all be slaves in a George Orwell kind of dystopia like 1984 in ANY GIVEN SECOND ! 

Is this me manipulating you with scare tactics ? No , I’m telling you the truth. And if you want the truth , you need to listen to your heart and intuition . Now I know what it’s like to feel scared , we all do , and that’s how hierarchy has power over us. Not only do they feed us lies that hierarchy is justified but also they intimidate us with fear.

How interesting is it that we have a mass movement of people who violate copyright all the time with the simple belief of “ Just as long as I don’t earn money off of it , it’s fine. “ Because that belief alone is A LOT MORE FAIR THAN THE TRUTH ! The truth not what feels right in our heart and intuition but the word truth being thrown at us and we are told to accept and agree or have violence against us aka hierarchical power over us. And that’s the other reason why people obey to things no matter how ignorant and stupid , they use VIOLENCE , this is hierarchy , this is bullying , and THIS IS LEGAL ? Unfortunately yes. 

But can’t you ask authority for permission to protest and vote democrat / liberal in order for it to …. Well again if the constitution is such a genius doctrine , how come people need to update it all the time instead of saying “ F*** this hierarchical s*** , it’s not even a genius philosophy “ , well that’s simple … WE ARE SCARED OF LOSING OUR LIVES !

And you know what ? Authority knows it and our fear makes them smile sadistically.

That’s right , they are psychopaths - sociopaths - narcissists - dark triad , antisocial , etc

It’s so easy to be comfortable . Now of course I’m all for personal and self growth , spirituality and law of attraction. But when it comes to spirituality , it NEEDS to feel like THE TRUTH ! It needs to feel supported with unconditional love and light and another word which MANY spiritual teachings FAIL to mention which is LIBERATION !

Legally I’m not suggesting anything except to THINK about all of this. It’s interesting really because before anything can become an action , people need to think about it. Until authority makes it legal to plant computer chips into our brains , they can moderate our very activities online so if they are going to be doing that then all I can hope for is coming from the lightworker pacifist I am …. Someday something is going to get to them emotionally where they are going to feel for the first time in most of their life , they will feel GUILT and SHAME and REMORSE and BREAK DOWN CRYING and NOW REALIZING ALL THE EVIL AND HORROR AND BAD THINGS THEY HAVE DONE TO INNOCENT PEOPLE BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS NEVER GAVE THEM THE LOVE THE DESERVE !

That’s right , that’s all it comes down too. Soul vs Ego.

The Soul is going to appreciate culture and art and say that it belongs to the people , Ego is a control freak.

So if your a fan and you want to express YOUR LOVE of this art and culture and it reaches to some part of your soul if it’s music that makes you dance , if humor that makes you laugh , perhaps a Hollywood crush that reminds you of your future soulmate ( I know , I meet my Twin Flame ) and perhaps this art will influence you into becoming THE NEXT GENERATION OF ARTISTS just like EVERYONE ELSE because GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE and INSPIRE EACH OTHER . 

And copyright owners are very stupid because what is the whole point of controlling us if WE are the WORD OF MOUTH , WE ARE THE ONES THAT KEEP ART ALIVE ! 

Comic Conventions COULD be a beautifully wonderful time , a FESTIVAL for artists and fans alike to enjoy their favorite art and discover new ones. THAT’S WHAT COMIC CON SHOULD BE but guess what it actually is ? It’s crowded like an airport , barely anyone goes to fan panels , and we see all the artists we know and love SUFFERING like Circus Animals , They aren’t really there to see their fans but they try to enjoy their time sitting on their butt for hours at a table , THEY SERIOUSLY NEED MONEY JUST LIKE YOU ! No wonder the idea of getting a free autograph in the mail is a thing of the past for the most part. If this brings a tear to your eye , I hope so , again you are awaken to the truth.

Did you know that your favorite artists are ALSO working class ? Did you know those who are on welfare / poor and even homeless are WORKING CLASS ? There’s only two classes , the working class and the psychopaths that have power over us known as The RULING CLASS .

The ruling class owns the copyrights , they shut down social media accounts all the time , they send lawsuits , they put people into debt for copyright infringement , they control the authority to make this innocent thing A CRIME , they pay and brainwash celebrities into brainwashing you into caving into the shame of committing “ piracy “ , etc .

So if Fandom is a crime , then what the hell do they expect us to do anyway ? They want us to treat it like FOOD ! They want us to consume , without expression and to buy without expression , like robots and zombies ( ok the stereotypical ones and not so much good one that are . ) . 

We are told that this fictional stuff is NOT REAL but to the audience and artists alike , they are because they mirror this life. The ruling class doesn’t care about us at all . Anarchists know that the ruling class are not only destroying everything on Earth but even themselves and they don’t care , you want to know why ? The ruling class is SICK , they are ILL , and their dystopian is going to kill even themselves because there will be nothing left on Earth but themselves , nothing to dominate and rule over but themselves. There’s no good that can come from hierarchy. Perhaps that itself can explain why hierarchy is the root of all evil.

Soul is about love , intuition , and liberation. Being entertained feels liberating.

That’s something that art , pop culture , entertainment , etc does.

No wonder evil people want to control it and brainwash good people into thinking they are bad.

_ Erica

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