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YouTube Walkout

Posted by officialericcrooks - 12 days ago


Credit : https://twitter.com/javitrino who is encouraging YouTubers to upload this copyright free video helping promote the upcoming YouTube Walkout December 10 - 13 .

And all credit to the originators of this video and it’s content which I personally had nothing to do with

But uploaded it as a part of the upcoming YouTube Walkout Strike from December 10 - 13 .

Related Tweet : https://twitter.com/javitrino/status/1201221205619040257

This is a mirrored video which is being uploaded by those who are joining in and supporting the “YouTube Walkout” Strike

The download for the Walkout Package kit can be located right here ( as mentioned on the Twitter post ) .


Transcript of the video : 

YouTube is a platform owned by Google and strong armed often by its advertisers and the US government.

Those who stand to lose every time Youtube has to cave in are its creators and viewers. No more. From December 10th to December 13th we’re staging a walkout from the site.

No watch views, no uploads, no engagement. Just stay out of YouTube.

Let us not give them anything for three days. YouTube is nothing without creators and viewers, whether they are commercially viable or not. Enough, is enough.

For those who are looking for my videos outside of YouTube , I would suggest the following.

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Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/officialericcrooks

Dailymotion ( BACKUP ) : https://www.dailymotion.com/officialericcrooks1

And for my content ( not related to this video )

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