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Twin Flame Anarchists against Bullying

Posted by officialericcrooks - February 16th, 2020

Twin Flame Anarchists against Bullying by Erica Crooks

Today I wanted to talk about the subject of Twin Flame Anarchists. 

Now I already know that I have all odds against me. I’m working on losing weight , I’m a Trans Woman, I’m a 31 going on 32 year old who STILL refuses to conform to the norms of society , I know I have all odds against me. If you listen to your heart, your intuition , you think for yourself, you live a happy life, doing what you like to do, of course you're going to be bullied.

Going on 7 years but perhaps my whole life , I am a threat to bullies. What is the 1# enemy of fear, hate , evil hierarchical authority & power is it’s opposite which is love.

I have talked about the subject of Spiritual Anarchism. Both sides for the most part disagree with each other. Many Anarchists are atheists and dismiss spirituality as pseudoscience & confirmation bias. Where many spiritual people feel that Anarchism is negative energy that should be avoided otherwise it would attract negative karma for example being against capitalism means through your thoughts & feelings that you have a lack of prosperity. Or feeling sympathetic to the homeless means that you are attracting it yourself so you should only focus on your own life . From 2012 - 2017, I used to believe just that.

Teachers of The Secret such as Bob Proctor is great at helping people build self esteem known as self love. However I do disagree that capitalism is the best and only prosperity. 

David Icke may have some interesting things to say but for the most part like Alex Jones, they use spiritual awakening as a tool of power, hate , fear & hierarchical power over others - in this case - Capitalism & right wing politics. 

Psychics & Spiritual people already have a bad reputation by the masses, especially Anarchists . In my opinion, the problem isn’t spirituality but how people teach it. Like religion , politics, and everything in current life ( at the time I’m saying this ) , we need to stop believing hierarchical authoritarian doctrine . And that’s where Anarchism comes in. Anarchy is not chaos & senseless destruction but a political philosophy theory that all our political problems would disappear or at least decrease for the most part if we NOT ONLY got rid of forced hierarchical power over us, hierarchical association & the masses unite in liberty , equality & solidarity - then and only then are we capable of living a better full happy life with more satisfactory instead of constant disappointments.  

In order for another world to be possible, we need the masses to unite in love.

As Jimmy Hindrex mentioned “When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we would know peace.”

Self-help, self-liberation, self-management, direct action, self-activity, libertarian socialist alternatives, liberty - equality & solidarity.

Liberty : meaning true freedom without anyone forcing you what to do, what to believe, how to feel, what to think, no rulers & no masters. A free country isn’t free, a free global society is.

Equality : meaning prejudices & bigotry of differences that are non-hierarchical needs to stop because Hate & Fear is hierarchical. We are lied to all the time regarding these. People are miseducated, especially right wing politics. We are told lies about human nature, it’s a dog eat dog world, survival of the fittest , it’s a man’s world, it’s the lousy left’s fault, etc. If we want to be free, we need to get rid of hierarchy. Equality means to get rid of social hierarchy . I have mentioned when it comes to works of art & literature from the past that it should be reserved & perceived for their non-hierarchical value even if it’s only for historical purposes.

The problem is the masses need to be re-educated. We need to stop believing that the oppressed minors is the reason why political problems happen, the ruling class spreads that hate to keep people obedient & ignorant.

For example , mentioned in Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent, FLAK Is used as part of an authoritarian propaganda fear ideology tool to scapegoat from the truth.

From red flag events and or even imperialism , they don’t want people to think for themselves & unite against the 1% capitalist bourgeois cartel elite ruling class . They want you to hate the left, minorities, even their competition such as religious right terrorism, other countries, other fascists or the Democrats / liberals.

Solidarity : meaning that we come to realize that ALL political problems from bullies on & offline to struggling to afford your basic human needs. We need to get to the root cause which is hierarchy. This is the class consciousness of struggle. Where the masses unite against authority, exploitation, oppression & domination.

Many Spiritual people mentioned similar solidarities as unity conscious uniting in the power of love instead of the love of power against their oppressors. Perhaps through the Law of Attraction this would automatically manifest 5D Earth even if those who are unaware of The Law of Attraction or simply do not believe it, it still works regardless. Emotions equal manifestation.

Spirituality helped me gain self-love , self-esteem, self-confidence, and even hope that life is worth living & suicide is not the answer. A problem that I have with The Law for Attraction is how people teach it. 

In truth it’s the intention & clarify your desire , focus your attention on what you want & not what you don’t and really get emotional and feel it through creative visualization & day dreaming, then release the tension about the situation and just feel good not worrying if it will manifest or not.

Love Heals, Fear Kills

Both Spirituality & Anarchism are often misunderstood and rejected. Liberals would probably accept spirituality if it favors liberalism & capitalism like most modern day teachings of it. Perhaps people favor Post Left & Insurrectionary Anarchism more than the political philosophy of Libertarian Socialism / Anarcho-Communism.

Some people might find the idea of Spiritual Anarchism to be contradictory while those in the mainstream feel they don’t need to think twice to reject them both.

I would recommend an Anarchist FAQ and most things relating to Libertarian Socialism / Anarcho Communism. I feel that it does a better job exposing hierarchical power than anything the right have to say.


The New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy Theories might have some truth regarding red flag events & negative energy just as long as we look at everything from a left anarchist non-hierarchical prospective because most likely Extraterrestrial UFOlogy have unfortunately right wing ideology in the mix of most resources like David Icke & Alex Jones for example.

So why do I believe in spirituality ? To boost my self confidence & not commit suicide ?

Do I find comfort in the idea of life after death ? Perhaps these are true but there are other reasons. 

In a global hierarchical authoritarian dominated world, to think outside the box would be considered to risk alienation / isolation / dying alone & on the street being unemployable , being bullied for the rest of your life if you ever dare think for yourself , listening to your heart & intuition.

The world needs love , but we live in a world of hate & fear. If you flight, you are laughed at & bullied some more. If you hate among fellow cishet white heterosexual men who conform to hierarchical authoritarian toxic masculinity ego or even as far as fascism , then your accepted amongst your brothers in a man dominated world which of course is a load of hierarchical nonsense that harms male bodied men with such false promises of truth , brotherhood, a solution for your alienation / isolation of being a man in the modern age where liberalism is more popular than conservatism. Toxic Masculinity is a harmful cult. Get out now or face the consequences.

The world needs love but we live in a world hate & fear. A world where people are seeking fast solutions to fill their basic human needs instead of finding the truth on why they struggle. A world where people believe in lies that conform to hierarchical doctrine rather than the truth which is hierarchical power wants to make you obedient & ignorant. Brainwashing you into hate & fear or simply forcing you to obey. Programing people right at childhood so their empathy & sympathy can no longer be felt. Where humans are programed to destroy the lives of everyone - everywhere & everything including themselves. This is Not human nature, this is a general description of hierarchical power.

What more does the world want for me to say & explain where I tell you that I see angel numbers daily, that the law of attraction does manifest in many ways even all the coincidences & ironies of life. In other words, there’s more to life than just our five senses.

Love is the most powerful vibrational energy in all the universe however we are told to turn it off because it’s a weakness & vulnerable. And it’s better to hate instead of fear or worse love which actually heals hate & fear ironically.

We are told to not see the big picture and be guided by our intuition but instead view the world without empathy or sympathy or intuition. 

And be primitive & act like animals in the wild. 

Survival of the fittest , dog eat dog, Hierarchical Power FASCISM & all it’s indoctrinated Toxic Masculinity is very harmful - GET OUT NOW ! Their end goal is destruction until everyone , everywhere & everything is DEAD !

Hierarchy harms everything it touches.

So again why do I believe in spirituality and even Anarchism ? Am I trying to escape reality ? Am I asking for trouble ? Am I asking to be hurt by bullies or even killed by them ? 

If you want the truth about life, listen to your heart & intuition. Because fear is a tool of hierarchical power control. Meditation helps me every time.

There’s only one truth, that is LOVE ! Love is the Answer !

From 2007 - 2012 , I simply thought that I made up an imaginary girlfriend in my mind. This intuitive feeling that true love soulmates existed. I was starting to have dreams, and a spiritual awakening , a desire to travel the world to meet this person.

A strong desire to feel love & discover spirituality. Dreams were starting to feel more real. Is there realms outside of Earth ? I practiced Wiccan / Pagan love spells & had a small book I got from the grocery store about self-hypnosis also known as The Law of Attraction which I would rediscover in 2012. 

By 2008, I was starting to realize that perhaps I am queer. The spiritual entity was starting to speak beyond bedtime. Soon enough by 2009, I was getting telepathy which this was no longer pretend but a spirit that kept saying things on the lines of “This is not pretend, I am real. We are going to run away together , escape the abusive family and live life happy. You and me against the world.” 

Some think I’m very timid , but I will tell you this. It took me from about 2009 to 2012 to trust that THIS WAS REAL ! My future soulmate wanting to find out where I was and come together & be happy.

My therapist rejected the channeled written letter this spirit wanted me to write. He told me that this was a pretend girlfriend and to let go of the idea of saving my love for this soulmate because true love doesn’t exist. That I should just date and be in a relationship just because IT IS FUN and NOT to take it seriously. And if things get serious, it’s ok. That’s the real world.

From 2010 - 2011, Someone I meet at a support group for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome told their mom that she liked me. So our mothers decided to have us bond as friends.

This woman would keep hinting that she liked me. Because of the therapist & my anger of this spirit showing no evidence and proof that they existed , I caved in. But this relationship didn’t feel right. This was MY ONLY relationship to date. Turning on 32 I still remain a virgin. I didn’t bother to kiss this individual. I did spend money though. I bought her things, I took her out to eat, we took walks, watched movies, went out to eat. That was it. For the most part , once a week or once every other week. Was it exiting, yes. But the spirit kept SCREAMING IN ANGER telling me to dumb her every single night. Screaming I AM REAL, DUMP HER !

I screamed back in telepathy, PROVE THAT YOU ARE REAL AND I WILL DUMP HER !

Did I find this woman attractive , a little. But who was on my mind most ? This spirit.

This woman wanted to dump me for awhile. We didn’t really love each other, perhaps we were both desperate.

I asked this spirit for forgiveness , I was recommended The Secret by a love coach that talked about MBTI personality types. From 2012 - 2016 , It was a spiritual journey to find answers.

I have a soulmate who I am in telepathy with. This spirit is real.

Between Dec 2015 - Spring 2016, I meet my Twin Flame after 9 years of knowing my Twin Flame in telepathy alone. 

As my Twin Flame has currently reminded me in telepathy “ I am the one who discovered this connection first, I am the one who pointed myself out to you and told you that was me, I am the one who got you into this mess and I’m the one who’s going to get you out of it.”

Twin Flames meeting face to face is only step one. Most Twin Flame telepathy happens AFTER they meet face to face according to what I’ve read. 

Me & my Twin Flame had a spiritual awakening in the spring of 2016. 

I can not explain spirituality to you in so called scientific / logical terms. But if I had a word to describe what happened , it would be Super-national or Paranormal .

It was like a human mirror. We were replying to the same thoughts without logical conversation order. We could move the same way in the same direction sometimes.

Twin Flames Are Real. The love is so strong, it’s like strong light headedness. 

But it’s not like we immediately feel in love. 

WE WERE AFRAID OF EACH OTHER at the same time a strong feeling of love.

I know the situation. 40 year old 4Chan cyberbully sees the Twin Flame in a relationship with someone else while I look like a dangerous stalker who should end up in jail. Oh by the way, isn’t that already a TRANSPHOBIC STEREOTYPE ? 

Here’s a thing about bullies. All they want is to dominate me with fear , hate & hurt. They don’t care that they are WRONG about everything they say. They think if I don’t exist, it’s relief to them but it is not. Remember I mentioned that hierarchical power is the problem ?

Why don’t people do their research ? Anyway, let’s talk about the Twin Flame chaser & runner.


When Twin Flames meet & have Spiritual Awakening , there is a part 2.

I’m still trying to figure it out myself still in ascension / separation but I have mentioned my thoughts on this in the video “Twin Flame Solutions”.

On the surface level, someone only sees two people. On the surface level, they see one person making out with someone else and telling the other person who won’t stop to BACK OFF !

As the non-runner Twin, other Twin Flames can relate to me when I say this. Do you know what it’s like feeling like a victim in all this ? The masculine Twin Flame flirts with you but in a shy way but fears approaching you, suddenly the more you see them the stranger things happen. They go from a loving soul into one who looks like they are going to cry and disappear, to one who becomes aggressive making out with people and having those people come up to you thinking you are the villain.

For anyone who’s ACTUALLY watched my videos, 2016 was a very stressful year. I was very angry. At a Christmas party, my Twin Flame was angry at me possibly thinking that I sleep around.

It is extremely important that we have information about Twin Flames available to Twin Flames like on the internet otherwise we might turn to books like Dark Side of Cupid / Alien Love Bite 

and would think that our Twin Flame is a demon from hell.

But what was going on in telepathy when I didn’t trust this person was my Twin Flame for half a year.

Crying in pain begging for my love.

The spirit IS THIS person. They appear hurtful & disinterested on the outside but in truth the telepathy is really them. I have and still am bombarded with angel numbers, spirit guide telepathy, & even spiritual knowledge that confirms what I HAVE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED !

That is the story of my life of self discovery if it’s my INFP personality type , coming out as a non-binary transgender lesbian woman , etc. I WENT THROUGH PERSONAL EXPERIENCES and I would later find the answers , definitions, words and knowledge of what it means.

So with that being said, why is my Twin Flame in a relationship with someone else. In telepathy my Twin Flame said “ It’s not what it looks like “.

This is why Twin Flame Runners are called Twin Flame Runners. The other Twin Flame IS NOT an abusive monster or a dangerous stalker. The Runner Twin stalks on the other Twin Flame too.

Is there something the Twin Flame Runner has in common with the 40 year old 4chan Cyberbully who wants to torment both Twin Flames because he’s a homophobic / transphobic / misogynistic bastard ? Sort of yes,

Toxic Masculinity.

Twin Flame Ascension / Separation means that Twin Flames need to take time ( even if it is 5 years or more ) to tell each other no matter what , it’s ok to love each other.

I don’t know the full story from my Twin Flame yet but because my Twin Flame is the masculine twin flame , my Twin Flame is probably going through more stress , anxiety and depression than I am. 

Other than the differences of how the masculine or feminine twin react to fear in a fight or flight situation ,

Eventually both Twin Flames need to learn the truth that they are not as different as they appear.

Twin Flames are much more than soulmates who meet in telepathy and eventually meet face to face. Twin Flames are lightworkers , also there’s a reason we are called Twin Flames.

We have the same consciousness which can also be referred to one soul in two bodies or two parts of the same whole. It’s meant literally & spiritually and not just symbolically.

If one Twin Flame is scared, the other one will too. It’s not just emotion but similar life experiences & thoughts.

If one Twin Flame was a victim of cyberbullying and authoritarian parents, there might be similarities with the other Twin Flame too.

Toxic Masculinity is a false set of beliefs that masculine people need to toughen up, hate as a defense mechanism to shield the Ego from vulnerable feelings such as fear , sadness , and even having a hard time expressing love. 

Of course my Twin Flame isn’t as toxic as a 4chan cyberbully who most likely than not would refuse to change after 11 years bullying me - discrediting me - getting people to hate me - pretending to be me - perhaps going so far as to make sure that I don’t exist not only online but also life on Earth.

Twin Flame Runners heal with the love of their Twin Flame, but the other Twin Flame needs to manifest this love too through Law of Attraction.

Both Twin Flames have the same fears.

The Twin Flame Runner might be with another person not because they actually love this other person, but because they are a stand in . The Twin Flame Runner still loves the Twin Flame but is filled with fear to open up.

That’s what is really going on. Not my fault.

I am in regular contact with my Twin Flame in telepathy. My Twin Flame has received occasional emails from me but I try to give my Twin Flame space and allow her to come to me on her own without force or pressure to open up and confirm this connection. 


So what does this say about the cyberbully ? The cyberbully hates me because I am not like him. I am NOT a white cishet man with toxic masculinity and is a fascist on 4chan. I may have been born in the male body but I’m still a woman and non-binary person. It’s time to start questioning hierarchical power including the gender binary system. The biological body is simply only that, gender identity is said to be a social construct, gender expression is what feels right to your soul, and sexual orientation is born that way. It all is.

What does this say about Twin Flame Anarchists ?

Twin Flames are lightworkers , a spirit that split to come together to help heal Earth’s ascension. I was guided to Anarchism in the summer of 2017.

If the cyberbully thinks that it’s going to be a lot of fun to destroy us, think again.

Twin Flame Knowledge & Anarchism knowledge is already out there.

Twin Flame Runner knowledge , Knowledge that Dark entity souls WANT TO DESTROY SOULS OF LOVE & LIGHT ! That’s right, we are the ENEMY of EVIL , HATE , FEAR, & Hierarchical Power.

Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr, & John Lennon were murdered for being lightworkers.

But their souls are still alive.

This is a battle of Good vs Evil.

But Love has already won. Love is stronger than hate & fear. Love surrenders and let’s go.

In the soul : Mind, Body & Soul

And it’s liberation : Liberty , Equality & Solidarity 

Love heals, fear kills

The World Needs Love but the World lives in hate & fear.

We are not the only ones.

Evil hates what can cure them, Evil only likes what can kill them.

Anarchy heals, hierarchy kills.

Soul heals Ego.

Hopefully you get the picture.


#twinflame #twinflames #spiritualanarchism


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