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Peace from An Anarchist

Posted by officialericcrooks - June 3rd, 2020

Peace from an Anarchist


2020 is quite a year ( just putting it mildly I suppose ). First with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis which is still going on and the murder of an innocent black man from a racist policeman. As we all know the protests of injustice soon manifested into riots , looting, etc. Now my last name maybe Crooks, but that's just coincidence. I am NOT right wing, I am left wing ! I am against racism ! And most liberals would agree with me ( even though Leftists don't consider Liberals as a part of " The Left " but centre-right or apolitical / centrist. ) I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a certain group of protesters which many are and will be hearing in the news as time goes on which are "Anarchists and ANTIFA". As you probably already know, most people perceive this group as being violent thugs, burglars, just plain criminals who are destructive, chaotic or " Anarchy " / " Anarchic " as most people, unfortunately, misuse the world, and should go to jail for the rest of their life. I would just like to take this time to explain that this situation and reputation is quite hurtful to " PEACEFUL " Anarchists who generally feel misunderstood because their political philosophy ( not an ideology ) even though excited for over a hundred years or beyond , is rarely heard of. A big question I'd like to ask is this, if Anarchists are so evil then why is 90 something-year-old Noam Chomsky a professor at two Universities ? Furthermore, even though Charlie Chaplin was thrown out of America for his beliefs, why is he still praised as one of the founding fathers of slapstick comedy and comedy filmmaking ? If Leftism ( not liberalism ) is so awful then how come people don't look at Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein and John Lennon with the same negative perception they would a Socialist , A Communist , An Anarchist ? As a Cultural, Philosophical, Spiritual and Pacifist Anarchist , I feel like I need to speak up. Let me explain my story on why I decided to become an Anarchist. As most already know and what I'm best known for, I am an adult puppetry / adult cartoon animator filmmaker who has a huge heart for pop culture, dark comedy, slapstick, British / European political satire ( Spitting Image / Les Guignols De L'info ). I am also a content creator https://linktr.ee/officialericcrooks and basically I'm just expressing myself and sharing things that inspires me with other people. For me in life, I've always followed my heart and intuition positively . I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Test at all but my personality type is INFP. There are many people who share this personality type such as John Lennon, George Orwell and Jim Henson. Of course there are differences in indivisual life experience, zodiac, numerology, even something I read about a theory of INFP-a vs INFP-t. In order words, I read a lot. This is NOT for some college degree, but self-education. When it comes to the internet, self-education is something I STRONGLY RECOMMEND which to my surprise is quite rare for many people and I don't know if this is a generational thing or what ( I don't mean to be ageist. ) . INFPs are considered to be the lightworkers of personality types , also known as the " Idealists " . There are certain personality types that many well known influentual individuals share which I find such pattern and theory interesting. But relating to influential people, everyone's message of unconditional love , light and peace are taught differently. Some is simple philosophy while others tend to do it by challenging authoritarian beliefs of the past which most certainly shows during the 1960s civil rights movement era. Most people from the 1960s / 1970s era were a part of the Silent Generation , perhaps some older people of the Baby Boomer generation. There's more that went on in the 1960s than most people knew. Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA used to be common. Chicago Seven Trail for example. A point I want to make is Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA is NOT Violent itself and Trump / Media / Politicians are demonizing it. It's a political philosophy based on science that people are better off living in PHILOSOPHY and Horizontal association ( like how you would treat your friends and family ) instead of HIERARCHY. For more information, here's a good resource for general information. http://anarchism.pageabode.com/afaq/index.html ANTIFA are self-defence groups of minorities , leftists and allies who protect themselves and others like them from dangerous criminals MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW EXIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgwS_FMZ3nQ . I personally am non-violent but understand the reasons for self-defense. We fear what we don't understand but once we understand something, that fear goes away. According to FBI . gov , NON-Violent Anarchism IS LEGAL as it should be. But remember that there are SOME influential people who have FBI files but that doesn't mean they are dangerous criminals and devils in human skin. For example , https://changingworld.com/all-my-heroes-have-fbi-files-postcard-how-many-can-you-name-click-to-read-more-tupac-shakur-bob-dylan-albert-einstein-john-lennon-malcolm-x-janis-joplin-jane-fonda-abbie-hoffman-martin-luther-king.html.html and https://changingworld.com/all-my-heroes-have-fbi-files-version-2-postcard.html.html . To liberals , this is the ONLY left-wing political philosophy that either exists or it's legit. In conclusion , when it comes to fear , we have either a fight or flight reaction. Perhaps this is related to past personal experiences in our life's past. In a world where people keep things private and worry what other people think of them, we tend to forget the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE ! That's what Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA IS REALLY AND TRULY ABOUT ! Liberty - Equality and Solidarity . As a Spiritual Anarchist, I like to say that in life we are working on ourselves ( Personal and Spiritual Growth , Liberty - Equality and Solidarity ) as well as trying to understand the world around us ( Unity and Class Consciousness , Mind - Body & Soul ). We are fighting each other , hating each other , fearing each other, and separating each other , and some even losing friends out of fear which could easily be resolved. We fear what we don't understand but once we understand something , the fear goes away. One of the things that I'm grateful for currently and relating to Pride Month at the time I'm writing this is the slow mass understanding of LGBTQ+ people. But there's still work that needs to be done. Majority vs Minority creates divide and conquer ( rich people are a totally different story by the way, rich as in Trump rich. ) . As a Transgender Woman , as someone who was diagnosed all through my life with Asperger's Syndrome , PTSD , etc , I am one of the oppressed minorities. I can not change to look and think normal for other people. over 10 years ago before I came out, I was extremely depressed and sad. I had to literally run away from a toxic abusive father so I can live a happy life with the help of my mother. I had a Transgender Woman friend of mine who unfortunately killed herself in 2013 who was very funny , spiritual , and smart. She told me that you have two choices in life. You can either live in the bondage of fear or you can follow your heart and stand your truth even if the whole world hates you for following your heart and living life in love. Many of the most influential people in this world were killed and slandered by authority for bringing peace to the world. John Lennon , Martin Luther King Jr , Gandhi , and Jesus. My friend didn't kill herself because she was Trans ( as the right would say promoting their transphobia ) , my friend couldn't get work because of discrimination against Transgender people. She was living out of her car. She had people who wanted to hurt her , she felt trapped. :( See the difference between love vs fear ? Soul vs Ego ? Living life in love vs letting fear control you ? Life can be hell, but there are people out there who want to make the world a better place. Even though people maybe using praxis / methods that I personally wouldn't do or agree with , the goal is to help make the world the better place. But I think there's a lot of people who need to think outside the box and see things from a different perspective in order to see the good that is there instead of the negative press that is given. Those in power can make a good person look evil easily because they have power and most of us don't. That's the other thing Anarchists / Leftists / ANTIFA wants the world to know. I listen to my heart and intuition . Another World Is Possible , World Peace Is Possible, the big question is , are people serious about it or would people rather feel safe with what they already know ? Life to me is about growth as I mentioned earlier. Personal and Spiritual Growth. The truth can set you free, but it could piss you off first. No catch , no regrets , just philosophy. And before I got into Anarchism , I knew that I was much more interested in philosophy and spirituality instead of mainstream politics anyways. Peace to you all. :) _ Erica

P.S. What’s going on with the riots I think is related to Insurrectionary / Post Left Anarchism and not necessarily Libertarian Socialism / Anarchy-Communism - Spiritual - Philosophical - Cultural - Pacifist Anarchism which is what I stand for.

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