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Ok, I watched Muppets Haunted Mansion . #MuppetsHauntedMansion

Pros : Crowd Scenes. Muppet fans know all of the characters and where they are from. If not, we look them up on Muppet Wiki.

BEST : Creepy aging Gonzo puppet ( hilarious and creative ) / Brian Henson returns / Muppets Tonight character cameos

Also a special cameo of https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Dog_(Bunny_Picnic) #JimHensonBirthday . ( I wish they didn’t add Dog noises though , he talks ! ) The advancement of puppetry filmmaking.

Also the fact that Dave Golez is the only original Muppet Performer still performing their original character for the most part. And it has a great powerful message about personal and spiritual growth and facing Karma which is absolutely wonderful. The heart filled writing was the best in the writing and the plot was good but I do think the humor needed work, the music needed work, and it was kind of too scary for The Muppets in my opinion. 

Cons : I love creepy, not scary. I much prefer funny. ( and I was laughing the whole time when I seen creepy aging Gonzo by the way, I LOVED THAT ! lol Even though it wasn’t intentionally meant to be funny, I have a creative / satirical sense of humor. ) 

PEPE IS ANNOYING ! ( except Muppets Tonight ).

Despite Kirk Thatcher & Jim Lewis’ , and even Brian Henson’s involvement , like Bill Prady’s involvement with the ABC The Muppets sitcom , there’s a difference between the past and the present works. I’m a fan of the Jim Henson era / 1990s Jim Henson Productions era. The humor, music quality and puppet building was better in my opinion.

It has it’s moments to skip through and enjoy. It is slightly better than everything else that came out of the Disney era Muppets for the most part ( except the web show From The Balcony which I thought was funny and close to Muppets Tonight in terms of humor ).