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Posted by officialericcrooks - 1 month ago




Posted by officialericcrooks - 1 month ago

 Happy Pride 2021 Everyone !


The Erica Crooks Show has been bringing LGBTQ+ awareness since 2007 / 2008 through out the satirical show from satirizing bigotry, promoting equality and awareness, especially Non-Binary.

Also Erica Crooks is a Non-Binary Transgender Lesbian Woman. :)

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Posted by officialericcrooks - June 24th, 2021

I'm guessing that these Statler and Waldorf heads are from Muppets Tonight. At least from the mid-late 1990s era.


At this time whenever people find things like this, I don't know why people can't just donate them to the Jim Henson / Muppet exhibits at the museums.

The Museum of The Moving Image, Center of Puppetry Arts ( Atlanta, GA ), Smithsonian, Birthplace of The Frog Museum in Leland MS, or the traveling Jim Henson exhibitions.

It just makes sense for someone to do that.


Posted by officialericcrooks - March 15th, 2021


It's sad that Pepe Le Pew has been officially announced as retired / banned by Warner Bros. He's a satirical character. He's a romantic who's probably watched many romantic movies and read many romance novels but lacks experience in relationships and no one ever told him about boundaries, consent, respect, etc.

Today's culture seems different. Satire & Slapstick Comedy doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be.

I love it because I feel artistically and creatively that it relates to this quote.

" Art Should Disturb The Comfortable And Comfort The Disturbed. "

I don't think any of this reinforces crime and abuse. It's satire. But culture is different now. It's very commodity focused rather than about life in my opinion.

Not everything is for everyone, not everyone can find this kind of humor healing. We all heal differently. Spiritually, through music, etc.

The world needs love, but we live in a world of hate, fear, sadness & pain unfortunately.

I don't think reform, commodifying, trusting people in power is going to solve anything. Fred Hampton talked about Class Conscious. The root cause of all political problems has the same pattern which is hierarchical power over others. If people got along horizontally socially, the world would be a better place. And when people live happier lives, people can laugh more. :)

Still, satire sometimes needs to do it's duty because that's what satire does. And satire is often a misunderstood art form.


Posted by officialericcrooks - March 14th, 2021



It's been an interesting week. I was wondering how would Miss Piggy & Pepe Le Pew respond to the Cancel Culture controversies surrounding them. ;) I'm very happy that the originals are available on the streaming services but unfortunately there's people reacting to them negatively. There's this strong demand for "positive media representation" in characters. And to me, this explains why many favorites in pop culture history aren't as good as the originals in my opinion. Many comedy characters were satirical. But today, people think such characters are negatively reinforcing crime & abuse. And unfortunately, it's nothing new because satire has always been controversial & misunderstood. And the thing is satire and slapstick comedy has been apart of cartoons and puppetry just as long as the art form's existence in history. To me, it's artist tradition. I wish there was more cultural appreciation. But instead, art is looked at as a commodity, instead of what art and entertainment really is about. A reflection on life and the hard working, creative and talented people behind it as well as the fun and love they put into what they love to do. :)


Posted by officialericcrooks - February 20th, 2021

One of my favorite parts about Jim Henson : The Biography by Brian Jay Jones is how it mentions that Jim Henson took the MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Test ) & resulted as " Idealist " ( aka INFP ) . As an INFP myself, I find this accurate. :) 

Check out Jim Henson : The Biography by Brian Jay Jones right here.



Posted by officialericcrooks - December 6th, 2020


Nothing beats some holiday classics.

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Posted by officialericcrooks - December 1st, 2020

When it comes to buying digital movies, out of all main platforms, I usually stick with iTunes ( which is now Apple TV ) and the reason why is that the videos are downloadable which are quicktime files and through a quicktime player, especially animation, you can study the frames in detail. And if you don't have room on your computer, no problem, you can delete the video file and it's still in your library because it's on a cloud. Amazon doesn't do this. It's strictly on their video player only. Even though Streaming is very popular, I still recommend this as well as digital video ( and DVDs ) , especially when it comes to studying animation, film, etc. #animation


Posted by officialericcrooks - October 24th, 2020


There’s nothing scarier than hierarchy.

The Erica Crooks Show : The Best of Halloween related sketches 2006 - 2017



The Erica Crooks Show : Season 13 ( 2020 )

featuring The 2020 special " PICK YOUR PUPPET ! THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED ! "


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Posted by officialericcrooks - October 9th, 2020

The BritBox Spitting Image Problem

 American Networks decided no to Spitting Image out of

 “ Nervousness “ ( aka probably out of fear of being sued ) . 

What’s interesting is how 3 Spitting Image specials for NBC 

were shown in the 1980s made by the original crew for the most part, 

especially the original writers. Eventually NBC replaced any future deals 

with Spitting Image with D.C. Follies 

because the humor was more American and not as harsh as Spitting Image.

BritBox Spitting Image according to what I can see

 from the first episode seems Pro-Liberal.

So if this says something, it says America would want 

Spitting Image to be more like D.C. Follies.

I have reviewed the promo videos for BritBox Spitting Image 

and after seeing the trailer and the first episode, 

my opinion hasn’t change all that much.

BritBox Spitting Image is a disappointment, it’s commodified and Americanized.

Instead of being Leftist leaning like Spitting Image and even Les Guignols De L’info, the show is strongly pro-liberalism.

BritBox Spitting Image is like 1990s Spitting Image except commodified and Americanized for whatever is 

acceptable on mainstream media now a days. So it doesn’t matter that it’s exclusively for a streaming platform.

Familiar caricatures from the past seem different from how they appeared in the original series.

All the characterizations seem to be more silly and cautious observations rather than harsh and truthful.

Even the Prince Andrew situation is being treated rather cautiously.

In fact, the opening sketch with Andy in the first episode closely resembles the running gag sketches of

Piers Morgan on Headcases where Piers would be talking towards the camera and then something painful happens to him.

Like 1990s Spitting Image, it focuses more on being a parody comedy show rather than a political satire. Even to the point of shock 

and gross out gags for the sake of it and even punching down ( as far as Liberalism would allow ).

The politicians are just seen as ignorant people who are bad at their job rather than being rich bastards who’s only job

 is lying and making sure they don’t get caught.

The sketches are more extended in length and the humor isn’t fast pace, filled with puns and word play, and

 not much confrontation in a Punch and Judy fashion like the original.

In fact the slapstick in BritBox Spitting Image seems to be coming more from a certain character doing something 

ignorant usually toward themselves for the most part.

It does seem like a lot of the comedy is very cautious and very pro-liberalism instead of Leftist leaning which 

Spitting Image used to be known for as well as Les Guignols De L’info.

Stock puppets are slightly modeled after previous puppets from the series but slightly redesigned probably out 

of fear of being sued for not going credit to the original artists for certain designs.

 Another way to describe BritBox Spitting Image is that the humor is very mild and cautious,

especially with it’s slapstick comedy.

I’ll admit that seeing the silly moments do have potential of being funny,

but they seem very mild.

So again, it does feel commodified because 1980s Spitting Image

had several kinds of humor happening harmoniously and it was more fast pace.

The only way I can really describe the blandness is that it’s commodified and Americanized.

And it’s different compared to the 1980s original.

1990s Spitting Image also seems closer to the 1980s in comparison to

BritBox Spitting Image which is like 1990s Spitting Image but MORE distant from the original.

And like the 1990s, BritBox Spitting Image seems to be making the same mistakes.

It’s not just Spitting Image, this kind of commodified rebooting / reviving

happens ALL THE TIME in the entertainment industry.

But there’s always something wonderful about the originals that’s never present in the

remakes which are more often then not made by new teams of people with

different motives.

BritBox Spitting Image is not the rebellious pro-Leftist political satire 

that worked within the system like it used to be but instead this liberal commodified 

clone that closely resembles 1990s Spitting Image but humor is similar to current 

popular adult animation that isn’t very clever like Family Guy.

If there’s anything good to say about it, it would be the puppets but I can already 

see by the quality of the show itself that the budget is very low.

If there’s any similarity to the original 1980s Spitting Image, it would just be the caricatured puppets, 

caricature design style, familiar looking stock puppets, and the name of the show.


Spitting Image was much more than that.

Check out the video version right here.


( Fair Use / Fandom expressed opinion / educational historic purposes )

BritBox Spitting Image Promo Video Essay :


What made the original 1980s Spitting Image special video essay


What caused Spitting Image to decline and get cancelled in the 1990s


Leftist Politics & Spitting Image blog video


Original review of BritBox Spitting Image Series 1, Episode 1


Review version 2


#SpittingImage #RogerLaw #BritBox #SpittingImagePuppets 

#popculturereviews #puppetry #satire #britishcomedy #popculture

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