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Posted by officialericcrooks - January 1st, 2024

Happy News Year 2024 Everyone !

Posted by officialericcrooks - December 5th, 2023

In this day and age of A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence ),

When I think about the Dudley Moore episode of The Muppet Show, it's almost like they predicted the future. 😅


Dudley Moore through out the episode shows off the latest in music technology known as M.A.M.M.A. ( Music and Mood Management Apparatus ). Which looks like an A.I. robot in the parody form of Star Wars' R2D2 ( Ironically, Star Wars did guest star on The Muppet Show ).


Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem 

https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Dr._Teeth_and_the_Electric_Mayhem are told to "take five" ( which they mistaken as playing the Dave Brubeck jazz hit song ). They were told to leave as they are replaced with M.A.M.M.A.

Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem go up to M.A.M.M.A. to mock it.

Dr. Teeth : Would you believe this? It's a musical garbage can.

Floyd : Playin' musical garbage. ( laughs ) 

Dr. Teeth : It ain't got that swing when it's played by a thing.

Floyd : Still you will note, that it is being played, and nobody bein' paid.

Dr. Teeth : True, true.

Floyd : Jive.

Even Animal is angry. He tried to attack M.A.M.M.A. and even Dudley Moore through out the episode.

It's one of my favorite episodes. :)

What's also ironic is how we live at a time where "the last and final" Beatles track used A.I., and this episode starts with a funny and weird tribute to The Beatles featuring alien like bug Muppets. ;)


Posted by officialericcrooks - August 27th, 2023

Arleen Sorkin ( the original Harley Quinn ) RIP 😢


Posted by officialericcrooks - June 19th, 2023

The rights of the people should be heard, especially when it comes to the internet. #savetheinternet #netneutrality Internet capitalism dominates the internet / social media & becomes centralized. Internet / technology IS EXPENSIVE ENOUGH ! INTERNET IS A RIGHT FOR ALL ! #internet #socialmedia


Posted by officialericcrooks - June 3rd, 2023

Some LGBTQ+ Fraggle Rock connections I've noticed.

The Odd Old Man I think mentioned something about having a husband but quickly corrected it to wife ?


In Episode 307: Home Is Where the Trash, During the Traveling Matt postcard segment where he in surrounded by trash, an actual Canadian newspaper is in front of him which the headline mentions something about Gay priests. I remember looking it up and it's an actual newspaper.

Also this episode to me seem like Trans awareness symbolically. https://muppet.fandom.com/.../Episode_203:_The_Trash_Heap... But those are my thoughts from what I know regarding Fraggle Rock relating to LGBTQ+ within the show. As well as this episode too. https://muppet.fandom.com/.../Episode_507:_Gone,_But_Not... 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Happy Pride Month ! 🙂

Posted by officialericcrooks - May 24th, 2023


#FireDavidZaslav #strike #WGA #sagaftra #AnimationGuild #workingclassheros #WarnerBros #WarnerBrosDiscovery #politicalsatire #animation #satire #hollywood #entertainmentindustry #indiefilm #generalstrike #protest #parody #art #union

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Posted by officialericcrooks - May 23rd, 2023

According to the last time I've checked, " fair use " still exists ! Fair use of copyright law ! Education, freedom of research, commentary, etc. Freedom of expression, speech & the press. THAT INCLUDES THE INTERNET ! It's not just for rich capitalists ! #savetheinternet #fairuse


Posted by officialericcrooks - May 22nd, 2023

As an artist, I find discovery very important. It can come in many different ways. From official distribution to fandom word of mouth. This also inspires future artists too.


Posted by officialericcrooks - May 17th, 2023


It's International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia ( including non-binary, etc ). Might as well include all marginalized people. Especially when there are LGBTQ+ who are as well. I'm a non-binary, autistic / neurodivergent transgender lesbian woman.

And when it comes to fighting against hate crime, this unfortunately includes inside LGBTQ+ pride communities as well.

LGBTQ+ and any marginalized people, they have the same problems white cishet men do.

Narcissists can be anywhere. 

Despite biological / cultural differences, we all generally want the same thing.

The world needs love, but we live in a world of hate, fear, sadness & pain.

We all want a life of our desires. We all want nothing but good in life.

We want freedom & peace.

If everyone in the world came to that realization, we can finally have world peace. Life would be simple, not complex with authoritarian hierarchical power systems including capitalism, etc.

As we all know, for now, we only got one planet and we are all sharing it together.


_ Erica



Posted by officialericcrooks - May 14th, 2023

There are two kinds of artists. Capitalists & those doing their best surviving the evils of capitalism, are aware of the evils of capitalism, & care about the art & artists MORE than capitalism ! ART IS ARTISTIC EXPRESSION ! NOT JUST YOUR TRASH COMMODITY ! #capitalismkillsart