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Anarch & Satire NOT Bad Energy

Posted by officialericcrooks - December 12th, 2018

One of the things I often talk about my blogs is Anarchism and Spirituality. 

If you're interested in more of my blog posts , check out the following.






Here's my blog post where I talk about how Anarchy and Satire are NOT Bad spiritually


I’m here to explain my defence on Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism as well as being a satirist in terms of how it is a force of love instead of a force of fear and hate.


As you might already know , since 2016 I have been working on something other then the content that I create meaning my Twin Flame Union. And the only way Twin Flames can get together is if they are in 5D vibrational energy 24/7 meaning being happy.

And perhaps I am at least what I’m aware of consciously , however if you’ve read my book https://www.officialericcrooks.com/adults-get-bullied-too.html relating to the abuse I’ve received from 4 people in 2009 , can you blame me if I admitted that I have a mild case of PTSD ( stress / anxiety / depression ) ?


Sure anyone who’s a sociopath would eat that up like a shark to a fish.

But don’t you know that some of the greatest minds have gone through similar stuff ?


Rachel Maddow ( has depression ) , Libertarian Socialist Rants opened up as well as Non-Compete and ContraPoints , and even the final moments of Jim Henson’s and Tex Avery’s life .

How can I judge , I can’t , if anything , I send my love to them spiritually ( aka ME TOO ! ) .


There’s LGBTQ+ people especially transgender people who commit suicide and or got murdered. Ever heard of The Brendan Teena Story that got turned into a movie “ Boys Don’t Cry “ ?


I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. Sometimes I feel The Law of Attraction is taught wrong in terms of simplifying it too much and even marketing it towards people who accept this hierarchical system as normal.


Sure we can manifest money out of thin air , but Bob Proctor has said that he doesn’t believe that.


But here’s a point I’d like to make.


Am I hypocritical ? Do I say one thing and do another ?

Is Anarchism and Satire negative energy ?


I don’t think so , so let’s talk about this some more shall we ?



Say if a doctor liked this patient , and this patient was diagnosed with Cancer and this doctor gets triggered negatively because they feel bad for this patient. Maybe they are even an empath ? What should this doctor do ?

( 1. Be polite to them and get a job as a doctor somewhere else so they don’t hurt the patient’s feelings and at the same time get away from negative energy all together ?

OR ….

( 2. Take personal responsibility for their emotional reaction and do some shadow work. And as soon as they have self-helped themselves spiritually , they will get strength and get back to work.


The doctor could either focus on the sadness of the patient or visualize through The Law of Attraction how happy they will feel for the patient that they helped them with a form of treatment for their cancer that works for now.


Now let me explain something about myself. Now say someone seen my work officialericcrooks.com and thought my satire or promoting anarchism was very offensive and they want to stop me out , well like the book title “ What you think of me is none of my business “ .

In other words , I’m not saying don’t listen to constructive criticism. I’m just saying know your sources in terms of where they are coming from. Do they get what you are trying to do and do they know of a better approach ? You have the choice to agree or disagree because you know you more than anyone else. You are not hurting yourself or anyone so no problem. However these critics beg to differ.


Again if you intentionally or unintentionally triggered them , this is something that they need to take responsibility like the doctor example that I just gave.



Now having a Twin Flame is slightly different. On one hand , perhaps there’s inner demons that my Twin Flame needs to face. But perhaps I do too ! Meaning building more and more self confidence relating to romantic relationships .

Starting next year , the last relationship I ever had was 9 years ago and I’m still a virgin.

So maybe that says something that I need to get some more confidence , maybe.

When it comes to Twin Flames , there’s unconscious karma from past lives and the whole point is , just keep up your high vibration meaning “ Think Positive “ as much as you can.



Now here’s something interesting. On the one hand there’s the individual responsibility which is taught in New Thought Spirituality Law of Attraction as Like energy attracts like energy through just thoughts and feelings.


However , anyone could use Law of Attraction. A Capitalist Hierarchical Authoritarian Totalitarian Fascist Bully could even use Law of Attraction , and think what they are doing is positive because it makes them feel good hurting innocent people.

However they are still in a low 3D vibrational energy. And Karma will kick them in the butt some how.


Likewise , There could be someone who believes in Law of Attraction that’s liberal even though they are apolitical. But here’s the point I’d like to make.



Saying that Law of Attraction on an individualist perspective could be your Game Genie , However not everyone would seem interested in knowing the truth around them.


The Teachers of The Secret are pretty much pro-capitalism . And what’s strange is there’s this right wing vibe I get from some teachers when it comes to capitalism , and from 2012 - 2017 , I believed it unfortunately. OH people are homeless because they are sad but once they use The Law of Attraction , they won’t be poor anymore.


On one hand , the vibrational energy of like attracts like is true , at least to me. Because most people don’t know about Law of Attraction but it works for everyone because of what’s on their mind.


OK , so is Anarchism negative ?

I don’t think so. I feel the soul is liberating and most New Thought / New Age Spiritual People and Empaths will agree and call anything that’s not made of love as human blockages that need to go away.


So what I’m trying to say is , If we keep up this individualist mindset that negative people are like that because they choose to stay negative , that’s only part of the problem ok NOT ALL OF IT !


Abraham Hicks once said that the victim who was murdered somehow attracted it with their fear and the disaster before hand was in vibrational match to such fearful thoughts.


So let’s translate this another way. Those who are brainwashed by the hierarchical system we live in ( The State , Capitalism , Fundamentalist Right Wing Religion , Dictators , Fascism , Right Wing politics and it’s voting supporters , etc ) is a vibrational match because people allowed themselves to be brainwashed without seeing the truth of what was going on. Same goes with Narcissistic Supply or people who believe in Trump’s hateful lies.


However If we liberate from that knowing the truth that hierarchy is unjustified and therefore needs to go , is that negative ?



So , what should we do about it ?



Here’s the unfortunate thing about life.

When you were a kid , I’m sure you’ve watched movies where at the very end the villain becomes good at the end.

And of course with this holiday season at the time I’m writing this ,

The Christmas Carol and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas are also examples of that.

And perhaps that is what we all wish in our hearts , we all wish it can be that simple.


“ Trump , what you are saying is not nice. “ “ I know , I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more understanding and watch myself before I make inappropriate actions like I am. “


Nope , Trump isn’t like that. Lol



However here’s another thing New Thought / New Age Spiritual people and empaths as well as Anarchists can agree upon , The problem is the who but the what !


Anarchists call it hierarchy , Spiritual people call it low vibrational frequency negative energy.


Same thing.






Whatever you call it , it does not feel good , you know in your mind / body / soul that it’s not right and it needs to stop !




But how ?



Well that’s where the different prospectives come about.



( 1. Black Blocks / Antifa go out and kick ass because they are as angry as hell and they want to show this to everyone that “ NO , IT IS NOT OKAY ! WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! WE WANT TO GOVERN OURSELVES AND IF YOU TRY TO STOP US , YOU WILL GET HURT ! AND IF YOU HURT MY LIKE MINDED PEOPLE , YOUR GOING TO GET THE PAIN BACK TWICE AS HARD ! “


( 2. A Satirist can have a similar anger , but they know with their creative talent they can bring awareness , kick the piss out of those who deserve it , and heal with laughter and or entertainment to their fellow like minded people. “ Art Should Disturb The Comfortable , And Comfort The Disturbed. “

As well as doing a similar situation like the teachers of The Secret except not being a capitalist about it and bringing awareness to the people. “Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use TO Change The World.” _ Nelson Mandela .

This is where I’m at *


( 3. You can ignore anything that’s not relating to you because that’s their problem and not yours and your just gong to focus on creating your own life. ( This is the vibe that I’m getting from a lot of teachers of Law of Attraction ) .






But here’s the thing. I have a heart for my like minded people , and when I can not be of practical use , I send my love to spiritually. I do want to see an Anarchist Society and a 5D Earth because such political / philosophical principles I strongly agree too and makes sense to me more than the hierarchical system we are all slaved to.

New Thought / New Age Spirituality is right in terms of us having the ability to create our own happiness in life just by keeping up a great mode and being a satirist having a sense of humor can be a great survival tool !


And if New Thought / New Age Spiritual People disagree with me , then what about the Heyoka Empath ? https://www.think-aboutit.com/7-signs-of-a-sacred-clown-heyoka-wisdom-the-healing-trickster-shaman/



What about Anti-Capitalist New Ager’s who are left wing and are aware of The New World Order ( similar to what Anarchists know ) ?





What about Old Souls , Starseeds , etc ?



Lightworkers who are mad as hell but have a strong loving heart ?



Are these connected strongly to INFPs ? Are INFPs Lightworkers With a Mission ?




So as you can clearly see , there’s more than what most New Age / New Thought Spiritual People are teaching.





As well as how politics don’t want you to know that there’s more than two choices politically.





Negativity is just WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BAD ,




And what makes you feel crappy , perhaps others don’t feel the same way or they are indifferent about it.


But on a Law of Attraction point of view , it really depends on the individual.


As for Twin Flames out there , Cassady Cayne already pointed out that Twin Flames have the key , it’s just about forgiving your Twin Flame from whatever they did to hurt you and just enjoy the feeling of love , even if it’s telepathy. If that’s how I meet my Twin Flame , that’s probably how I’m going to Unite with my Twin Flame.


Great website by the way.




So in conclusion , no I do not think Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism and Satire is negative energy. To me , it speaks to me and my like minded people on a spiritual way.


Perhaps it’s good to meditate and shield our energy every once in awhile. We’re all in this together. You are not alone .


_ Erica





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