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Popularity : When Quality & Truth isn't Viral

Posted by officialericcrooks - December 17th, 2018

Popularity : When Quality & Truth isn’t Viral


It’s amazing that ever since my Kundalini / Spiritual Awakening in spring 2016 when I meet my Twin Flame face to face even though we are still in Twin Flame Ascension working towards Twin Flame Union ,

One thing spirit kept reminding me of that most New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers and gurus won’t admit is “ Negative Energy is thoughts that make you feel bad , not the subject because the perception of a subject depends on the reaction of the individual not the subject itself. “



Also Satire and Anarchism isn’t bad Karma within itself.




There’s a common set of traits when it comes to going viral on the internet , like business articles and such will tell you , a lot of it is very basic “ Quality , Be Human , Bring about something original , etc “

So why isn’t the MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Test included into this discussion ? )



Perhaps there’s some personality types that are Born This Way where others develop due to say society / authoritarian upbringing.


So does that mean types like INFP is pure ?




I’ve noticed an interesting pattern when it comes to today’s mainstream entertainment and types such as ESFP and perhaps even ESTP .


Is this related to a sensor majority world ?




Or does hierarchy take advantage of sensors for being the majority ?




Is it all a part of the mainstream media or what ?




Or is this related to personality type alone ?




The point I want to make here is this.


First why do you want to be popular , why do you want to be famous ?


Sometimes people have fame and fortunate hand and hand.

Some only take the fortune like the bastards who rule over us ,

Some want the fame.


But is the fame to boost someone’s Ego ?




OR is fame a tool to help benefit the good of world ?




There’s nothing wrong with positive content.

But the problem with liberal ideology is it’s about “ Thinking positive of hierarchy “.

As one who practices New Thought / New Age Spirituality , I get that .

But sometimes liberalism takes it too far being pro capitalism ,

And interferes with TRUE teachings of The Secret “ Law of Attraction “ .


Saying that anything that isn’t happy will manifest back to you.

But what if Horror Movies makes you happy ?

Then you got them by the crotch at that point.


Because the ruling class can use law of attraction for their benefit.

Terrorists can kill innocent people and be ok themselves because they feel good hurting innocent people , no skin of their back.

Their Ego is so solid that no spiritual awakening can pass through their stubbornness of cruelty. Unless , something triggers them emotionally.

Hurt people , hurt people.



One thought I had on my mind this morning is ,

In 2012 - 2014

I seen Bob Proctor as a genius .

When you have a wealthy mindset and your an artist ,

By Law of Attraction , you can take on this darn world.


In 2017 ,

I feel bad for Bob Proctor.

If he realized that capitalism is crap ,

He can still teach the same thing but using

Anarcho-Communism with Law of Attraction

And Innovated wisdom instead.



But what makes something popular ?



It really depends on personality type.




Hierarchy has brainwashed people into accepting the status quo.


Labels like “ REAL WORLD “ has one people.


That’s why people would rather watch people falling down on their butt and go boom then learning that Soul is more powerful than the Fear driven Karma known as Hierarchy.






_ Erica



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