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New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 1st, 2019

Law of Attraction , Twin Flames , Anarchism , New Thought / New Age Spirituality Anarchism

New Age / New Thought Spiritual Anarchism , In defense of


It’s quite obvious that most Anarchists are atheists / anti-religious. However something that’s poked my attention in recent times is perhaps Anarchists against The Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality . There’s already been spit against it , calling it pseudoscience and so forth. And lots of people wanting to force spirituality under a microscope in a battle of which one is more logically accurate ? I personally do not understand why the theories such as Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism , Personality Type Science such as MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Types / Numerology / Astrology , and New Thought / New Age Spirituality can’t all just work together ? To me that’s like saying to destroy every single TV and film from the past because it’s not specifically anarchist culture instead of conserving it as a product of it’s time or even destroying things from a museum regardless of it’s nature.

That’s like destroying Hitler’s book until it no longer exist , we should use it as reference of study so people would recognize it for what it really is which is just a book filled with bad ideas and brainwashing. Now I’m not saying Anarchists would do that , I’m just pointing some areas of my interest that I think should be saved post-revolution.

Likewise what I’ve mentioned above.

The best thing that I can say that Law of Attraction is not fake is because I have meet my Twin Flame face to face , I have documented and remembered every single moment of paranormal activity I have witnessed and all I’m saying is if something is mysterious and unknown by science , why is this within itself hierarchical ?


I think the conformity of saying all things must be proven within it’s logic only is hierarchical.

It’s hierarchical to force people into religion out of fear and teach people lies which would result to people conforming to scare tactics of going to hell as well as hating those that differ from them. New Age / New Thought does not do that.

New Age / New Thought Spirituality is much more deeper than what is taught in The Secret. There’s Twin Flames , Heyoka , Starseed , old souls , etc.

And even I have questioned if all three subjects above are nothing more but INFP utopia which would only matter to INFPs and like minded personality types.

Yes of course I believe all three could benefit humanity as a whole but an open question I want to point out is , is it just because I’m INFP ?


Through out my blogs and everything , I have pointed out similarities between New Age / New Thought Spirituality and Anarchism. A debate that such paranormal mysteriousness from Twin Flames to Spirit Guides and telepathy can be debated , but the end result could only go by one’s opinion. Because New Thought / New Age Spirituality to me is not hierarchical at all. I think Law of Attraction can be very useful to helping out a social revolution that much peacefully and who’s to say that it hasn’t during the 1960s where both were pretty much hand and hand !

The only reason why John Lennon became a different guy according to his final interviews was probably because of hidden fear / depression he was probably hiding with denial and energy.

Seriously, John Lennon talking about how proud he is himself cooking for himself and ripping on socialists ? Abbie Hoffman mentioned during his final years he believed that John Lennon was just being a goodie goodie leaving his actual thoughts and feelings about being a socialist out during his final years due to the fear that the Government will come after him again.

There was a story from his late agent / manager / whatever about how John Lennon got pissed off at this guy’s Communist uncle which may not have been true as well as a friendship with Ronald Regan and this guy himself being one of those at Burkley University being an anti-war protester , I’ve heard he stool things from Lennon all the time.


So as Woodstock as well as many other awesome things from 1969 marks their 50th anniversary such as Sesame Street , Scooby Doo , and of course Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Just don’t forget the 1960s !


Yes I have heard about New Age Politics and of course how the right can use The New World Order against people , and ok perhaps leftist prospectives of NWO is just iNtuitive candy but perhaps it guided me to Anarchism.


But to say that Spirituality is just as Hierarchical as say Westboro Baptist Church , I strongly disagree 100% !


Why can’t someone be a spiritual lightwkrker and an Anarchist !

Religious Anarchists exist so why not those who are for Law of Attraction , 5D Earth , etc ?


I for one can always defend that Twin Flames and Telepathy do exist. I have a solid 12 years experience !


Finally I just want to point out that yes Law of Attraction can be a challenge.

But it is not in any means brainwashing nonsense created by the interests of the hierarchical ruling classes.

Yes there are people who believe in New Thought / New Age Spirituality that are centrists ( for the most part unfortunately ) and even capitalists like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soul for The Soul Fame.

But for the most part they are left politically even if they are liberal or right-wing libertarian.


Just because there are people like that , doesn’t mean dismiss spirituality all together !



The stuff on this website relating to Twin Flames I can stand up and say , yes , I am experiencing this !

And I have been 9 years before finding this information which I can finally put it into words !



I have drawings relating to perditions that might be slightly off accuracy of what my Twin Flame looks like which is the very young Bob Dylan , a spitting image of the young Bob Dylan like what he looked like on the covers of his first two albums in the early 1960s.

But in the form of a Butch Lesbian that would wear trendy outfits today and sort of a modern moderate subtle hipster / gangsta fashion .


The reason why Law of Attraction is rough is because spiritually we need to let go of our inner limitations and help our self esteem. So it’s a spiritual method of that as well as a way to accurately attract miracles and opportunities. You don’t know how and we can attract through our thoughts that either feel good or feel bad.


It’s like a doctor can worry about getting cancer which can manifest that onto them or they can think positively of doing research with the hope and faith that cancer will be gone.


And if people did their research , perhaps people can see the similarities within

New Thought / New Age Spirituality and Anarchism.


It shouldn’t be a fight of who’s better , but a spiritual tool from within to help the without.


_ Erica



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