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Thumbs Down Culture

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 3rd, 2019



Thumbs Down , This Sucks , So Unhappy



I’d like to talk about this “ Thumbs Down “ culture.

Or perhaps dare I say it the “ Me , Myself & I “ culture. And what I mean by that is more on the lines of narcissism and self centeredness appose to say people having a healthy non-ego focused self esteem love for their self and individuality.

One of my favorite episodes of the satirical puppet show “ Dinosaurs “ did an episode slamming Government and State http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/The_Great_Potato ,

In the episode the Sinclair men ( ironically ) were sent to the Counsel of Elders to be punished for asking questions relating to “ What is the meaning of life ? “ . After passing a Jesus Christ type Dinosaur , he gets passed because Earl finds his philosophical message complicated and Baby hates him because he “ DOESN’T HAVE A HAT ! “

Then the Government decides to answer The Meaning of Life by throwing out easy answers as an excuse for POWER over OTHERS !

See why this is one of my all time favorite satires of all time. ;) lol


This very political satire can relate to day’s world 20 years later.

But I’m not talking about the subject or religion.

I’m taking about right wing idiots who have nothing else better to do but continue to be brainwashed by lies that dominate their life and pick on people that differ from them because in their mind , they seem inferior .


Yes I do bring up my book Adults Get Bullied Too !


I might as well write a sequel because this kind of evil doesn’t end with low lives picking on people who are happy.




And it doesn’t even end at Trump , Fox News , 4Chan / 8Chan , etc


It’s most certainly an epidemic of FEAR !


We can ignore them , but Karma is going to kick them where it hurts one way or another !

Perhaps in a sense , is tough love.



Perhaps a question is just how do we all keep up our forgiveness to people

Who need the most love but deserve it the least ?

Perhaps if we see everyone as children , not as adults.

We can pin-point those who had abusive horror parents , and those who have had the most damage perhaps end up either the most depressed or the most aggressive.




Anarchists know this hierarchical system sides with them.

These bullies know they can get away with it.

But instead of taking a break , they continue to hurt innocent people.

And ANTIFA get the blame .

The Left get blamed by the Right all the time , especially when it comes to New World Order Conspiracy Theories.


Someday Love will conquer hate and fear.

Why can’t we all give peace a chance ?




As I stated before I’m sure , the internet can be used in a force for good.

But because of the FCC , because of Capitalism ,

In no means do they care about public opinion , but those who have been successfully been brainwashed by hierarchy to obey.


For example , see a Social Justice Warrior then boo them for being idiots complaining over nothing which is nonsense. And people think more nationalistically and not globally.

We can’t keep thinking that non-Americans are evil , especially in the middle east and in countries that are more totalitarian in it’s hierarchical structure.

In any given moment , the Government can go ahead and do it.

But there’s a reason why so called evil people haven’t devoured the Earth like a giant snake ,




These bullies are going to continue picking on those they think is vulnerable.

They are going to continue their gaslighting and power over them.

They are going to play nice to get people they find vulnerable on their side.

Those who seek power feel powerless and are incapable of gaining wisdom and love from within.



I’ve came a long way since 2009 to the point where It really surprises even ME !

I could have taken my life if I didn’t continue living with my authoritarian father and kept believing ex-friends of mine were my friends and not these cyberbullies that go around saying that I’m some sort of religious terrorist.


I cave into that fear years ago. I said patriotic stuff about being a proud American because I was still in liberal mode at the time. Or perhaps a closet liberal since of course my Father and his equally wicked wife who screwed him out of his money for a house and threw him out I believe.


But to say that vulnerable people are bad and deserve to have their butt kicked is a very self serving , sick , demented , sadistic thought of selfishness. That’s like someone decided to urinate on the homeless , be a killjoy of someone’s happiness , abusing animals and innocent people , etc .

Of course bullies hate love !

As Kryptonite is the weakness of Superman , Love is to those who can’t Love .

Perhaps they don’t trust it. Perhaps they think it should be stomped out !



Hell isn’t just an afterlife in a soul collective sense which people can channel through black magic , but it’s happening right now.

But same with Heaven as well.


Love is a stronger vibrational energy than hate and fear.

Love can take many forms. Even Satire and Anarchism.


Just because someone gets arrested , has an FBI file , the CIA is after them and the cops beat them , doesn’t necessarily mean they are evil.








Personally I find Conservatives a bore !

And liberalism sort of bland like a dollar store knock off of your favorite treats.

It’s something for now but it does not get your fill and get the job done.

And right wing Libertarianism having your favorite drink but saying too bad when you can’t afford it at the price of a car and a house !



I’ve learned this lesson in 2010 - 2013 .

It doesn’t matter how quiet and peaceful you seem offline.


They are looking for a fight.



But nothing says “ checkmate “ like intelligence and love

Because the right hate that stuff !


Especially those of middle age who cyberbully and troll innocent people.



The lefties have got your back my like minded friends , you are not alone.





Finally I’d like to say something about Anarchism and Building the new world in the shell of the old.

When someone has something to say , perhaps people should take a listen.

If it’s fascism , forget it. lol

But as an Anarchist , I feel that it’s rather important for people to talk about ideas , share ideas ,

And let me just say…. IS A THUMBS DOWN AN IDEA OR AN OPINION ?





It’s like if that one person is unhappy and they don’t say why , just troll ,

Why does that one opinion matter over everyone else’s ?

What I’m trying to say is , an individual knows themself more than anyone else.

Anarchists and New Agers alike know this.

Philosophy and the greatest wisdom known knows this.

But why this “ Thumbs Down “ culture of “ If I’m not happy , no one should be. “ justified ?

Sure people have the right to their opinion but how interesting that Leftists get the blame for being the Identity Politics , Social Justice Warrior , Special Snowflake , Butt-hurt Crybabies probably because that’s the job of the Right eh ?

And doesn’t the Right hate ROBIN HOOD OR WHAT ?


They put a suit and gave Jesus Christ a haircut perception within how they preach the Bible instead of what Jesus Christ truly is which is a left wing liberating philosopher which isn’t a bad thing.



If you want the duality of Good vs Evil to make sense , you might as well look at it from a Fear vs Love sense which is in Spiritual Terms Ego vs Soul.




You can’t escape the power of love.


Sometimes pain and hurt from love is a good thing because it’s healing the wounds from the past.

That’s what shadow work DOES !

You will break down in tears seeing beauty.

You will surrender to love or die due to the illnesses of anger & fear.



_ Erica



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