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Why am I An Anarchist

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 11th, 2019

Anarchist Anarchy Anarchism Why am I an Anarchist

Why am I an Anarchist ?


Erica Crooks


Pretty much everything has a story. Mine is quite simple not only with Anarchism but everything that makes me … me , it always relates to me in a positive way.

And it’s quite sad to hear negative stories about lots of stuff regarding how someone came to be this or that , even if it’s something positive like the entertainment performance arts .


One of my favorite books in my personal book library as one of my favorite resource books for research in the field that I’m in , is from the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life “ Joe Murray “ .



( I got to get a new copy of this book because my current copy is a little warped since I had it in a wet backpack during the time when I used to walk back and forth through rain or snow to a near by coffee shop I used to hang out in nursing an ice coffee as an excuse to get out of my apartment and get better wireless internet . This was around 2010 - 2011 around the time the book was published. WOW ! It seems as if it was it just came out just last year . Imagine that. WOO ! )

In one of the first chapters , Joe talks about the reasons why someone wants to have a cartoon show in the first place and pretty much highlighting that if it’s for ego or career moves and or great , forget it. lol


Even as a child , I have always associated the adult world as being boring , miserable and not the kind of world that I want to live in.

But the truth is , adults live in fear. So I hate to sound cynical , skeptical and pessimistic

but observations in my lifetime so far and certain well meaning people I’ve known

seem to get into things for the wrong reasons.

I remember years ago in the state I used to live in , there was this nice big and kind of cluttered comic book store which was my introduction to Tank Girl which I eventually bought and still own to this very day around 10 years ago .

Anyway this comic book store owner was introverted and kind of grumpy.

Likewise , there was a collectible / old toy memorabilia store

( OMG I AM SO DROOLING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT just like Cookie Monster’s obsession over Cookies ! )

The manager seen a bunch of kids running around and he was shouting at them saying

“ HEY ! Quit running around or I’m throwing you out of my store and calling security. “

What a sad sight to see a collectible store in a MALL !

Just selling it off as a Toy Store !

I hate to sound conservative but I have a lot for the good stuff and since we live in a capitalist society , it’s not as thought the good stuff can be brought back in that retro fashion because in capitalism terms


So yeah that’s a desperate move !


But the point I’m making is , sometimes I see people like that in my field which make me think that they just do not belong. Not so much being discriminating towards them and outcasting them by any means , it’s just that they are there for the wrong reasons.

Just like most entrepreneurs !


So what does this say about me being an Anarchist ?


I got into Anarchism for it’s morals and values that I can relate to strongly all in one package and it explained to me just why I’m such an angry INFP !


That’s just the way I am. I follow my heart and soul.

Someone can bully me for being this 31 year old transgender lesbian woman who still watches Sesame Street and find so many things to ridicule me.

I can tell you why I’m into what I’m into. Just a fair warning. If you find INFPs annoying , go get your cheap thrills else ware.

As INFPs think deeply about everything.


I came an Anarchist in the summer of 2017 , Before I would consider myself to be somewhere between United States liberal and libertarian .

Liberal for their social values , but against this annoying feeling of avoiding intelligence as negative and like the plague kind of like wanting to forbid satire literature arts for example .

Libertarian ( United States ) because of people like Bill Maher , Trey Parker & Matt Stone , Mike Judge , and most of the American satirists and cartoonists.

They are all for freedom of speech and expression and aren’t afraid to speak up against the truth and injustice of what they see.

The problem of course is , not all the morals and values are going to be agreeable and there’s this patriotism that sort of feels meaningless unlike how liberals see it as.


It’s sort of crass of me just to say that I got into Anarchism because it felt right to me , but just like everything personal in my life such as LGBTQ+ , MBTI , New Thought / New Age Spirituality , Twin Flames , etc




The more I got older , the more I started to see the superficialness in things around me.

Probably more so as an Anarchist . So does that make me more of a cynical bastard ? lol

I’ve been a satirist since high school and how I got into satire was I was starting to see the truth that “ PARENTS JUST DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS ! “ .

Growing up to me felt like opening this door that says “ Adulthood “ where a bunch of smiling adults tell me “ Your 18 now , your 21 now ! Your officially and legally an adult ! I’m proud of you ! “

And as a kid , it’s exiting right ? More independence ! More Freedom !

Finally , I can follow my inner child dreams and find out why most adults are so boring and miserable. Maybe they just..


And the door opens.


What is this mess ? Why was this held sacred to me all my life ?

Why isn’t anyone cleaning it up ?

It’s like there’s an elephant in the room !



As a lightworker , I still feel this way ! I see the light , I see the big picture

And most people don’t !



The saddest thing I see is the obituaries .

Here’s people who have passed away locally who just seem like blank faces , nobodies .

It’s like you can just copy and paste a bunch of pictures of unknown people and have the same limited captions .

“ Happy family , they loved and served their country and their communities and family ,

Their friends say they were a nice person who cared , this is where their memorial will be at. “



When I found my trans woman friend of mine’s obituary ,

I was so happy to know that she had some family who cared for her.

Surprisingly my friend didn’t tell me about her family .

The obituary I still have in a frame with her picture to this very day.

She helped me come out fully , in fact I came out on the very day I found her obituary which was the spring of 2013.

In her obituary , it talked about how spiritual she was , how she was a part of Native American culture ( Me too. French Canadian Native American on my mother’s side , also I’m a Heyoka Empath . I don’t know what Tribe yet , me and my mom are looking into it. ).

The obituary talked about how she was pretty much an environmentalist .


Now even though this obituary was nicely written and I did donate money in her name to the library we hung out at and in which was quoted in the obituary as a place she felt safe ,

She died in middle age.

She had dreams , she even had a lost biography that was never published , also an all woman rock band.


Being an Anarchist is just like a lightworker ,

It’s not only our own freedom which we want but also equally everyone , everywhere and everything all things good in life as well.

A good soul is one who sees injustice and wants to do whatever in their power to put an end to hierarchy and just bring joy to others and even themselves equally .


And lots of things in life all come down to the feeling and question of

“ When do you give up ? “

I know depression , anxiety , and PTSD very well indeed and know I’m not the only one.

But sometimes you just don’t feel like laughing at the negativity , ignorance and stupidity in the world.

I think the philosophy is true just to keep ones sanity ,

Law of Attraction helps as well as the lightworker mission being an expression of love.


Just take a look at satirist and one of the most important people that made Spitting Image possible , Ian Hislop which I consider to be the writer that gave Spitting Image it’s satirical sharpness ,

He’s the editor of the magazine Private Eye and the regular panelist of the satirical news game show “ Have I Got News For You ! “ ( WAY BETTER THEN THE CRAP ON COMEDY CENTRAL In my opinion. And sorry Bill Maher but you got competition . However he would make a great guest on the show in my opinion. lol )

By the way , my Trans Woman friend I mentioned introduced me to Bill Maher. ;)

Ian Hislop is always laughing satirically at the messed up world around him.

So ok there’s anger within the satirist but in my opinion , it’s passionate anger.

It’s anger because people care.


If socialist , moralist , social reformer , romantic , and or idealist.

A similar feeling of the satirist is within the lightworker and the anarchist.


The problem that I see within most teachers of The Law of Attraction

Is the unconscious political ideologies of the individual and same goes with anyone even if they say they are an individualist or apolitical because to me it’s just an excuse for “ I don’t pay attention and I’m afraid to admit it. “



So this goes back to what I was saying regarding motivation.

When people get motivated , why are they motivated.



I understand politically that lots of people get motivated out of the frustration of being lied to and they want justice.

For me , it’s much more than that.


It’s more on the intuitive mind of “ What could be ! “

Something that could have been great use for me in my life years ago and even today as well as like minded people.


As well as a philosophy. So when we see things such as nationalism , fundamentalist religion , political parties , Anarchism points out the psychology and philosophy of

The same kind minded philosophies that motivates humanity of accomplishing the same morals , ethics and goals and also says “ Not only do we know a better way where you can have your Heaven on Earth but we see the truth that your being lied to , let go of fear and you will have your love ! No catch , simple as that ! “


New Thought / New Age Spirituality lightworkers can think the same thing.


We create our own lives using Law of Attraction. That is true , however the problem is

People have blockages.

And they need to move past them internally .


What a lot of New Thought / New Age Spiritual teachers of The Law of Attraction fail to mention is “ Why do we get those blockages at all ! “


What I keep hearing differs from people being unawakened to “ That’s their negative thoughts so you can ignore them and live your own life happy instead. And if people complain about not having enough money , that’s their problem not yours . You can tell them that Law of Attraction changed their life but if they want to drown in negativity , let them , you go enjoy your own life ! “


I heard that from The Secret , Abraham Hicks , Bob Proctor , Jack Canfield ,

And a little bit on this website too since I do have a Twin Flame which I’m in Ascension with




And even though the energy within our minds attracts the outcome to manifest , I believe that is true ! However the indifferent attitude of “ That’s their choice , that’s their problem , not yours do don’t worry about it… “

I stop believing that indifference when I got to Anarchism.

Yes folks , I did believe in that before I got into Anarchism but with a kind liberal heart.

That’s why my videos from 2015 talking about wealth and prosperity SUCK today !



What I’m trying to say is , even though there’s truth in that ,

There’s things I also disagree and feel it’s due to ignorance which knowledge I discovered would possible answer the other piece of the puzzle called life.



Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about.

There’s great articles about an iNtuitive’s perception of living in a sensor world.

However many other things I do disagree with.

I did mistaken liberals and socialists for being the same thing so I do apologize for previous comments , live and learn.

Same with this


Great stuff , then there’s mix nuts !



And perhaps I’m a slow reader and a slow learner , I just like to say that I like to enjoy the knowledgable journey. Which explains being in Twin Flame Ascension for 3 years and Telepathy Separation for 12 years. I’m still working on it with my Twin Flame . :) Every day and night.


And perhaps I had to learn about Anarcho-Capitalism before realizing that it’s bunk.



( Yes all three websites are from the same guy , Nice INTJ but you know , some things I agree and others I don’t and vice versa ) .



To me , Anarchism just makes so much sense.

That’s why I keep talking about the merge knowledge of MBTI , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism , and New Thought / New Age Spirituality - Law of Attraction - Shadow Work - Chakra Clearing meditations , Astrology / Zodiac / Numerology , etc


Not only do I see accuracy in knowledge and just a fits like a glove feeling regarding my own personal life experiences and my INFP way of thinking ,

But I strongly feel that there’s something positive that can come about this knowledge , only if most people knew about this stuff.


Spread the Word !


_ Erica


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