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INFP socially want Like Minded People or Be Alone

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 13th, 2019

Like Minded People or Be Alone


I kind of wanted to do this for awhile , and perhaps I sort of already did.



If there’s something that motived me through out my life is just knowing that I’m not alone in this world. Ok , so I’m an introvert. I’m an iNtuitive. And the fact of the matter is

I’m a minority.

No wonder the Psychiatry can easily diagnose us with something.

And I know from personal experience.


I know I’m not alone when questioning neurology and the like.



And that’s just my personality type alone. I didn’t even mention the fact that I’m a Transgender Lesbian Woman !

Also being a lightworker , an anarchist , it really does seem more and more I become me ,

I become the minority of minorities.

Did I mention my Twin Flame is an ESFP. Not a bad thing , perhaps it’s a balance sort of thing.


One thing I remember reading was how INFPs have different needs when it comes to a social life.

“ Without close relationships based on mutual understanding, INFPs will be unhappy. “



I have mentioned the website “ Slayerment “

And perhaps a lot of Quinton’s articles are offensive to leftists.

But I’ll say this , I do appreciate what he has done with truthcontrol.com

As well as his MBTI articles and blog videos.



In recent years , and probably due to my spiritual awakening since meeting my Twin Flame in late 2015 / spring 2016 , I was guided to so much knowledge I didn’t know existed previously.

And one of the things that I’ve noticed is how there’s so many like minded people which I can relate to strongly doing blog videos and such.


The big question is , is this an INFP thing ?

Is what I’m into INFP things or can this be truly beneficial to all human kind ?


I know my frustrations as a lightworker ,

And I hear like minded light workers saying pretty much how I think and feel when times are down.



So much knowledge that I can relate to.




I truly think that the future of social lives would relate to the internet most certainly.

If it’s FaceTime or Skype or Google Hangout or whatever is out there.

Technology has succeeded in the Video Phone !

People can do it with their smart phone without paying a cent !


So of course the FCC wants to get rid of this freedom ! Of course capitalism wants to ruin it.




I don’t know if it’s an INFP thing or what ,

But it’s always refreshing to hear likemindedness coming from someone who isn’t me !






So because INFPs are introverted as well as intuitives , perhaps INFPs can be the loneliest people ever. I highly doubt that it’s ISTPs because technically isn’t that the majority of masculine people , ( mostly men ).


I have an ISFP friend and we’ve been friends since we were kids.

We are pretty much friends because of our interest in Pop Culture entertainment arts

As well as fun activities in general.



For me , sometimes It’s quite nice to meet up one on one or a small group of intuitives

To go out for coffee and have a nice intellectual conversation as well as cracking satirical jokes laughing at this capitalist hierarchical world we’re all trapped in.



Sometimes I often wonder if INFPs are the most hated personality type.

It’s like if Jesus Christ was alive today and he was all for Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and Anarchy Communism and Talking about The Law of Attraction ,

He’d probably be nailed to the cross even faster now ,

Most likely by the Christian Right ironically.



I find it very interesting how there can be people who simply do not like us.

More interesting , people who HATE US to the point of obsession

Like what happened to be 10 years ago and I won’t be surprised if it still happens today

Because pretty much everyone gets cyberbullied and trolled.


The motivations of hateful people is fascinating because it’s ignorant , stupid , and quite dangerous indeed. Which is why we need ANTIFA !


( Trigger warning )



I was doing some research last night , I’m talking about not going to bed until 5am , pulling an all nighter just reading about some theology regarding the duality battle of good vs evil and how there’s similarities within what I believe which is New Thought / New Age Spirituality .

Especially Judgement Day .




What Anarchists / Socialists / Lefties want to get rid of is hierarchy which is evil.

Perhaps it can be called as immoral evil.

But then there’s natural evil which relates to national disasters like tornados , being attacked by wild animals , falling off a cliff in the bit of death , etc


So by spirituality such as Law of Attraction and how Everything is Energy ,

Perhaps those minds of the psychopath are also creating all that stuff too ?

Even dangerous animals like sharks ?



There’s the psychology of evil of course.

And it really does seem like evil wants to do whatever it can to defeat love.

Even the internet.





But what’s interesting is this.




If psychiatry is bunk ,

And Authoritarian personalities / anti-social criminals

Are the very subject of hierarchy parenting in it’s most complete decided obedience ,


Which is all relating to fear and brainwashing ( Narcissistic Supply ) ,

Then is Love simply the answer ?



Hierarchy prevents us from so much good in this world.

It’s really hard to tell who the evil villains of the world is because people live in fear.

They can either be submissive or dominating.


And perhaps what is frustrating to the lightworker is

Just how can we get love to cure all the evil in the world ?




So I ask this…


Is Anarchism possible in our lifetime ?


For me it’s two things.

( 1. Having this kind of meaning in life within my mission to bring love to people as a healer with my gifts and talents in the arts and knowledge.

( 2. Anarchist Society Post-Revolution / 5D Earth sounds good to me. If it exists , I would more there ASAP !



Perhaps like anyone , we are annoyed with jerks ruining our life and the lives of others.

We are sick of seeing sadness and misery that never seems to go away !

We are tired and sick of seeing people lose their virginity to someone who took advantage of them , and many other things which result to good people committing suicide.


One of the things about me is I just can’t simply enjoy life like a liberal.

Seeing the good in Trump and what he says and does , and think happy thoughts of the police protecting me and UGH !

The truth is much more satisfying.


I’m not saying I’m a negative skeptical cynical hypocritical two faced person by any means.

However certain things bring me joy in life that would seem sort of weird to most I suppose.



As an introvert , I tend to enjoy my own company.

And perhaps I can become just as comfortable as I am alone when it comes to like minded people.

But if I’m not with like minded people , I feel drained and prefer to be alone.






Either Anarchism / 5D Earth is going to help humanity or at the very least it’s simply

A request for like minded people to be together.


If there was a specific place we could all migrate , that would be nice , just get rid of the hierarchy.



But of course the passport crap and hierarchy ruins it !





Can you relate ?


_ Erica




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