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Introvert INFP and social life

Posted by officialericcrooks - January 15th, 2019

Introvert and social life ( INFP )


Some things I pretty much mentioned in a previous blog post




I can only express my own experience on this. But as much as an extrovert as I seem to be on my blog videos and such ,


I’m in truth an introvert. I thought I was an ENFP for many years but I came to the realization that I am an INFP . My advice form life experience is you know your an introvert when you notice how extroverts can drain you and try to dig an answer out of you while your thinking. lol


I think the world I live in isn’t just sensor focused but also extroverted focused as well.

I tried to look up to see if introverts are indeed a minority but all I could find is just the usual crap from ignorant people trying to debunk MBTI as usual.

So to be fair , being an INFP is indeed rare.


So perhaps introverted intuitive are the one who’s most awkward when it comes to being social. I have an ISFP friend who can be introverted unless you bring something up of his interest , then he’ll get talking !

In fact , here’s his youtube channel.



Perhaps for sensors , it’s different than social life in the eye of an intuitive mainly because sensors are the majority.



My Twin Flame is an ESFP , according to my observation.


We are still working towards Union. ( For more info on Twin Flames , check out http://www.twinflames1111.com/blog )

Perhaps it’s this Ying and Yang sort of thing where both differences fit perfectly like a two piece puzzle.

But I’ve noticed during the times I knew my Twin Flame outside telepathy ,

She would always have a huge group of friends she would talk to and she had her Drag King act at the Pride Nightclubs. And technically that’s what I usually see regarding my local pride community is nightclubs , the big Pride Festival , these big events that draw in huge crowds.

And I always felt awkward whenever I went to them.

There could be music , there could be lights , everyone is dancing. And I’m just this awkward shadow knowing no one just walking around while trying to get past crowd after crowd just to observe and enjoy what I could get out of it.

I remember two years ago , there was this Goth night fundraiser which money was going to help transgender people who live in low income / poverty. I asked “ How can this benefit me ? “ It was this raffle thing . I guess there was another trans person looking for a roommate and I was even asked if I wanted to help volunteer by DJing . I think I was way more fascinated with the concept of Video DJing and thinking in my mind , perhaps this is another form of art I’d like to get into eventually. I always wanted to do things with music. My Twin Flame even knows about my ideas for musical theater.

So basically I was in my Goth makeup and clothes and just recording samples of songs playing that perhaps I’d like to look up on iTunes later.

I know , I’m such a weirdo huh ? lol


Again , I think introverts are the minority because everything is pretty much catered to Extroverted Sensors.

Which is totally awkward for an introverted intuitive in my opinion.


For example , FACEBOOK and social media.

Every place has a comment box.

And it’s like people who have an opinion about something have the strong need for the other person to know about it.

Love it or Hate it !

And perhaps that’s kind of foreign to me slightly.

If there’s something I REALLY REALLY REALLY like then ok. But it’s like the world is surrounded by a bunch of people who expect everyone outside of themselves to make them happy. Even NonCompete mentioned this.



My parents were both Extroverted Sensing Judgers.

Though my Father having many toxic personality disorders and being a narcissist ,

He could switch anywhere from ESTJ , ISTJ , ISTP and ESTP !

While my mother can switch from ISFJ to ESFJ .

But totally both are ESJs.



The thing about me is having a successful social life is not my strong points.

For a social life to work for me , it all depends on like minded people.

For the most part , as an introvert , I do admire my own space.

I don’t mind dead time not having a social life for awhile.

The rough aspect is when I do wish to have an intellectual conversation with a like minded person , where do you go ?



Here’s something I’d like to quote from introverted dear .

Here’s the link I am referencing from.



Human contact, not social contact

Being introverted, INFPs may shy away from large parties, networking events, and group activities. It’s not social contact INFPs crave — it’s mutual human understanding. They want to peek into another person’s world, thoughts, and emotions. They want to understand what other people are struggling with and what makes them tick. INFPs read people well, often quickly intuiting a person’s hidden feelings and motivations. (However, private by nature, INFPs rarely provide insight into their own.) Without close relationships based on mutual understanding, INFPs will be unhappy.


I find this very interesting.


Perhaps the internet is such a great tool for introverted intuitives such as myself.

I remember hearing that a majority of the content on the internet is from introverts.

So screw the FCC for wanting to shut the internet down , introverts need the internet.


I was just thinking last night watching classic Ernie & Bert sketches that the fact that Jim Henson is an INFP and Frank Oz being an INFJ , technically the comedy comes from them basically caricaturing how annoying extroverts and SJs can be. Lol

_ Erica

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