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Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ? Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ?

Posted by officialericcrooks - May 4th, 2019

Is Satire the Ultimate Controversial Taboo ?

Is the World Too Sensitive for Satire ?

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I’m sure you probably remember the old saying “ Never ever talk to people about religion and politics . “ The thing that I quickly understood is that there was a lot of sacred cows in which people would sweep under the rug and leave alone.

Right Wing people think anyone who’s left leaning , leftists and minorities are wicked demons from Hell that want to destroy everyone , everywhere and everything creating the most hellish of dystopias. I’ve already said in my previous blog videos and articles that it’s nothing more but right wing people using scapegoats to attack us. Why ? Because they are sociopaths of course. I recommend Section B of The Anarchist FAQ for more information on that.


In my most recent blog articles and videos I have talked about something pure and simple. The World needs love but we live in a world of hate and fear. And I know this is something that most people seek , I’ve been talking in a video for about an hour and that is just one of many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MFuYrhmyLo

Today I would like to talk about the subject of “ SATIRE “ again and no I don’t think Satire is bad vibrational energy because everyone’s triggers are something individuals needs to heal from within. http://officialericcrooks.blogspot.com/2018/12/anarchism-satire-is-not-bad-vibrational.html

What is satire anyway ? Well , satire in my opinion is political literature and entertainment. I’ve seen a pattern relating to satire and left leaning people as well as arts , entertainment , comedy , and rock and pop music for the most part . 

How satire works is the satirist makes fun of all the vices and follies they spot and they exaggerate it to the point where it’s comical . However the thing about a sense of humor is the one who has it needs to generally be well educated and “ EMOTIONALLY STABLE “ . 

A great example of this is when I had a film screening in February 2017 and there was a sign that clearly said “ Adult Puppetry and Rude Cartoons “ . Obviously this does not look family friendly in the mid late 2010s according to society norms . But there are adults who are not very emotionally stable. “ OOOH ! That Erica Crooks ! HOW DISGUSTING ! For a Transgender Woman , I expected better from her ! “

 Want to see the oh so sinful , evil film that I made that isn’t very sinful and evil at all ?

In fact , it was satire.


Now at the time I write this very blog article , I just got done with releasing the 6th part of my adult puppet and cartoon show ( yes again , satire ) “ The Erica Crooks Show “ 


If there was anything that would upset anyone , it might be a parody I did referencing how Sesame Street had became strongly liberal politically within the past 10 years. Now most left leaning people are liberal , however Sesame Street had become political in a sense within the last 10 years regarding stuff that Anarchists ( which I am too ) would debate.

Police and Military , but also Sesame Street had promoted the hell out of their next main character “ Julia “ , the first Muppet with Autism. Now when I think of a puppet that has major mental disabilities I’m thinking “ Special Ed “ from Crank Yankers. Basically that’s politically incorrect humor and of course the show would aim on a right wing libertarian which is the other norm in politics and Adam Carolla being right wing conservative ( and controversially not funny ) . Now am I ablest ? The answer is no. I have a friend who has high functioning autism and I see him as a person. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in childhood and even recently last year as a 30 year old adult . 

I do believe people with certain personality types get diagnosed with such , like me as an INFP , me as a Transgender Lesbian. I made a video about that called iNtuitive Discrimination right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEV24baR0H4

Perhaps people with disabilities get discriminated all the time. I won’t be surprised. My friend which I have mentioned told me stories of how some guys would throw eggs at him while taking a walk , I even hurt my friend get bullied while we chatted over the phone. Do you think I was laughing ? NO FREAKIN’ WAY , I was concerned about my friend. That’s would friends should do. Now with Sesame Street having an autistic Muppet , do I feel that was the right thing to do ? Well look here , if you remember Classic Sesame Street , they had a human cast member ( and I think Bob’s girlfriend ) named Linda and the character as well as the actress were Deaf . https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Linda But the character disappeared with the actress who left the show. So when it comes to Sesame Street talking about subject matter like disabilities , they already did it. Richard Hunt performed a blind Muppet Monster in one season in the early 1980s , it’s strange because it’s a Muppet so if you did it already with a human …. There was a writer on Sesame Street who had a kid with autism or down syndrome which there was a few segments on Sesame Street with Ernie in the early 1980s . The point Sesame Street was making back then was acceptance .

Sesame Street had become a totally different show now and EXTREMELY cutesy.

In my parody of Sesame Street “ Liberal Street “ I was making the argument that the show used to be a hilarious comedy show that was also educational to kids which the family could enjoy on all levels . Today it’s turned into just another one of those cliche little kid shows that older kids , teens and adults make fun of on a regular basis which is really sad for me as a HUGE fan of classic Muppets. The Liberal Street sketch was also being horribly sarcastic in how it claims to be so revolutionary that things that ACTUALLY DO HAPPEN WITH DISABLED CHILDREN such as meltdowns are barely mentioned. 

It’s very debatable if kids should receive the classic message of equality no matter what or get a huge lecture . But again as an Anarchist , the Liberal Street sketch was more of a satire on liberal politics , Sesame Street switching their format due to struggling to survive financially despite the show already going downhill since the mid / late 1990s . 

In no means was the satire about “ HEY LET’S MAKE FUN OF DISABLED PEOPLE ! “ despite the fact a disabled puppet enters near the end of the sketch , the point was really playing a character who’s easily startled , especially when the Liberal host character screams in their face in joy and completely ignoring the fact they scared him and it’s not appropriate to have someone in his condition on a television show just to help boost ratings . Also the satire is how liberals just see them not as disabled but thinking outside the box even though they lit the set on fire screaming in terror and confusion. So the joke is the liberal is way too busy being delusional thinking everything around them is happy and great while ignoring the disabled character who’s in terror and all he really needs is someone to comfort him and someone to put THE DAMN FIRE OUT !


Will most people get the joke or do they think it’s of bad taste of me EVEN mentioning a subject that’s taken seriously and dare to make it into comedy ? Disgusting isn’t it ?

Well satire isn’t “ Shock for the sake of shock “ , it’s to make you think.

As an Anarchist the scary truth of the world is people would rather not think for themselves and be codependent . 

Another example ( not necessarily satire or humor ) but I can put a blog video talking about “ Even though I’m different , I love me for who I am even though people will hate me for being different. “


Heck most of my videos on youtube get thumbs down even if I did something happy and friendly which I tend to do in my blog videos anyways.


It’s like you have to conform to being a cisgender white heterosexual man and be a blindly obeying supporter of authoritarian politics if you don’t want to get bullied. 

There’s a book with a great title called “ What you think of me is none of my business . “

Some of that is true , but again we live in a world of hate and fear. How wonderful would it be if it was easy to find people who would love you for who you are and not stab you in the back or insult you and humiliate you on the internet even if you did absolutely nothing wrong.

There’s two kinds of toxic people in this world , those with money which equals more power and those who don’t have money. They are still just as toxic. If Trump was an average narcissist with little money , people would still not like him.

On the other hand we have a bunch of people who are submissive and feel absolutely powerless . So they fall into depression , use addictions to num the pain , etc.

People want an exit from this misery . May I make a few suggestions ?

( 1. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine and something to survive in this game called life.

( 2. If your an innocent person and you lived a rough life , it’s not your fault.

As an Anarchist , I know for a fact you are not alone. http://anarchism.pageabode.com/afaq/index.html

( 3. Regardless where you are at or even in jail or you have only a month to live or live on a small island , use Law of Attraction.


So going back to satire , are people too miserable , not very intelligent and emotionally unstable to accept satire ?

I remember awhile back while walking to a local coffee shop , I found a screenplay near the road all dirty with torn pages and all. I contacted the writer who told me that he hired someone to pass his script along with his motorcycle. I guess this person took advantage of his guy. This guy had it rough , he was going through a messy divorce and wanted to make a living in Hollywood California as a Romance Movie screenplay writer.

I showed him my satire work and he hated it and he told me that he didn’t like Robert Crumb. He explained to me that he was tired and sick of seeing the bad things in life and he just wants simple entertainment that would make him smile.

I hear this a lot. People want entertainment that would help them escape reality , or someone wants sitcom slapstick humor just to get away from the frustration of politics and their horrible life.

Rik Mayall mentioned in a 1999 interview that there’s people who just need a laugh like a drug or a drink. Even people will start to giggle to a noise of a fart at a funeral because it’s like a little bubble of bliss even though they are taught it’s a taboo and they will be hated for it. “ But when we are happy , we can laugh out of joy ! “

Remember years ago when people used to read BOOKS ? People have gotten angry with me for tying long emails , people just want to read a two sentence comment on the internet and that’s it. It’s all about video not blog articles or comics , and that’s a real same , and it’s quite philistine and anti-intellectual in my opinion.

People are too busy making ends meet with individual self concern. They want leftist Anarchists such as my self to shut the hell up ! Their life is sad already and I’m just making things worse. Why don’t I just go away and leave them the hell alone !

Oh so buying something for yourself is the answer to your problems then ?

How about your addictions ? What about those thoughts when people treated you wrong ? How about those endless nights of the lack of sleep as the past keeps haunting you ?

For those who are awaken to the truth that the world needs love but we live in a world of hate and fear , perhaps we are lightworkers in some way. There’s people like me that seek to look outside the box. However there’s many who only think inside the box , why ?



Finally I would like to point out that I have made many of these points already however people tend to continue acting like they do because they don’t listen , they don’t want to listen. They feel better when they are putting me down. 

They just love bullying innocent people just because they are different.



Like minded people should stick together .

Finally I would like to note that one of my missions in life is to reach out to like minded people. I am a Heyoka Empath so I tend to sake up the bottle for the sake of love and light even though it seems like I would drag everyone to hell first. lol

As I stated in a previous article Internet Social Life , 


I would love to continue doing what I love doing just as long as it has support . So if you enjoy what I do and you can relate to it , feel free to spread the word .

Lightworkers are like Earth Angels to help humanity.

For those who just want to pick on me and bring me down , well the joke is on the bullies because it’s them who are wasting their lives away in hate and fear and not waking up to the truth to better their lives.

_ Erica








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