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Posted by officialericcrooks - March 3rd, 2020


Ironically I just made a couple of blog videos talking about the subject of “ Toxic Masculinity “. Lol

There IS a difference between Toxic Masculinity & Masculinity.

I’m an INFP & I Strongly Disagree with Authoritarianism ! 

Something that I keep seeing time and time again is people who CLAIM to be INFPs and THEY ARE NOT ! There's a difference between THINKING you are different & KNOWING you are different. 

When people take the MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Test ) , the reason I think people keep getting their personality type score WRONG is because they are NOT aware of themselves 100%. The more you are aware of yourself , the more accurate the personality type results will be for you when you take the MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Test ) .

An example of this is how for many years I thought I was an Extrovert but I wasn't. I like a quiet environment & home, I'm very selective in who I allow into my personal life, I read a lot, I write a lot, and is there a thing when it comes to introverts and internet technology ? lol Anyway I'm an Introvert. More outspoken because of years in doing what I do maybe.

But the thing that I find irritating is " RIGHT WING INFPs " . I need to do further research because there's different variants of INFPs relating to zodiac , numerology , enneagram , ( INFP - A vs INFP - T ) , etc personality test indicators that can go dig into the specifics.

But if you want my opinion , here it is. RIGHT WING politics is not only evil brainwashing ( I'm an Anarchist by the way that's for liberty - equality & solidarity as well as a Trans Woman ) , but the idea of RIGHT WING INFPs seems like an error to me, someone who's studied MBTI for almost 15 years now and continuing !

INFPs tend to be “Left Leaning” and NTJ / STs tend to be “Right Leaning” politically. WHY ELSE would John Lennon protest the way he did.

Seriously, listen to how ANGRY he is and how much he HATES Hierarchy & Authoritarianism ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCTdKrKepYE ( Warning , contains a homophobic slur which was common place 50 years ago historically . But of course that doesn't make Homophobia ok, also I've heard rumors that John Lennon might have been a little Bisexual according to Yoko Ono & Paul " FAKE PAUL / BILLY SHEARS " McCartney . John Lennon had some prejudices and Toxic Masculinity issues to face but most of the time he was pretty awaken but would slip back from time to time. Still he supported LEFTISM ! ) 

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