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Trump’s Covid-19 / Coronavirus Doctor “ Stella Immanuel MD “ is a HATEFUL Spiritual Narcissist

Posted by officialericcrooks - July 29th, 2020

Trump’s Covid-19 / Coronavirus Doctor “ Stella Immanuel MD “ is a HATEFUL Spiritual Narcissist

Trump's doctor believes in Alien DNA / Demon Sperm. Sure I'm into New Age so I'm open minded to this kind of stuff, however as a Spiritual Anarchist, I do believe what makes a creature evil is due to hierarchical environments. If one doesn't see the evil in Trump, they're FAKE.

Also as a Spiritual Anarchist, I am against hierarchy in spirituality. With that being said.

Stella Immanuel MD IS A FRAUD and needs to be deplatformed !

 She is one of many who harms Spiritual Communities and practice and uses Spirituality as a platform for hate, misinformation and perhaps even narcissism !

This is the sort of thing that I protest time and time again in my blog videos and blog articles.

There is a huge misconception about New Thought / New Age Spirituality / Occult if it’s pseudo-science, conformation bias, or just a big scam , or just another tool used by the capitalist ruling classes.

As a Spiritual Anarchist as well as a Twin Flame, I can say that this paranormal stuff is 100% real and not hierarchical itself.

There’s nothing wrong with witches, demons or aliens. There is a thing about there being evil ones but alone loving ones as well.

But when it comes to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus , and they are a doctor, they need to GET TO WORK and focus on SCIENCE because THAT is what SCIENCE is meant for. We are all in 3D Earth, Not 5D Earth. We are living in a Capitalist Hierarchical Global Society, Not an Anarchist one yet. The Doctor’s focus needs to be focused on the work of curing those with Covid-19 / Coronavirus with the knowledge of a doctor. If the doctor wants to talk to the Universe in terms of a spiritual prayer if prayer or telepathy prayer and visualize a white light or white bubble of light of the positive energy of unconditional love and light to help things, that’s fine but THAT NEEDS TO COME AFTER AND THAT CAN NOT BE A DISTRACTION TO URGENT MATTERS SUCH AS COVID-19 / Coronavirus , The doctor can be free to do that when they go home !

I don’t appreciate this doctor using Spirituality knowledge and practice as a platform for misinformation and hate.

Especially Transphobia.

This person needs to be platformed , especially when it comes to “ she praised a father’s decision to not love his transgender son ( Trans Man ) after a gender transition. “

I am so sick and tired of “ Divide & Conquer “. People who hate people just because they are not CisHet are people who have never taken the time to see that people who differ from them are just as human as they are.

As a Lightworker / Twin Flame , one of the big missions I’ve got is to expose the truth and help bring about unconditional love & light to the world. That’s what we need. The World Needs Love but We Live In A World of Hate & Fear !

We need Unity Consciousness ! That is what is going to bring us to World Peace !

We need people to listen to their conscious and intuition, heart and soul, not the hierarchical authoritarian lies that has been played onto them by authority figures and politicians.

John Lennon was right “ All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance “ .

Whenever I hear things about Trump hiring a doctor who uses Spirituality as a platform of Hate & Misinformation, People using Spirituality to platform hateful ideologies aka Alt-Right Fascism ( Anarchism is a loving and peaceful one relating to the philosophy that hierarchy should be replaced with All Power To The People living in the organized philosophies of Liberty - Equality & Solidarity ) , or someone just cashing in on it and or using it as a platform for Narcissistic Abuse / Hierarchical Cult. 

Most people think Psychic Ability is a con / a scam. Carl Jung talked about iNtuition so it does exist. Telepathy and Metaphysics / Quantum Physics as well. The problem like everything Anarchists are against is “Hierarchy ( aka Power over Others, Domination of Others, Exploitation of Others, Anti-Social Behavior that takes away the liberty of others and harms others, etc ).

Most people believe that this stuff is fake and harmful just like how Antifa / Anarchism is demonized in the news.

Very misunderstood

It’s amazing how Trump is still on term 1 and he’s accomplished to be everything I’m against and how there’s specific proof that I’m automatically an enemy of Trump even if I never spoke up in the first place.


_ Erica

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