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Happy Happy Joy Joy 30 years of Ren & Stimpy

Posted by officialericcrooks - August 6th, 2020

Happy Happy Joy Joy 30 years of Ren & Stimpy 

Make sure to check out the book "Sick Little Monkeys", watching the documentary "Happy Happy Joy Joy : The Ren & Stimpy Story".

It’s sad that Ren & Stimpy is being seen in a negative taboo light 30 years later with the truth about John Kricfalusi being exposed and an upcoming “re-imagined” Ren & Stimpy reboot revival for adults ( Adult Party Cartoon didn’t work so please don’t do it again ) which really needs Bob Camp to take lead.

I’ve been a HUGE Ren & Stimpy fan for 22 years since I discovered The Ren & Stimpy Show at Blockbuster Video rentals. And I can tell you that NOTHING made me stop loving this show.

John Kricfalusi had been an open secret, he had quite a shady image even back then.

John Kricfalusi was rude and bullying people who was even on his blog ( like me ).

As a human being, his personal life, he’s DISGUSTING and SHOULD be deplatformed ASAP ( sign those petitions against him please ! ).

However there’s a saying in art, “ Let Art Speak for itself. “

That’s why I’m still a Ren & Stimpy / early Spumco fan ( web cartoon era ) .

Ren & Stimpy wasn’t just a cartoon that I watched on occasion that I laughed at. As Jim Henson and The Muppets inspired me into puppetry, Ren & Stimpy and possibly Looney Tunes as well inspired me to become a cartoonist and an animator. Also there’s an influence as a satirist, especially a dark satirist. When you find out the influences of an artist, you can see those inspirations within the art. It’s tradition. Great minds think alike ( Except John Kricfalusi’s crimes against humanity of course. )

Ren & Stimpy to me isn’t what it’s always praised to be which is “a very funny cartoon”. Sure Ren & Stimpy is that but to me, it’s also kind of like a creepy pasta Nightmare fuel horror take on Saturday Morning Cartoons. It was like this dark satirical parody of them. That’s what made it interesting in my opinion. 

With the new documentary on the way, I often wonder regarding John Kricfalusi as an artist. With all of those scenes with Psychopathic characters, those caricatures of mental illness psychosis and outbursts , with aggressive toxic masculine authority figures such as George Liquor or even authoritarianism / fascism / sadism in Ren Hoek himself, was it satire or was it John Kricfalusi confessing himself subconsciously / unconsciously. At least Robert Crumb can admit it with his art. 

John Kricfalusi would appear as a stand up comedian whenever on camera making exaggerated faces, acting in character and all, but of course behind that mask brings up the question…

Characters like Ren Hoek or even Dirty Dog from Weekend Pussy Hunt, how much of those characters was a satirical caricature on authoritarianism and how much was that a part of John Kricfalusi himself.

As extreme as his work and Ren & Stimpy could get, nothing compared to the true evils of the sociopathy / psychopathy / dark triad which is John Kricfalusi.

John Kricfalusi may not be welcome into mainstream as well as comic cons, but he’s still on social media and he needs to be deplatformed.

As for Ren & Stimpy, the legacy shall and it should live on. Especially through fans and artists inspired by the show such as myself.

So even though we can learn about the show’s history from the book “Sick Little Monkeys” as well as the documentary “Happy Happy Joy Joy : The Ren & Stimpy Story “, 

People should have the right to enjoy the show regardless.

John Kricfalusi didn’t make the show by himself, in fact he takes more credit than he should.

Ren & Stimpy influenced cartoon animation, it influenced the inspiration of creative freedom when art is creator / artist driven, it was original, it’s one of the best things to come out of the 1990s and it is still loved and celebrated by fans and artists alike to this day.

Happy 30th to Ren & Stimpy and everyone who worked on it ( except John Kricfalusi and any of his evil minions and yes men. )

_ Erica

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