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Posted by officialericcrooks - April 21st, 2020

In a world of divide and conquer, I think we can all agree that we want a happy life for ourselves and everyone. :) Perhaps it’s because my Myers Briggs Personality Type is INFP aka The Idealist, but I REALLY want this. Stuff that I’m into other than the arts, puppetry, cartooning, animation, pop culture, entertainment ( which I need to admit first introduced me to many of my life’s knowledge due to it relating to the subject of culture ) , I am also into Personal and Spiritual Growth.

MBTI Personality Types Study for example. New Thought / New Age Spirituality aka Law of Attraction ( to the point of literally witnessing and experiencing paranormal / supernatural phenomenon like telepathy and having a Twin Flame for example ) . And the political philosophy of Anarchism ( Libertarian Socialist / Anarchy-Communism ) which I would consider myself to be a cultural, philosophical, spiritual and pacifist ( but open to self defense and direct action ).

To me , all of these things are positive. 

There’s a quote I remember reading somewhere “ The truth will set you free but it will piss you off first. “

When it comes to Spiritual Awakening, it’s not always about meditation. Sometimes awareness can bring tears, confusion, and even anger. But it will make you a more smarter and more aware person.

Again, I find these things to be positive.

So when there’s concern from anyone when they hear the words “revolution” coming from Anarchists / Leftists. To me, it’s not much different from what was going on during the 1960s and words that were said by John Lennon, George Orwell ( who both were INFPs by the way ) , Abby Hoffman & Jerry Rubin of The Yippies, Bobby Seale & The Black Panther Party , Noam Chomsky ( who’s 91 and still around talking about the COVID-19 / Coronavirus saying that the cause of the virus was a market failure which The Government was well aware of and China informed the United Nations awhile back which they simply ignored. ) etc.

To me, this is THE REAL Left. Not Liberalism. And since the majority of people I care about are liberal, it’s not very easy to come out and say this because such discussion divides people. However I’ve always been for the most part a truth seeker. The world needs love but we live in a world of hate & fear. Another World Is Possible.

Also in times of politics and so forth, when I talk about division, I’m not talking about the right vs the left. Because liberalism is NOT the left. Politics is one of them of course but also generation gap.

Millennials are often stereotyped as ( dare I say it ) SJW ( Social Justice Warriors ) , Special Snowflake generation , Butthurt Crybaby, Identity Politics, Politically Correct Culture , Killjoy Thugs who are emotionally unstable and impulsively out of control.

Not only is this ageist. But such authoritarian attitudes support transphobia, homophobia, more hate crime against oppressed minorities. I bring this up because I’m a Transgender Woman myself.

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s this. We need to listen to one another.

But instead we are shouting at one another.

I think from the political position that I stand for, the true left has heard everything but is often ignored.

I would like to end this on a positive note but first I know exactly as an individual what it’s like to feel alienated, isolated, and misunderstood. As an introvert, I’m really not as outspoken outside cyberspace. I can barely get through a blog video without using “Um” and going off subject laughing.

The point I want to make is this. My first way of expressing myself and the main way is an artist. “Art Is Communication.” 

“Art Should Disturb The Comfortable and Comfort The Disturbed.” But in this time and age, everything is so disgustingly commodified, it’s not even art about life anymore. Satire may keep be backlisted forever as well as being Trans and the beliefs I stand for but no one can stop be for being an artist and take away what I love in life.

I am not out to get attention, I’m not a stereotype. 

Being an artist to be is a youthful spirit of a rebel just like a rock musician, an anarchist, I strongly feel it’s connected. It’s a culture of liberation not a commodity you use and then throw away when you are done with it. 

There’s more to life than what is being told by hierarchical power. In my opinion, Hierarchy is the Problem.

Liberty, Equality & Solidarity as well as a Balance of Mind, Body and Soul is key in my opinion.

Self Love and Open Minded Unity Consciousness knowing that we are all indeed one.

Another World Is Possible, if you want it.

_ Erica

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