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Posted by officialericcrooks - August 5th, 2020


Posted by officialericcrooks - July 29th, 2020

 What does Anarchist mean ?

What does Antifa mean ?

As Anarchists / Antifa becomes more and more recognizable in the news, I can see demonization of the two happening not just from Trump and Mainstream News, but unfortunately ANYONE who misunderstands these political ideologies.

There is a lot of misunderstandings regarding Anarchists and Antifa and I hope what I have to say might possibly help understand what’s going on a little bit better.

First of all, to explain myself. I’m a pacifist, I’m anti-violent. I’m also philosophical , Spiritual, cultural ( satirist ) , and yes, I am an Anarchist / Anti-Fascist.

Allow me to explain.

Not all Anarchists and Anti-fascists are violent. 

The Anarchists and Antifa that you might see in Mainstream Television News differ from people like myself.

There’s actions that I don’t agree with but at the same time, I understand why they might be doing it so I’d like to shine some light on this subject.

The Anarchists that people see on mainstream television news is called “ Insurrectionary Anarchism “.

You might have seen footage of them doing destructive things like throwing molotov cocktails, setting fires, breaking police cars, lighting fireworks and throwing them at police and smashing windows of Starbucks and steal what’s inside.

I for one DISAGREE with these actions. These are actions I would never personally do.

But I might understand why they do these actions.

“ Insurrectionary “ is just one kind of praxis / school of thought, a kind of protest.

I much prefer a more peaceful approach as I mentioned before.

Anarchists don’t want to hurt innocent people. And they are well organize , more than most think.

They are not terrorists, it’s just a different political ideology.

Antifa can relate to Anarchism but also Socialism and Communism which are Leftists / Leftism and not Totalitarian / Authoritarian.

What the Mainstream News shows is Antifa being violent to people. And people like Trevor Noah calling them “Vegan ISIS” . Again they are often misunderstood and demonized.

Antifa NEVER hurts innocent people. There are far-right people of political ideologies beyond Trump and many of them are Trump supporters. These people are the enemies of Antifa because Antifa stands for Anti-Fascists.

These kinds of Fascists are also known as Neo-Fascists / Neo-Nazis / and are also Extreme Racist to the point of MURDER !

It’s strange to me that it’s Antifa that gets demonized more.

Antifa is a self defense group. They know those bullies hurt minorities such as people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, women, different races, etc.

But the violence is usually used as a last resort usually as a way to “Deplatform” their hateful political rallies.

Again, violence is something I don’t necessary agree with and it’s something that I wouldn’t personally do.

But when it comes to minorities being bullied, threatened, etc, this is something that most White Heterosexuals especially men DO NOT SEE ! There’s a lot going on that the news does not report.

So what does a peaceful Antifa mean ? It simply means your Anti-Fascist. If you agree that Adolf Hitler was an evil man, then you are Antifa. That’s all. ;)

But it does bring up another question. Why are both of these groups disrespectful towards police and especially the patriotism of The United States of America.

It’s a difference in political ideology.

Most people are told that there’s only two political ideologies.

Conservative / Republican ( Right ) or Liberal / Democrat ( Left ) .

What school, parents, church, mainstream news, friends / family aren’t aware of is “ The Political Compass “ .

Both Conservatives and Liberals are considered to be “ Authoritarian Right “. 

Both are actually liberals.

Conservatives comes from the “ Classical / Traditional Liberalism “

While what is referred to today as “ Liberalism “ is “ Social Liberalism “.

But of course there’s many progressives that are seen which are often demonized as being emotionally unstable “ Social Justice Warrior / PC thug “ Millennials that need to grow up and realize that the real world isn’t fair.

The same negative attitudes are placed onto Anarchists / Antifa where there are people who strongly believe they need to go to prison, be punished and such political ideologies should be illegal.

I disagree with such negative opinions such as these.

Again, it’s a difference in political ideologies. 

Anarchists are Leftists, Liberals are Not Leftists.

Leftists claim they are the TRUE Left Wing politics where Liberalism is popularly claimed to being “ Left Wing “.

There are differences in political points of view.

The common grounds are very similar in terms of what most consider “ Left Wing / Left Leaning “.

However unlike Liberals, Anarchists are against “ Hierarchical Power over Others “.

According to the FBI . Gov website , Anarchism is legal and so is Antifa just as long as no one violates the law. 

Anarchists question authoritarianism, authority, and hierarchy in a philosophical sense.

Emma Goldman was thrown out of America during the first “ Red Scare “ just for her beliefs.

Charlie Chaplin was also thrown out of America for being an Anarchist, for his beliefs.

John Lennon ALMOST got thrown out of America for being an Anarchist / Leftist which Nixon covered up with the immigration Visa termination and phone tapping and intimidating stalking.

Martin Luther King Jr and Albert Einstein were both Leftists and were against Capitalism.

George Orwell, the author of 1984 and Animal Farm , was a leftist.

Walt Disney had many employs against him during a Strike which he excused his Animators as being “ Communists “.

Lucille Ball was caught for being a registered member of The Communist Party during the 2nd Red Scare aka McCarthyism. 

Also Leftism used to be VERY POPULAR in the 1960s and 1970s.

Bobby Seale and Angela Davis of The Black Panther Party were Marxists / Leftists

Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin of The Yippies were Anarchists

and they were very good friends of John Lennon.

Also underground comix cartoonist and satirist Robert Crumb is a Communist ( as mentioned on his website )

I love the internet because it’s like a public library at your finger tips. What’s unfortunate is that there’s people who would rather trust mainstream news as a legit resource than reading about something on Wikipedia or watching a couple of YouTube videos or even listening to someone’s point of view.

I hope someday , especially currently in the 2020s that the world will eventually become a more peaceful and more understanding place.

It’s all about understanding one another instead of divide and conquer.

We are All One.

_ Erica

For more information on Anarchism

Check on An Anarchist FAQ


And for Antifa, check out the following book

Which is actually more of a history book rather than an actual handbook.


Political Compass video 


An introduction to Liberals from an Anarchist / Leftist


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Posted by officialericcrooks - July 29th, 2020

Trump’s Covid-19 / Coronavirus Doctor “ Stella Immanuel MD “ is a HATEFUL Spiritual Narcissist

Trump's doctor believes in Alien DNA / Demon Sperm. Sure I'm into New Age so I'm open minded to this kind of stuff, however as a Spiritual Anarchist, I do believe what makes a creature evil is due to hierarchical environments. If one doesn't see the evil in Trump, they're FAKE.

Also as a Spiritual Anarchist, I am against hierarchy in spirituality. With that being said.

Stella Immanuel MD IS A FRAUD and needs to be deplatformed !

 She is one of many who harms Spiritual Communities and practice and uses Spirituality as a platform for hate, misinformation and perhaps even narcissism !

This is the sort of thing that I protest time and time again in my blog videos and blog articles.

There is a huge misconception about New Thought / New Age Spirituality / Occult if it’s pseudo-science, conformation bias, or just a big scam , or just another tool used by the capitalist ruling classes.

As a Spiritual Anarchist as well as a Twin Flame, I can say that this paranormal stuff is 100% real and not hierarchical itself.

There’s nothing wrong with witches, demons or aliens. There is a thing about there being evil ones but alone loving ones as well.

But when it comes to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus , and they are a doctor, they need to GET TO WORK and focus on SCIENCE because THAT is what SCIENCE is meant for. We are all in 3D Earth, Not 5D Earth. We are living in a Capitalist Hierarchical Global Society, Not an Anarchist one yet. The Doctor’s focus needs to be focused on the work of curing those with Covid-19 / Coronavirus with the knowledge of a doctor. If the doctor wants to talk to the Universe in terms of a spiritual prayer if prayer or telepathy prayer and visualize a white light or white bubble of light of the positive energy of unconditional love and light to help things, that’s fine but THAT NEEDS TO COME AFTER AND THAT CAN NOT BE A DISTRACTION TO URGENT MATTERS SUCH AS COVID-19 / Coronavirus , The doctor can be free to do that when they go home !

I don’t appreciate this doctor using Spirituality knowledge and practice as a platform for misinformation and hate.

Especially Transphobia.

This person needs to be platformed , especially when it comes to “ she praised a father’s decision to not love his transgender son ( Trans Man ) after a gender transition. “

I am so sick and tired of “ Divide & Conquer “. People who hate people just because they are not CisHet are people who have never taken the time to see that people who differ from them are just as human as they are.

As a Lightworker / Twin Flame , one of the big missions I’ve got is to expose the truth and help bring about unconditional love & light to the world. That’s what we need. The World Needs Love but We Live In A World of Hate & Fear !

We need Unity Consciousness ! That is what is going to bring us to World Peace !

We need people to listen to their conscious and intuition, heart and soul, not the hierarchical authoritarian lies that has been played onto them by authority figures and politicians.

John Lennon was right “ All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance “ .

Whenever I hear things about Trump hiring a doctor who uses Spirituality as a platform of Hate & Misinformation, People using Spirituality to platform hateful ideologies aka Alt-Right Fascism ( Anarchism is a loving and peaceful one relating to the philosophy that hierarchy should be replaced with All Power To The People living in the organized philosophies of Liberty - Equality & Solidarity ) , or someone just cashing in on it and or using it as a platform for Narcissistic Abuse / Hierarchical Cult. 

Most people think Psychic Ability is a con / a scam. Carl Jung talked about iNtuition so it does exist. Telepathy and Metaphysics / Quantum Physics as well. The problem like everything Anarchists are against is “Hierarchy ( aka Power over Others, Domination of Others, Exploitation of Others, Anti-Social Behavior that takes away the liberty of others and harms others, etc ).

Most people believe that this stuff is fake and harmful just like how Antifa / Anarchism is demonized in the news.

Very misunderstood

It’s amazing how Trump is still on term 1 and he’s accomplished to be everything I’m against and how there’s specific proof that I’m automatically an enemy of Trump even if I never spoke up in the first place.


_ Erica

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Posted by officialericcrooks - July 26th, 2020

New Spitting Image Isn't Going To Be As Good As The Original

This article from 7/15/2020 caught my attention today,


The last time we heard any news prior , Spitting Image was going to be on BritBox and it still is , but before that it was announced as being revived as an “ American Spitting Image “ on NBC while at the same time Les Guignols De L’info was in talks of a possible deal with Fox.

Roger Law talked in 2018 about American writers writing the show while the show would be filmed in the UK.

From the looks of what I’m reading in the article, the New Spitting Image Isn’t Going To Be As Good As The Original.

In 2018, Roger Law hinted that he needed the money. He’s 78 and owns the other half of copyright to Spitting Image. 

Spitting Image’s fanbase is unfortunately very small and or not as vocal as most fanbases on the internet. Still one thing is for sure, for the most part, Spitting Image views on YouTube get decent views.

Spitting Image used to get 15 million viewers a week at most. But it seems like it’s not enough to sell those Bob Crow quote shirts like they used to “ If We All Spit Together , We’ll Drown The Bastard.”

However , fans demand the same quality as they got from 1980s Spitting Image and are less than satisfied to received anything less. As much as I enjoyed 2DTV and Newzoids ( and I agree, Headcases was CRAP ! ) still, it’s not what the fans want.

In the 2000s, rumors through out mentioned the status regarding the possible return of Spitting Image. John Lloyd seemed the most enthusiastic about a possible revival. At one point, he got Private Eye’s and Spitting Image’s ORIGINAL head writers / satirists ( WHO ARE STILL AT PRIVATE EYE MAGAZINE BY THE WAY ) Ian Hislop and Nick Newman to write a pilot. ( Something unfortunately we are not going to be seeing in the new Spitting Image which we desperately need. ) . 

The closest we ever got to a New Spitting Image was when Spitting Image ( like ) Ant & Dec puppets hosted the documentary special “ Best Ever Spitting Image “ which was one out of several Spitting Image documentary specials that were coming out at the time most likely to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary such as “ Must See TV “ & the Comedy Connections documentary ( which didn’t feature the Ant & Dec puppets ) .

It’s been rumored that since the Ant & Dec puppets were made without approval from Roger Law who owns the trademark & copyright of the Spitting Image brand ( Brand ? WTF ? ) , he said no to the revival. However it was captioned on the bottom of the screen shortly after the Ant & Dec puppets appeared that they were created because the show couldn’t be revived.

The Ant & Dec puppets were designed, built and performed by people who were involved on Spitting Image so in my opinion, they count as Spitting Image puppets.

John Lloyd often went from being in talks with Roger Law and anyone involved in the original series mentioning how they would love to return and doing everything he could to get something going to mentioning how the show couldn’t be revived because of the publics ability to mock politicians in power on the internet easily ( which of course is the worst excuse ever ) .

But the real reason was the show is considered to be the most expensive kind of TV show to produce. This is on of the reasons why Les Guignols De L’info has beat Spitting Image , they had more money than Spitting Image ever had and they went further than Spitting Image ever had in terms of how far they would go regarding razor sharp political satire. Les Guignols De L’info’s political satire was often dark, pretty much reviving the spirit of “Every Bomb You Drop ( Every Breath You Take parody which they were able to actually get Sting to sing the parody to his own song , and then satirize him on the show in 1986 but eventually got him to voice his own puppet in the Peter & The Wolf special which Spitting Image puppets was the only Spitting Image thing about the special ).”

Les Guignols De L’info got on the nerves of Billionaire Vincent Bolloré that him and his friend ( and regular target of Les Guignols De L’info since the mid 1990s ) Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to end the show in 2015 which resulted as forcing the show to change and therefore cause viewership to drop until it’s cancelation in 2018.

Spitting Image ALSO changed by the 1990s, but WORSE than what Les Guignols De L’info which still had some charm to it regardless of drop in dark political satire , writers, show runner, and budget.

Bill Dare made the discussion to make Spitting Image a “Funny popular comedy show” which he later made “Dead Ringers” which is like a radio version of Spitting Image and ironically similar to Spitting Image’s roots being partly inspired by satirical radio program “ Week Ending”.

However with Spitting Image by the 1990s, the only thing that was razor sharp satire and entertaining was occasional moments but mostly the music parodies / music satires that still stayed as anti-establishment as ever, the music parodies / music satires were still good.

And the puppetry was still energetic and slapstick comedy like.

But other then that, 1990s Spitting Image just seemed like a puppet show version of Saturday Night Live. It wasn’t as slow and Americanized like Headcases, but 2DTV and Headcases WAS FUNNIER THAN 1990s Spitting Image.

1990s Spitting Image is the rarest of Spitting Image to find because it has barely been released on DVD. But even with the worst of Spitting Image, there is something interesting there. Even Peter & The Wolf and that Johnny Condom Sex-Education film.

But in order for a successful Spitting Image revival to happen, satire ALWAYS depends on the satirists’ own political ideology. 

Les Guignols De L’info was known for being leftist / left populous and ending their anti-American Imperialism / Capitalism ( aka The World Company / War In Iraq / etc )

gave them the “ Anti-American “ reputation.  

Charlie Hebdo which was similar to Les Guignols De L’info but in Magazine form admitted to being Leftist / Anarchist / Far Left Leaning.

When it came to Spitting Image , 

Steve Nallon mentioned that Roger Law was a “ socialist “ . Roger Law is often seen in interviews wearing a cap with a Red Star on it, even today.

And John Lloyd even mentioned how there was Leftists involved at Spitting Image.

“ I was you know, the liberal voting middle-of-the-road reasonable BBC trained producer trying to mediate between these lunatics and they were all Marxist ( shaking fist ) , you know , Che Guevara hats and all this kind of stuff. “ _ John Lloyd ( Whatever Happened To Spitting Image 2014 / BFI Panel Discussion at the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Spitting Image screening. )

" In the past most caricaturists ( satirical cartoonist ) had to work by themselves. The best caricaturists ( satirists ) are obsessive. The best ones work obsessively. They probably have a deeply distressful nature. Maybe romantics , Idealists , moralists , or social reformers. They object to what’s around them. But the ability to make people laugh at a funny face is a very fascinating tool and a weapon. “ 

_ Peter Fluck ( Satirist / Caricaturist / Puppet Maker / Co-creator of Spitting Image . 

  • Whatever Happened To Spitting Image ( documentary ) 2014 * ) 

Like all great political activists, they had a vision and praxis.

Unfortunately at some point, many just gave up or retired to just give interviews and write books for the next generation as they get older.

Ian Hislop admitted to being a Democrat ( Liberal Democrat … I’m guessing ) in a BBC interview in 2019.

Many people mentioned how Private Eye has lost it’s razor sharp satirical edge and of course Ian Hislop has been editor of Private Eye Magazine since 1986 which at the same time he was able to being one of the head writers / satirists along with his writing parter Nick Newman ( also at Private Eye Magazine and still is ) , as well as being a part of “ Have I Got News For You “ since it’s beginning.

Spitting Image Writer Steve Punt criticized “ Have I Got News For You “ in the Comedy Connections documentary as being one of the causes for Spitting Image’s cancelation because network executives could see how that show’s budget was cheaper next to Spitting Image questioning why should they pay such a budge budget for a topical satirical comedy show.

Ian Hislop’s political stance regardless if he is a “ Democrat “ usually seemed loosely because Ian Hislop’s own political ideology has often been a mystery and not mentioned until recently in that interview.

Still we need to remember that Ian Hislop and the other Spitting Image writers were just as razor sharp in their political satire to David Owen & David Steel to the point where they accused Spitting Image for ruining their chances in winning the 1987 Election.

If you ever watch Ian Hislop on Have I Got News For You or see him in interviews / lectures or behind the scenes at work at Private Eye Magazine ,

his sense of satirical humor is recognizable to classic 1980s Spitting Image.

Out of all of those who worked on Spitting Image , he was the one still spitting and kept the satirical spirit of Spitting Image alive.

I would say that Ian Hislop’s focus is on satire more than being devoted to a strict political ideology.

It’s hard to say if Ian Hislop was a leftist, but as an admirer of George Orwell as well as the history of Satire itself, he is familiar with it.

Ian Hislop has probably been best known as “ THE MOST SUED MAN IN BRITAIN “ because of his satire in Private Eye. He often got sued while being a writer at Spitting Image which often got mentioned on the show.

And when he left the show, like Spitting Image impressionist / voice artist “ John Sessions “ the debut of his own Spitting Image puppet came shortly after.

It obviously shows how important Ian Hislop’s involvement on Spitting Image just like Jerry Juhl with The Muppets, the writers don’t usually get as much attention as the main performers do but they are just as important.

With Ian Hislop able to still be a part of Have I Got News For You, Still be an editor at Private Eye along with Nick Newman, it shows that even at the age of 60 , he still an active satirist.

According to Steve Nallon ( aka Thatcher on Spitting Image ) on his blog article on his website “ Satire or Just Spit “ as well as a TV interview ,

Steve Nallon even though wasn’t a writer on the show, also has a fondness for the literary art form of satire.

“Somewhere in the satirist’s heart there must be an anger about the way the world is. 

Or should that be how people are? 

The targets of satire are often seen to be of political systems, institutions or class structures

 but equally there are of the human failings of hypocrisy, greed, piety, pride and pretension.

The satirist isn’t a cynic, but a disillusioned romantic who 

deep down wants the world to be better than it is 

and is pretty pissed off that it isn’t. 

The creative forces of the satirist come from a sublimation of anger and indignation 

refined and combined with a talent for the comic or caricature. 

But sometimes the anger isn’t too far below the surface. Indeed, on a personal level,

 the weakness of the satirist is often how easily he ( or she ) is riled. 

they seek to correct the culture around them that threatens their own 

values rather than the prevailing ideology. The very fact that satirists 

are allowed to say the things they do within the framework of a 

dominant socio-economic capitalist structure merely

 proves they are ultimately servants of the system rather than its enemy. “

“ If I had a message to young satirists it would be …. Learn to care.

 Learn to care about the world and not be so cynical about it. ”

 _ Steve Nallon 

However Roger Law decided for “ A New Generation of Writers and Voice Artists “ to come for the New Spitting Image.

Still as I mentioned earlier, it makes me wonder about the tale of Two Roger Laws.

The Satirist / The Leftist and The Sell Out.

Unlike Les Guignols De L’info ( Even though there was the show and it’s revival that’s still on the air WHICH IS ACTUALLY GOOD ! The revival is probably better than the original. Les Minikeums . )

Spitting Image was known for selling out on commercials as far back as Spitting Image’s popularity in 1986. Even at one time doing a french train commercial.

The Genesis music video “ Land of Confusion “ still to this day is the most popular thing Spitting Image has ever done.

And as I mentioned, Johnny Condom and Peter & The Wolf.

One of the reasons I’ve heard was because Spitting Image Productions went into debt.

It’s strange how there was a video a few years ago of Roger Law setting fire to many of the legal letterheads and legal documents of Spitting Image Productions ( Legal stuff not the creative puppet stuff which he donated to the University he used to go to. ) and in 2013 mentioning that Spitting Image could be a “ Cult thing on the net “ but still being aware that Network Executives are “ Americanized “ and are too cautious about budgets which they want to “ cover their bottom “ .

Without getting too much into it for now, there could be another reason.

Roger Law is 78. Many times when giving lectures, he would have a cane on him.

In 2018 he mentioned “I’m far too old, I shouldn’t be in the studio like this. “

Also he has silver teeth.

Roger Law is getting old. Like Jim Henson, He was in his 40s during his famous show.

So since Roger Law owns the copyrights / trademarks of Spitting Image, 

donated what he had of Spitting Image to a University,

Perhaps it’s not only for him to earn money in his pocket.

He has a ceramic business where he made GIANT bowls,

he even moved to China making them too.

Roger Law has always been known as been a very active , working sculpture.

But again, because Spitting Image’s fanbase is small,

perhaps in a way,

Roger Law is trying to SAVE SPITTING IMAGE’S LEGACY !

At the time where President Donald J Trump is the most recognizable and HATED Far-Right politician in the world, what better time is it to revive Spitting Image and perhaps to save it.

This is just my opinion. 

There was a crowdfunded Roger Law documentary that still hasn’t been released however Roger did write a couple of books. One is a rare one from the 1990s “ A Nasty Piece of Work “ and his autobiography which is available on Kindle / ebook format.

In conclusion ,

This article proves to me that the New Spitting Image revival on Britbox regardless of Roger Law’s involvement IS NOT GOING TO BE AS GOOD AS THE 1980s original.

The puppets however bring back the dark irreverence as it did during the 1980s.

But still, the obvious signs can’t be ignored.

Capitalism is even worse than it has ever before. Thatcher came from the start of Neo-Liberalism and now is Late Stage Capitalism.

While watching “ Whatever Happened To Spitting Image “ listening to Peter Fluck mentioning how he gave up on satire when he started to believe that it wasn’t going to change anything and that caricaturists / satirists weren’t going to change the world, as well as how negative and depressing it got after while.

As a satirist and Anarchist and satirical puppeteer myself, I have discovered that satire is good praxis in terms of building an Anti-Authoritarian culture ( Cultural Anarchism ) . Also Spiritually it relates to the Heyoka Mirror Empath ( Sacred Clown ) .

The Capitalist Ruling Class is the enemies of life, if we had a popular anti-authoritarian culture that was even stronger than the movements and culture of the 1960s , we could finally have REVOLUTION for a Better World !

As John Lloyd mentioned , “ Spitting Image was a show that made people laugh and made people think. “ and it was often said that Spitting Image made politics popular, especially to Youth Culture.

If you compared 1980s Spitting Image to 1990s Spitting Image , you’ll notice many differences.

Politically it seems to me that 1990s Spitting Image was kind of LIBERAL compared to 1980s Spitting Image which was basically Left Wing but leaning towards Leftism which is the best kind of Political Satire you can ask for.

However, if they wanted to risk everything and get right down to Anarchist propaganda, be my guest. :)

“ All Art Is Properganda, on the other hand, not all propaganda is art. “ _ George Orwell

There’s a quote I often see which I’m not sure where it originated from , but it’s 

“ Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. “

The ending of Series 12 of Spitting Image was probably the final time Spitting Image did something that was pure serious political satire ( even though it was Conservatives dressed up as Hippies ) .

Spitting Image had serious moments, and cared about the unemployed and the homeless.

I don’t care how many YouTube videos a Spitting Image fan can comment on,

No one can be a true Spitting Image fan and a RIGHT WING bully / cyberbully / cyberstalker !

Satire is a left wing thing, always anti-authoritarian.

Unfortunately , popular satire especially in America is just like it’s politics.

Liberal or Libertarian Party.

What’s why Saturday Night Live isn’t as funny in comparison.

Perhaps that’s why Mad Magazine lost it’s edge years ago.

Perhaps that’s why South Park is now Right Wing Libertarian ( Party ) .

Americans aren’t as good at Satire as those in Europe ,

America is too patriotic / nationalistic and pro-capitalism while the rest of the world HATES THEM !

Les Guignols De L’info was even featured as well as Ian Hislop in the PBS crossroads documentary “ Anti-Americans : A Love / Hate Relationship “.

If you live in America, being Anti-American and being Leftist is a Taboo.

So when you have the head writer being a member of the Writers Guild of America who’s responsible for Zombie Simpsons / Jerk-Ass Homer / episodes of The Simpsons which Classic fans HATE !

It doesn’t matter if the puppets are going to be great.

Like Classic Simpsons vs Current Zombie Simpsons, 

there’s a difference between rebelling within the system as satirists not caring about getting fired vs

being civil and fair to everyone as well as making .

Probably because of Late Stage Capitalism, 

not even Liberals who once did great satirical and creative things 

aren’t as rebellious as they once were.

In the 1980s, Thatcher and Regan were the main targets.

On Les Guignols De L’info and 1980s Spitting Image, EVERYONE was a target because they were The Establishment.

Every Bomb You Drop as well as Genesis’s “ Land of Confusion “ , the lyrics explained the political spirit which is satire and Spitting Image.

Perhaps this is why Phil Collins dropped his lawsuit which we was going to sue Spitting Image for the sketch “ I’m So Lonely “.

Still, that didn’t stop them for saying things on the lines of “Piss Off , Bald Headed Git ! “ and other similar insults. ;)

There's too many men

Too many people

Making too many problems

And not much love to go round

Can't you see

This is a land of confusion.

This is the world we live in

And these are the hands we're given

Use them and let's start trying

To make it a place worth living in.

Every bomb you make, (Ronald Reagan)

And every job you take, (Margaret Thatcher)

Every heart you break, (Arthur Scargill and Ian MacGregor)

Every Irish wake, (Ian Paisley)

I’ll be watching you…

Every wall you build, (Erich Honecker)

And everyone you've killed, (Robert Mugabe)

Every grave you've filled, (Fidel Castro)

All the blood you've spilled, (Colonel Gadaffi)

I’ll be watching you…

Oh, can't you see? (Erich Honecker)

You belong to me. (Idi Amin)

There’ll be a bill to pay, (Leonid Brezhnev)

On that judgement day... (Adolf Hitler)

For every empty plate, (Indira Gandhi)

And every word of hate, (Ruhollah Khomaini)

Those who subjugate, (P.W. Botha)

Those who violate, (Konstantin Chernenko)

I’ll be watching you… (Death)

_ Spitting Image ( 1984 )

As proven by the cancelations of Spitting Image and Les Guignols De L’info , perhaps even The Simpsons’ attempt to attack The Authoritarian Family within the system only to end up being Liberal and now owned by The Walt Disney Company,

This is what happens when you work within the systems and you trust capitalists of any kind,

they aren’t easily outsmarted.

Still, what made shows satirical and creative in the past, was there were open minded liberal executives who were willing to take a chance and allow things to slide past them.

Today it’s impossible. 

The best political satire anyone could make these days are outside of the system which is what I do with my satirical puppetry and cartooning work for 15 years now.

I’m still excited to see new Spitting Image. 

Even if it isn’t going to be as good as the original.

I’m just saying, if your expecting a return of Jon Glover, Chris Barrie and all the original Voice Artists & Impressionists ,

If your expecting a return of satirist writers like Ian Hislop and Nick Newman,

If your expecting the satirist praxis of working within the system towards a leftist revolution,

Chances most likely then not, it’s not going to happen.

Maybe I’m just expressing this as an Anarchist but if Right Wing politics disappeared,

Don’t be fooled.

Right Wing politics is a part of the problem,

but the root cause of ALL political problems is Hierarchical Power over others.

Don’t Forget To Spit !

It’d like to end this with the last words of Spitting Image.

Their Twist & Shout parody that ended the series.

( some of the lryics while watching the video were hard to translate but I did my best. )

“ Well, You know we make you want to SPIT,

Forever Grinning, SPIT

I’m Never Winning , SPIT,

Nucular Testing, SPIT

I Loath Protesting, SPIT

All The Knee Capping, SPIT,

All The Crap Acting, SPIT

Rubbish Telly ( TV / Television ) , SPIT

Bein’ Smelly , SPIT

Don’t forget , we make you ill.

And don’t forget to Spit.

I don’t remember all the weapons we’ve sold,

Oh that was awhile ago, when you were only 96 years old.

And sure that you know, we’ve been bad to you before,

We’ve been looking after ourselves,


We’ve got our tits out,

I’ve got my ritz out,


Nelson Mandela,

The National Lottery,

Virginia Bottomley,

Why aren’t we divorced yet,

The Guardian is a nuisance,

Toe Sucking,

Present Plucking,


They Make You Idiots,

Say You’ll Spit

Throw your head back baby

Say You’ll Spit

Throw Your Head Back Baby

Spit Now

Everybody Spit Now

Everybody Spit Spit Spit Spit Spit etc

You Know I’m Feeling Alright. “

One other thing, the Bob Crow quote

“ Spit On Your Own and You can’t do anything, but, IF WE ALL SPIT TOGETHER, WE’LL DROWN THE BASTARDS. ! “

_ Erica

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Posted by officialericcrooks - July 22nd, 2020

Beavis & Butt-head - A Product of It’s Time ?

Thoughts about the 2020 Beavis & Butt-head revival. Is it necessary in today’s time and age ? 


To get an idea of where I’m going with this, first of all, I’ve been a HUGE fan of Beavis & Butt-head since I was way too young to watch the show. Ironically I must have been watching the reruns in 1997 since that’s when the show was canceled. There was also South Park, Celebrity Deathmatch, Cartoon Sushi, The Simpsons ( slowly losing it’s edge but I was being introduced to it, probably around 2001 or so ) , etc.

The 1990s era of Animation has been one of my strongest influences as an artist.

Not a lot of people get Beavis & Butt-head and don’t realize that it’s in fact a satire on Toxic Masculinity. The big question is, will that be the aims of satirist ( or ex-satirist ) Mike Judge depending on his own personal political ideology beliefs. That’s the key ingredient to satire and satirists, what is your politics, what is your political ideology.

Mike Judge might as well be the same as Trey Parker & Matt Stone of South Park.

But there’s something different about American satire vs satire in France, United Kingdown, Europe , etc. 

Satire in Europe seems more left wing. Spitting Image / Les Guignols and Charlie Hebdo are known for it’s Leftist ( not Liberal ) leanings. I strongly feel that this is the best way to lampoon both liberals and conservatives equally. And when it comes to acceptable political satire working within the system, just presenting it as “ It’s not bias because every politician and person in power is lampooned equally. “ is what made these shows stay on the air and protected by their networks. However of course, Vincent Bolloré who bought Canal+ HATED Les Guignols De L’info and canceling the show immediately or slowly destroying it’s popularity allowing for a natural cancelation due to low ratings most likely could have been due to a favor 

of his rich friend and long time satirical target of the show “ Nicolas Sarkozy “ who was often presented as narcissistic , fascistic, superficial, and destructive anger management problems to the point of destroying rooms as well as often laughed at by Jacques Chirac.

Spitting Image’s Bill Dare decided to in his words “Make the show more popular and funny above all else.” which made Spitting Image between Series 11 - 13 until it’s cancelation in 1996 just seem like a fast pace puppet show version of Saturday Night Live. But only time will tell if the upcoming Spitting Image revival this year on Britbox will be just as razor sharp as Les Guignols De L’info which in many ways went further than Spitting Image between the mid 1990s - 2000s until it’s cancelation in 2018. Although many feel that the show lost a lot of edge when it was reformatted until Vincent Bolloré’s wishes which included firing and replacing the writers as well as eventually the show runner. 

 Charlie Hebdo however is not a TV program but a publication. 5 Years ago , several of the longtime satirists were murdered. Still the Charlie Hebdo publication continued shortly after regardless. Charlie Hebdo is often seen as Leftist.

Private Eye Magazine who’s editor since 1986 Ian Hislop ( One of the original head satirists of Spitting Image until 1988 ) has mentioned that his political ideology is “ Liberal Democrat “. However as Spitting Image clearly showed, he didn’t mind mocking them either.

American satire is different. Democrat voting Liberals are often the most popular and often understood as “ The Left “ by the masses, even though leftists disagree. However when it comes to people in America who are neither a conservative or liberal, most often than not, they choose “ The Libertarian Party “. The Libertarian Party ( not to be confused with “ Libertarians “ which in Leftism means something completely different and Leftist like Libertarian Socialism aka Anarchism for example ) , those who support The Libertarian Party could be either socially liberal or socially conservative or be economically liberal or economically conservative, or like the other name “ Independent “ would choose which issues they are for and which ones they are against as if it was a personal choice. Those who support The Libertarian Party are just as patriotic / nationalistic , pro-capitalism and pro-government than liberals and conservatives. 

But in my opinion, the best satire always came from the left. Everything has.

Like Bill Maher, he’s either a hit or miss. His anti-religion documentary “ Religulous “ is probably the best thing he’s ever done. Perhaps the same could be said regarding Mike Judge’s Idiocracy in which satire isn’t necessarily anti-capitalist however in many ways could be seen as a satire caricaturing a worst case senecio dystopia of how capitalism can destroy the human mind, society, and survival . South Park had many great satires which most of them were anti-establishment . Even Daria ( which was a Beavis & Butt-head spin off ) was pro-feminist with it’s head characters Daria and Jane Lane ( a Punk Androgynous Lesbian who’s secretly in the closet ) . 

But like Daria, Beavis & Butt-head and South Park , the satirists were never afraid to lampoon the rise of 1990s social liberalism at the time which can be seen as progressive today.

But perhaps that’s where political ideologies and satirist clash with their ideas.

What is considered the left ? What is considered satirizing liberalism ? And is satirizing liberalism / progressivism / cancel culture and political correctness the same as satirizing the left ?

Satire has always been known as a misunderstood literary art just as much as Anarchism being a misunderstood political philosophy.

Because of the age of Trump, conservatism and liberalism might still exist and battle with a “ Culture War “ , however most people aren’t aware of the giant one that’s going on between Anarchists / Leftists / anyone who’s a minority vs Alt Right Fascism ( Who’s political ideology is right wing terrorism, hate, fear, bullying on and offline and murder. ) 

Conservatives are siding more with fascistic ideas like they always have through out history like the rise of the KKK for example. Even though Liberals & Progressives are protesting more currently due to the murder of an innocent black man by racist police which gave rise to Black Lives Matter direct action protests which many Anarchists / Leftists are joining in to help fight against the injustice.

Because of that, because of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis which is still going on as well as the others, 

A big question is “ Is Brand New Episodes of Beavis & Butt-head “ an appropriate answer to heal the masses funny bones during these tragic times ?

The popularity of Satire is questionable. Les Guignols De L’info was under threat of cancelation in 2015 but was canceled in 2018, Mad Magazine ended in 2019, Spitting Image’s return could be later this year on Britbox.

Mad Magazine has been one of the most strongest influencers to popular satire since the 1950s. William Gaines once mentioned that the magazine itself was liberal and later in the 1980s he mentioned that the magazine took no sides.

But as I mentioned earlier , a satirists’ political ideology is the key to the written satire.

Those who are neither Liberal or Conservative can be apolitical ( unlikely if they are a satirist ) , centrist , Libertarian Party / Independent ( usually the majority of American satirists in modern times next to Democrat voting Liberals ) , or LEFTISTS ( the least popular satirist who more than ever would not ever be given the opportunity to work within the system today ).

The caricatures of liberals seen in the original run of Beavis & Butt-head as well as Daria are tame compared to South Park.

As Trey Parker & Matt Stone once expressed “We hate Conservatives but WE REALLY HATE LIBERALS ! “

This brings me back to the following questions,

What is considered the left ? What is considered satirizing liberalism ? And is satirizing liberalism / progressivism / cancel culture and political correctness the same as satirizing the left ?


Most people, especially Americans are NOT aware of class conscious and leftism.

If anything, leftism is often discriminated , misunderstood and stereotyped.

You probably heard many of these yourself.

The ideas of all Communism is totalitarian and often compared to current Countries like Russia and China instead of separating what true Left Communism is like The Black Panther Party stood for.

Or even the idea that Socialism means ending up like a third world country which not only is prejudice and xenophobic but also ignoring what socialism really is.

Anarchists are often viewed from the actions of “ Insurrectionary Anarchists “ and whenever ANTIFA confronts a dangerous Alt-Right / Fascist propaganda rally out of defense against Hate, Speech and Violence, ANTIFA is immediately demonized and humiliated just like what Trevor Noah did on The Daily Show.

Gay Marriage has legalized in 2015 and there’s more awareness about Transgender / Non-Binary people than ever before, and as a Transgender Lesbian Woman I am very grateful for this awareness.

However, did any of this as well as Rainbow Capitalism stop prejudice hate and fear against LGBTQ+ people ? No.

Likewise, if Liberals wanted fast food restaurants to have papercups and paperbags say “ Black Lives Matter “ , promote the idea that it’s racist for anyone who’s white to perform the voice of a Black character or even a Celebrity who happens to be Black even if it was done in a respectful NON-RACIST manner - it’s considered cancel culture , and does any of those things really and truly stop racism ? NO ! The problem is capitalism. It’s class struggle.

But as I read somewhere, Black Leftists are often ignored and not taken as seriously as Black Liberals.


South Park today is NOT the same South Park it was back in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the show was good in my opinion. But still, it was attracting conservative viewership to the point where books like “ South Park Conservatives “ were being written.

And in recent times, because the current South Park’s targets are mostly “ ANTI-Political Correctness “ , it’s gaining popularity with the Alt-Right.

The very show that can be irreverent but at the same time show empathy, sympathy and awareness such as the Ms Garrison Pro-Transgender episodes are long forgotten and instead we have Politically Correct Liberal Progressives with a Toxic Masculine caricature.

One being a bearded muscular wrestler character who beats women and claims to be a Post-Op Transgender Woman on HRT ( from what I’ve heard ) .

Liberalism is not Leftists, but Leftists do Left Wing politics BETTER because we are class conscious ! Hierarchical Power over others is the problem.

With Mike Judge’s past failure such as the all anti-liberal “ Goodie Family “ which goes further than Mr. Van Driessen on Beavis & Butt-head , as well as how King Of The Kill could be seen as Pro-Conservative, The big question is… why is this the most important political issue to satirize ?

Spitting Image came out against the fascistic / neoliberalism of far right wing politicians Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan . 

Many people were becoming unemployed, the homeless population was increasing , and even though I wasn’t around or even in the same country as Spitting Image’s popularity in the 1980s , like Les Guignols De L’info , it’s not like it’s just an adult comedy puppet show with fictional characters. Both were Topical political satire shows and way more razor sharp than Saturday Night Live.

So if the reason for going after liberals is simply because 

“ The world is becoming way too politically correct and over sensitive over nothing. All this social justice warriors and cancel culture. All I see is a bunch of adults acting like babies. GROW UP ! LIFE ISN’T FAIR ! Not everyone is going to respect your identity ! Why don’t you get up off your ass, work your way out of debt to economic security, settle down with someone who generally likes and is attracted to you and JUST TAKE SOME F**KING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY INSTEAD OF BOTHERING EVERYONE ! YOUR AN ADULT NOW, ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU, NO ONE ELSE ! LIBERALS, WAKE THE F**K UP ! “

Then, how can this possibly be satire ? Satire has always been a left wing tradition.

This sounds like siding with the enemy known as Authoritarianism to me.

I can go on about how South Park and everyone else failed at attacking liberalism like the South Park episode “ Die Hippie Die “ where neo-hippies are stereotyped as drug addict liberals. The 1960s was in fact a very spiritual times. Not only was New Thought / New Age Spirituality a great alternative from the religious right but there was a giant Anti-Authoritarian Counter-Culture. Also leftists such as Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin of The Yippies ( The Youth International Party - which was Anarchist by the way since there was no Political Party but a Political Philosophy, Hilarious Satirical Prank Guerrilla Theater Protests and Activist Movements. ) , Bobby Seale & Angela Davis of The Black Panther Party and yes even John Lennon himself.

And let’s not forget the many other inspirational civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr as well as Noam Chomsky who was promoting Anarchism in Intellectual Debates.

So what made Beavis & Butt-head so great in the first place ?

It was a satire on Toxic Masculinity since it’s first animated short “ Frog Baseball “ was shown at the Spike & Mike Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation.

Before the internet, this was the hotspot for independent underground cartoon animators and their short films.

The reason why pop culture was great in the first place, was that it USED to have somewhat decent executive producers who welcomed creative freedom and creator control over their shows. Even though the conglomerate would own the copyright and trademark over the show, dictate if the show was over, the less show notes the better of course ;) , but some show creators were also rewarding with a certain percentage over the merchandise.

If you were going to work within the system, you would need to be referred or discovered.

And if you have a sense of Ego, such narcissism will come back and haunt you. 

The documentary “ Happy Happy Joy Joy : The Ren & Stimpy Story “ can be served as a great example.

There were good somewhat liberal executives which made the artists who worked within the system’s dream come true.

But today, if you were a satirist who was left leaning, most likely then not, you wouldn’t make it passed an executive’s interest.

It’s all about fighting for creative control.

But keep in mind, this was before YouTube and Crowdfunding.

In the case of Beavis & Butt-head, Mike Judge had creative freedom and the people who worked on it had a good time. That’s the best way a show can be done.

As I said before, Beavis & Butt-head was a satire on Toxic Masculinity.

It started out as a general satirical observation and caricature of Juvenile Delinquency with a very skeptical / cynical view rather than relating it to class struggle.

The morals and ethics of the satire which is Beavis & Butt-head is a simple one.

“ Don’t become like Beavis & Butt-head. Don’t let the future generations of teenage boys end up like Beavis & Butt-head. “

Beavis & Butt-head in the first few seasons were much more darker satirical caricatures then what they ended up becoming. Originally they were violent , bullies, extremely destructive, drug experimenters, and anti-social. 

Beavis & Butt-head of course ended up becoming ignorant comedy duos who laughed at any innuendo that came to mind.

Beavis would be a character with a love of gross toilet humor which I’ve always appreciated about the show. But as highlighted in the “ It’s a Wonderful Life “ parody , the show revealed a heart which wasn’t just another “ Oh there’s ol’ Gullible Mr. Van Driessen , that liberal / progressive hippie who always thinks positive about humanity even though he always gets physically hurt somehow “ gag ( Which of course, I thought he was a lovable positive character on the show even if he was just seen as an anti-liberal / anti-left wing caricature. ) .

Beavis WAS different than Butt-head.

In the episode, it revealed that Beavis was in truth the vulnerable outcast who could succeed without Butt-head ( who was pretty much a self-centered and narcissistic ) .

The Miracle of Beavis highlighted this a little bit too.

If Beavis was friends with Stuart, he would be more like Stuart and help the homeless in the soup kitchen.

This was the truth about Beavis.

The “ It’s a Wonderful Life “ parody episode revealed that it was BUTT-HEAD who was the real villain, not Beavis.

This was the hidden heart of the show. The empathy and sympathy which we should have for Beavis.

But of course out of the two, Beavis is probably the favorite out of the two as Stimpy would be of Ren & Stimpy.

This is one of the important elements of satire, empathy / sympathy as it is with life.

When the show ended with the final season after the movie, and of course the episode “Beavis & Butt-head are Dead “ , 

it does feel like a satisfying closer to the show.

Fans are always excited to see Beavis & Butt-head make a surprise appearance which they often did through the years.

Even in 3D right before the Jackass 3D Movie ( which was the only reason why I went to see it . ) 

One of the other great things about Beavis & Butt-head that was most memorable was the anti-establishment satirical commentaries on the music videos.

The earlier seasons didn’t have it as much but the mid - later seasons was just as funny as Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It was a different side to the characters, they were now the voices of the frustrated viewer of crass media as MST3K was.

This is another favorite part of the show that I enjoy.

The show was revived for MTV2 in 2011,

There was some interesting moments like an episode “ Crying “ which looks like it was inspired by a specific Mad Magazine parody where Butt-head dies and Beavis has no sympathy for, which elderly caricatures were very similar to the Mad Magazine ones.

But it still didn’t have the satirical charm the original one did.

One of the things that is often said is that the youth are left leaning while the middle age are more right leaning, even middle aged liberals are more for civility instead of liberating direct action protests.

Perhaps the same could be said with satirists or any creative talent that worked within the system if wealthy or just having a longtime freelance career with many fans who enjoy the labor they created as a worker.

Anger and Dissatisfaction is the spirit of the liberating soul. 

It’s what gave us music like Rock & Roll which could be used to promote the sexual revolution or protest the Vietnam War despite authoritarians calling it “ The Devil’s Music “.

But with most people, famous or not, there’s a false sense of “Growing Up”.

I don’t think someone changing in life has to do with age, but in teenhood there are many outcasts who just want to fit in.

Despite the subject of the store “ Hot Topic “ itself ( when it was mainly a Punk / Goth / Ego subculture clothes store ) , you had people who could deeply identify with it creatively or those who just wanted to be cool aka poser.

It’s no wonder that many of the greatest and influential people were their most influential when they were younger rather when they were older.

David Zucker & Mel Brooks were hilariously brilliant during their heyday but now complain about political correctness and side slightly right politically. David Zucker became conservative in 2001 and the ZAZ movies weren’t as funny as their early classics.

Terry Gilliam was the American born member of Monty Python and best known for his cut-out animation which not only inspired South Park but the standard in digital animation software today. Today, he complains about Transgender Woman.

Matt Groening’s Life In Hell, Futurama and Classic Simpsons is one of the greatest satires and adult animation comedy shows in history. Today The Simpsons ( Zombie Simpsons / Jerk-Ass Humor ) is hated by most fans because the show has gone downhill since Season 9 onwards. Currently there was stories about a babysitter who called him out as being racist as well as Matt himself getting a foot massage from a teenage prostitute on Jeffrey Epstein plane. 

And John Kricfalusi…. Ok, perhaps this is getting dark…

Anyway, when a White CisHet Man succeeds in capitalism regardless if they have creative talent or not, they will be treated in a respectful way unlike minorities and female bodied women in general.

They are promoted every day by the capitalist ruling class hierarchical system as normal and superior.

So of course they feel like they have a choice politically.

This alone separates the White CisHet Man who has a house, wife and kids as well as Middle Class Income to support it all from the youth in poverty, low income, struggling with unemployment and college debt.

It’s class struggle.

If Beavis & Butt-head were non-fictional, their life story would be more sad than amusing.

They could support Trump and be vulnerable enough to fall into the Alt-Right Fascism.

There’s struggle with men who suffer in Toxic Masculinity which their tough ego will defend himself from being reminded of vulnerable feelings they desperately need to face and accept positively. 

The idea that Juvenile Delinquency and Toxic Masculinity is due to a DNA / Neurology / IQ problem rather than a class problem, IS A PART THE PROBLEM !

It’s so easily to hate those who are hateful. It’s so easy to demonize criminals ant anti-social crime. It’s even understandable to dislike those who have hurt you and did you wrong.

But as an Anarchist, I know that it’s very important for the masses to understand that hierarchical power is the root cause of political problems.

Even though Beavis & Butt-head has painted the Anarchist symbol on Mr. Anderson’s house or even made the lawn into making the Anarchist symbol, Anarchy does not mean chaos. Hierarchy is chaos.

Beavis & Butt-head was originally meant to be a satire on Toxic Masculinity.

But now they are just seen as a comedy duo because they are perceived as being not very smart, still acting anti-social but comes more from ignorance and impulsiveness and perhaps a love of destruction for it’s own sake.

Beavis & Butt-head will always be important in the history of pop culture and animation / television satire.

But in a time and age of knowledge on the internet, youth becoming smarter , less tolerant of prejudice, some even being open minded to Spirituality and Anarchism ,

is New Beavis & Butt-head from Mike Judge and Viacom something this world needs right now ?

Especially news coming in that Beavis & Butt-head will now be fathers ?

It sounds like a fan-fiction joke than a brilliant idea.

I don’t expect the revival to be as good as the original.

Like usual, it’s just a way to keep up Mike Judge’s income if the merchandise isn’t selling.

I would rather see a complete DVD box set or something for their 25th anniversary. 

Something that would be even better than the fan collective “ King Turd Collection “ .

In my opinion, that’s the best way to celebrate Beavis & Butt-head’s legacy.

Not a crass revival.

The 2011 revival was exciting at the time, but as I look back in it, it’s not as good as the original.

I honestly think that NEW Beavis & Butt-head episodes would fail more than the 2011 revival.

Perhaps occasional TV specials or another Halloween Special or Christmas Special would be much better. Or even another animated movie.

The focus really should be on the characters, not attacking liberalism from a conservative / right wing Libertarian perspective which is exactly what happened to South Park.

Could the anger be that those who made stuff in the 1990s feel like they failed the Millennials ?

Still, Beavis & Butt-head are loved by their fans but are more limited than ever in today’s world.

It’s not the fault of society. Beavis & Butt-head are just outdated caricatures.

Like Idiocracy , it’s a great piece of satirical film history but the idea of IQ / DNA / Neurology being the problem of societal collapse instead of Capitalism sides more with Authoritarianism and not as liberating as a leftist satire could answer the same question through satire.

_ Erica

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Posted by officialericcrooks - July 14th, 2020

New Twitter Account announcement


My Twitter account ( @ crooks_erica ) is locked but still visible ( until Twitter shuts it down , if they do. ).

According to Twitter " Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates the Twitter Rules " whatever that's suppose to mean lol . 

Twitter is probably one of the easiest social media platforms to get in trouble with for absolutely nothing. 

I've read recently that the Twitter Algorithm is messing things up, what else is new. It's like if someone like's something or posts to fast, LOCKED ! I'm not sure if it's due to some sort of modern day Red Scare or they just don't like me satirizing them but as I've mentioned back in December during YouTube Walkout, it's Internet Capitalists that ruin the internet. They are nothing without their users. Don't allow them to turn the internet into one big Netflex / Amazon because that's not what the whole entire internet is all about !

Anyway, Twitter had locked my account since July 5th. This is OFFICIAL backup # 1. It's to be expected with internet capitalism. If they delete the other account, this will take it's place. If the old one returns, this will be used as backup.

Check out,


And as usual, the official websites are ericacrooks.weebly.com and officialericcrooks.weebly.com and the links to social media are on https://linktr.ee/officialericcrooks

#ericacrooks #officialericcrooks 

My Twitter username is crooks_erica. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen or why, but one thing is for sure, when you live in an age of internet capitalism , these kinds of inconveniences are to be expected. As I stated before, if something were to happen to any of the accounts, make sure to tune into ( & subscribe ) to as many as you can instead of just one if you can so you will know what’s happening. I’ll keep you all updated.

. _ Erica

P.S. Twitter is doing this to it’s users for money.



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It's been 5 years since my first film screening. And in the next two years, the same can be said with the other events. :)



Posted by officialericcrooks - July 9th, 2020


So I don't know what's going on regarding Noam Chomsky in this matter. I want to think that Noam Chomsky supports LGBTQ+ Rights as well as Transgender rights just as much as any Anarchist does because Noam Chomsky HIMSELF claims to be an Anarchist. This isn't in the matter of , let's give the 91 year old a break because that within itself is ageist. This is in the matter of Anarchist principles. Before you can really talk and stand by an issue, you need to understand it from both points of view. As a Leftist / Anarchist we know more than the Right / Fascists think, that the Right / Fascism / Hierarchy is Poison to humanity. Noam Chomsky is always looked at as one of the most influential Anarchist writers in history, especially modern history. There's many great things to say about Noam Chomsky. However, and even as a Professor of two Universities, he's surrounded by young adult all the time. There's MANY Transgender Anarchists out there ! If Noam Chomsky sides with J.K. Rowling in terms of Free Speech against Cancel Culture and not even debating and Challenging her ignorance regarding Transphobia, then of course we will soon see hashtags that state " Noam Chomsky Is Over Party " , because as an Anarchist , Noam Chomsky needs to LISTEN TO PEOPLE ! 

If he shuts them off, THAT IS CANCEL CULTURE ! If an artist can only perform the voice of a cartoon character that's their own skin color, gender identity, etc, THAT is Cancel Culture ! It's one thing if non-white voice artists are not getting as much work as white voice artists do, it's not an art issue, it's a class struggle problem which ties into racism. That's like saying you can't point out the fact that Oprah Winfrey is rich because that's racist which it is not, THAT'S ALSO CANCEL CULTURE ! With all the young Anarchists out there, I congratulate them as well as Transgender individuals, allies and other leftists who unite against the ignorant TERF transphobia of J.K. Rolling. And as a Transgender Lesbian Woman, I too, fight against such transphobia. Noam Chomsky needs to be reminded that Anarchists are against "HATE SPEECH" and are all for deplatforming anyone who has no point to make other than "Hate Speech". Why else would ANTIFA because hacktivists and try to shut down cyberbully / cyberstalker / Alt-Right websites? Anarchists are against hierarchy, does Noam Chomsky need to be reminded of his Anarchist principles or does a fellow Anarchist need to educate him about the struggles of Transgender people ? Because that's exactly what Anarchists are suppose to do. If a fellow Anarchist is ignorant, a fellow friendly Anarchist is going to correct their ignorance with proper knowledge. And if discussion / debate needs to go on in order for understanding even if it is tireless, so be it. I think many Anarchists / BreadTubers need to be reminded of this. If they can't handle it, why are they an Anarchist ? Sure we have busy lives, but ignorance is NO EXCUSE ! Cancel Culture means no room for discussion. Well there is discussion so therefore it's not Cancel Culture. _ Erica 

Update : An Interesting Video relating to this.


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Posted by officialericcrooks - June 18th, 2020

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple+, etc are considered the modern-day television.

We've noticed in previous months that new movies decided to premiere on digital home entertainment on demand instead of people going to the movie theatre cinema. Sure we see a revival to the classic drive-in but still , because of the internet age where ALMOST everything can be achieved by viewing a computer or LED HD Television screen , what does this say regarding home entertainment, movies, television, and yes ... even DVDs , Blu-ray , CDs, Print Books and Media, offline stuff for those who remember what I'm talking about. lol Plastic, paper, do I need to say more or should I keep explaining myself. lol 

But seriously, would people NOT mind DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs, Print Books and Media, Television Cable and Movie Theaters disappearing while Spotify , Amazon Music, Apple Music / iTunes / Apple +, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney,+, etc take it's place ?

Also what if it's not just to keep up with the advancement of technology. What if it's meant to stomp out leftist anti-capitalist / anti-copyright culture and politics ?


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Posted by officialericcrooks - June 3rd, 2020

Peace from an Anarchist


2020 is quite a year ( just putting it mildly I suppose ). First with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis which is still going on and the murder of an innocent black man from a racist policeman. As we all know the protests of injustice soon manifested into riots , looting, etc. Now my last name maybe Crooks, but that's just coincidence. I am NOT right wing, I am left wing ! I am against racism ! And most liberals would agree with me ( even though Leftists don't consider Liberals as a part of " The Left " but centre-right or apolitical / centrist. ) I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a certain group of protesters which many are and will be hearing in the news as time goes on which are "Anarchists and ANTIFA". As you probably already know, most people perceive this group as being violent thugs, burglars, just plain criminals who are destructive, chaotic or " Anarchy " / " Anarchic " as most people, unfortunately, misuse the world, and should go to jail for the rest of their life. I would just like to take this time to explain that this situation and reputation is quite hurtful to " PEACEFUL " Anarchists who generally feel misunderstood because their political philosophy ( not an ideology ) even though excited for over a hundred years or beyond , is rarely heard of. A big question I'd like to ask is this, if Anarchists are so evil then why is 90 something-year-old Noam Chomsky a professor at two Universities ? Furthermore, even though Charlie Chaplin was thrown out of America for his beliefs, why is he still praised as one of the founding fathers of slapstick comedy and comedy filmmaking ? If Leftism ( not liberalism ) is so awful then how come people don't look at Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein and John Lennon with the same negative perception they would a Socialist , A Communist , An Anarchist ? As a Cultural, Philosophical, Spiritual and Pacifist Anarchist , I feel like I need to speak up. Let me explain my story on why I decided to become an Anarchist. As most already know and what I'm best known for, I am an adult puppetry / adult cartoon animator filmmaker who has a huge heart for pop culture, dark comedy, slapstick, British / European political satire ( Spitting Image / Les Guignols De L'info ). I am also a content creator https://linktr.ee/officialericcrooks and basically I'm just expressing myself and sharing things that inspires me with other people. For me in life, I've always followed my heart and intuition positively . I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Test at all but my personality type is INFP. There are many people who share this personality type such as John Lennon, George Orwell and Jim Henson. Of course there are differences in indivisual life experience, zodiac, numerology, even something I read about a theory of INFP-a vs INFP-t. In order words, I read a lot. This is NOT for some college degree, but self-education. When it comes to the internet, self-education is something I STRONGLY RECOMMEND which to my surprise is quite rare for many people and I don't know if this is a generational thing or what ( I don't mean to be ageist. ) . INFPs are considered to be the lightworkers of personality types , also known as the " Idealists " . There are certain personality types that many well known influentual individuals share which I find such pattern and theory interesting. But relating to influential people, everyone's message of unconditional love , light and peace are taught differently. Some is simple philosophy while others tend to do it by challenging authoritarian beliefs of the past which most certainly shows during the 1960s civil rights movement era. Most people from the 1960s / 1970s era were a part of the Silent Generation , perhaps some older people of the Baby Boomer generation. There's more that went on in the 1960s than most people knew. Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA used to be common. Chicago Seven Trail for example. A point I want to make is Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA is NOT Violent itself and Trump / Media / Politicians are demonizing it. It's a political philosophy based on science that people are better off living in PHILOSOPHY and Horizontal association ( like how you would treat your friends and family ) instead of HIERARCHY. For more information, here's a good resource for general information. http://anarchism.pageabode.com/afaq/index.html ANTIFA are self-defence groups of minorities , leftists and allies who protect themselves and others like them from dangerous criminals MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW EXIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgwS_FMZ3nQ . I personally am non-violent but understand the reasons for self-defense. We fear what we don't understand but once we understand something, that fear goes away. According to FBI . gov , NON-Violent Anarchism IS LEGAL as it should be. But remember that there are SOME influential people who have FBI files but that doesn't mean they are dangerous criminals and devils in human skin. For example , https://changingworld.com/all-my-heroes-have-fbi-files-postcard-how-many-can-you-name-click-to-read-more-tupac-shakur-bob-dylan-albert-einstein-john-lennon-malcolm-x-janis-joplin-jane-fonda-abbie-hoffman-martin-luther-king.html.html and https://changingworld.com/all-my-heroes-have-fbi-files-version-2-postcard.html.html . To liberals , this is the ONLY left-wing political philosophy that either exists or it's legit. In conclusion , when it comes to fear , we have either a fight or flight reaction. Perhaps this is related to past personal experiences in our life's past. In a world where people keep things private and worry what other people think of them, we tend to forget the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE ! That's what Anarchism / Leftism / ANTIFA IS REALLY AND TRULY ABOUT ! Liberty - Equality and Solidarity . As a Spiritual Anarchist, I like to say that in life we are working on ourselves ( Personal and Spiritual Growth , Liberty - Equality and Solidarity ) as well as trying to understand the world around us ( Unity and Class Consciousness , Mind - Body & Soul ). We are fighting each other , hating each other , fearing each other, and separating each other , and some even losing friends out of fear which could easily be resolved. We fear what we don't understand but once we understand something , the fear goes away. One of the things that I'm grateful for currently and relating to Pride Month at the time I'm writing this is the slow mass understanding of LGBTQ+ people. But there's still work that needs to be done. Majority vs Minority creates divide and conquer ( rich people are a totally different story by the way, rich as in Trump rich. ) . As a Transgender Woman , as someone who was diagnosed all through my life with Asperger's Syndrome , PTSD , etc , I am one of the oppressed minorities. I can not change to look and think normal for other people. over 10 years ago before I came out, I was extremely depressed and sad. I had to literally run away from a toxic abusive father so I can live a happy life with the help of my mother. I had a Transgender Woman friend of mine who unfortunately killed herself in 2013 who was very funny , spiritual , and smart. She told me that you have two choices in life. You can either live in the bondage of fear or you can follow your heart and stand your truth even if the whole world hates you for following your heart and living life in love. Many of the most influential people in this world were killed and slandered by authority for bringing peace to the world. John Lennon , Martin Luther King Jr , Gandhi , and Jesus. My friend didn't kill herself because she was Trans ( as the right would say promoting their transphobia ) , my friend couldn't get work because of discrimination against Transgender people. She was living out of her car. She had people who wanted to hurt her , she felt trapped. :( See the difference between love vs fear ? Soul vs Ego ? Living life in love vs letting fear control you ? Life can be hell, but there are people out there who want to make the world a better place. Even though people maybe using praxis / methods that I personally wouldn't do or agree with , the goal is to help make the world the better place. But I think there's a lot of people who need to think outside the box and see things from a different perspective in order to see the good that is there instead of the negative press that is given. Those in power can make a good person look evil easily because they have power and most of us don't. That's the other thing Anarchists / Leftists / ANTIFA wants the world to know. I listen to my heart and intuition . Another World Is Possible , World Peace Is Possible, the big question is , are people serious about it or would people rather feel safe with what they already know ? Life to me is about growth as I mentioned earlier. Personal and Spiritual Growth. The truth can set you free, but it could piss you off first. No catch , no regrets , just philosophy. And before I got into Anarchism , I knew that I was much more interested in philosophy and spirituality instead of mainstream politics anyways. Peace to you all. :) _ Erica

P.S. What’s going on with the riots I think is related to Insurrectionary / Post Left Anarchism and not necessarily Libertarian Socialism / Anarchy-Communism - Spiritual - Philosophical - Cultural - Pacifist Anarchism which is what I stand for.

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